How To Attract A Sagittarius Man In July 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Sagittarius man in July 2021? The planets change every month, and events in July might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

Have you ever heard of ‘Zodiac enemies?!’ These are the star signs which you are least compatible with and experience some major clashes with. Fortunately, there is more to Astrology than Sun signs – we also have our Moon, Rising/Ascendant, and other planetary signs and placements. These influence just as much as our Sun sign! Cancer isn’t traditionally compatible with Sagittarius, but there is an artistic and creative link Sag can appreciate. Read on to find out what to do, say and project and what not to.

How To Attract A Sagittarius Man In July 2021

1. Express Yourself

Let’s start with the positive. Cancer is one of the most creative signs as is Sagittarius. While Cancer expresses their artistic and creative gifts in a magnetic, dreamy, sensitive, and spiritual way, Sagittarius is fire embodied. Sagittarius brings the excitement, passion and vital life force to see any project or artistic action succeed. 

When the Sun is in Cancer, we’re all being influenced by the introspective, emotional, and dreamy vibe of the solar cycle. Sagittarius may not fully get or understand this highly emotional sign, but they do dig Cancer’s creative life force. Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, the planer of imagination and the subconscious mind – universal archetype and subconscious insights!

Connect with the Sag man on an imaginative, artistic, and expansive level. Cancer is usually perceived as being wholly emotions or domesticity yet this sign is extremely expansive and universally tuned in. 

Cancer sees things in colors, sounds, fractals, and subtle energy currents – they’re psychic, incredibly intuitive and instinctive, and spiritually gifted in many ways. Being ruled by the planet of philosophy and higher learning (Jupiter) makes the Sagittarius man appreciate and even respect this, so if you’re not traditionally compatible you can find shared resonance and common ground. 

If you are, (so speaking to the fire and air signs here…) you can still make the most of Cancer’s energies and influence.

2. Share Your Passions

Attracting A Sagittarius Man In July 2021

Cancer is not just low moods and sentimentality. They are wonderfully deep and intense, and they’re known for their passionate and soulful nature in addition to their kind, nurturing, and caring-compassionate ways. 

The Cancer Sun is hitting the Sag man in a unique way this month. Passion is the seed of compassion, so the way the Sun is influencing his domestic and family-oriented side is equally stimulating his inner passions and soulful longings. 

Be mindful of the way you communicate until the 22nd. When you speak or share something, do it with mindful intent. The Sagittarius man is more receptive to people’s emotions and feelings in a Cancer transit. He’s also feeling more reflective, there’s a “slower pace” combined with contemplative vibes.

By all means, share your passions and show him you are multi-dimensional with many exciting, interesting, and unique elements of your personality. Just speak in a way that is subtle and intentional – be conscious of the general ‘emotional undertone’ of the month.

3. Inspire Through Dreams

If you’re an active dreamer then this is a month made for you! You can spark Sagittarius’ imagination through discussing past or recent dreams you’ve had. Think magical lands, mermaids, alien worlds, and light beings! 

It doesn’t matter if the dream is rooted in reality and some real-world waking life experience, or something more fantasy based and otherworldly – Sagittarius appreciates a good dream discussion all the same. 

There is a lot of wisdom and subconscious meaning available in dreams, something Cancer is mastered in discovering and Sagittarius also aware of. Sag loves a good philosophical debate too, thus this is the perfect way to seek a connection and bond.

Aim for depth and spiritual alignment with some light-heartedness. Sagittarius will never be the deepest sign, but his philosophical side and Jupiter influence makes him wonderful to talk to in a psychologically open and spiritually inquisitive kind of way. 

Discover deeper parts of the self and psyche through dream talk. Share your secret dream messages and insights, and ask him about his. Take the lead or follow, both are fine. If your personal dream experiences relate directly to mind-expanding themes such as the nature of time, spirit, or the universe this man will instantly see many dimensions to you. And this is very attractive…

4. Live Life With Joy

Enyoing The Moment With A Sagittarius Man In July 2021

An optimistic mindset is required for connection and developing something with substance. One of the negative aspects of this season is the Cancer tendency towards depression, pessimism (low moods), and melancholy. Even in a low tempo and reflective month this isn’t accepted by warm and upbeat Sagittarius. 

Try to transform any sadness or lingering pain into conscious reflection. You can reflect and talk about your past; this is perfectly acceptable. The 4th house of our childhood memories and home and family life are brought up from the deep and emotional waters, which is affecting Sagittarius just as much as it’s affecting the water signs. Be joyous and positive.

In terms of transformation, strive for positive alchemy – the ability to transition or transform something. In this case I am referring to the reflective, mellow, and dreamy energy… compassion, for example, isn’t focusing solely on the light and good and thus ignoring or dismissing the dark and bad. Compassion is seeing the light and the dark and choosing to have care, empathy, and love. 

With the collective theme of melancholy and reflecting on the past, we can see the darkness, suffering, and wounds or trauma of our pasts and alchemize it into personal growth. Connection and an opportunity for finding mutual ground too!

Choose positivity and self-improvement above sadness and sorrow. Try to be vulnerable and authentic with your feelings without digressing despair, pulling the mood down with you. The Sag man is more compassionate and understanding than usual and you may even find that your vulnerability and authenticity inspire him. He’s got his own wounds as well, you know.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Finally, linked directly to the last point is your capacity for emotional intelligence. It’s true that Sagittarius can hold an interesting (and intellectual conversation), but did you know he has a hidden emotional side to him? This is usually seen and reflected through his honest and friendly nature. 

Anyone who has been blessed to form a deep friendship with this independent fire sign knows that Sagittarius has a gentle side. In fact, he has a ‘social/public’ image and aspects of his character only reserved for close friends and family. The public persona he puts on is loud, extroverted, and confident – he appears the life and soul of the party, and usually uses laughter as a mask for any insecurities.

Well, now you know! Deep down he longs for intimacy and companionship. His ruling glyph is half an animal after all, and all animals are primal, instinctive and family and community driven by nature. So, attune to a heightened and mature emotional frequency. Look for ways to connect emotionally, intellectually, psychologically and spiritually, as this is your pathway to victory in love this July.

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

There’s a Full Moon in high-spirited and idealistic Aquarius on the 24th, but until then keep your energy chilled and steady. 

Talk about creativity, the imagination, home and family. Be emotionally vulnerable and authentic, yet stay clear of the “wishy-washy” and hypersensitive vibes Sagittarius dislikes. Seek out resonance

The Sagittarius Man Secrets can help you unveil more about this sexy Sag! And if you feel like you need some private guidance on your relationship with this Archer’s sign, click here to book a private consultation with me.

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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