Sagittarius Man Horoscope For December 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly December predictions for your Sagittarius man. Check out the final monthly predictions of 2022! How is December going to treat him?

Why hello, my lovely readers! How are you, and how was your November? Not too shabby, I hope! Let’s dive right into the final month of 2022 and Horoscope for the Sagittarius man, shall we? 

The first week of December puts the Sagittarius man in a nice glow-up, and he’s feeling himself – a lot. But there’s also this tension in the air that he’s unable to escape, so he might act more unpredictably than usual, and his sense of humor might be extra corny. But you’ll manage, I know you will!

The second week demands caution in traffic and for you to keep a cool head on your shoulders. Squabbles and spats can easily escalate into something more severe and dangerous during this period, so make sure you’re not quarreling extensively or doing so in unsafe conditions. Don’t argue and drive during this lunation, please. 

The third week is for taking off those heart-shaped glasses and observing the Sagittarius man in an objective light. Now is the right time for you to decide whether or not he is someone you want to pursue further, or not. Adversely, now is a good time to give him an ultimatum (if you had one up your sleeve) and let him know the severity of your romantic situation. You cannot be the responsible one forever, he’ll have to take an equal part in this tango, or you’ll have to drop him as a dancing partner… 

The final week of 2022 asks the Sagittarius man to take on the responsibility for his finances and his financial (in)stability. But it’s also providing him with a great opportunity to plant the seeds of constructive growth. Plus, it’s also a fantastic opportunity for all kinds of kinky fun and games thanks to Jupiter migrating back to Aries, so with celestial blessing – go forth and fornicate. 

Looking Better Than He Feels

During the first week of December, the Sagittarius man will be extra fine and glowing thanks to the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in his first house. However, there will be a slight damper on his spirit in the sense that he might have some obligations and chores due at home or with his family. 

But, worry not, Mars Retrograde in his seventh house will make sure that he doesn’t forget about romance for long. There are a lot of placements in his lustful houses at this time, so his libido is bound to be very high. This means that no matter how busy he might seem, you are on his mind. 

This first week is sort of a preparation for the transits that are coming. There’s a tension both in the air and in his… Well, I told you that his libido will be in overdrive!

It’s a good time to follow his lead and to bounce your ideas and dirty humor off him. He’ll surely fall head over heels for a girl who can both take and make dirtier jokes than him. Just be relaxed in his presence, come as you go, take his words for granted, and play along with his twisted sense of humor, he’ll love it! 

Gemini Full Moon And Mars Retrograde Stir Up Some Trouble

When the second week comes, there’s a Full Moon in Gemini right off the bat, and this shines a bright light on the Sagittarius man’s seventh house of love and relationships. He might act as an anti-hero during this period because he’s being irked from the inside, but he’s resisting it like one usually does when it comes to inner change. 

The Sagittarius man hates when he’s not the smartest one in the room, and what he hates more than that is saying ‘sorry.’ He might have to do just that during this lunation, for his words will get the better of him more than usual. 

This is not a good time to be extra combative or sassy with him, but it is an excellent time to get him to talk with you about the things you’ve been “saving up” to spill to him for some time now. 

You should stay clear of big crowds and pay extra attention in traffic; it’s not a great time to have an argument or a heated debate while either one of you is driving or crossing the street. 

This lunation represents a very unsafe traffic transit, and so it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Keep your wits about you and a cool head on your shoulders if you’re having a lover’s spat outside. 

Taking Off Those Heart-Shaped Glasses Can Hurt Your Eyes

The third week brings focus to the Sagittarius man’s finances and career. He will be asked to take a more responsible and closer look at how he’s spending his money, and where. He’ll also be asked to take his work duties more seriously – time to play less and work more. 

This is a good transit to observe his habits and underlying flaws that will surface at moments when he’s feeling pressure from more than one side. You should pay close attention during this time to study how he interacts with kids, animals, and plants. 

This week might not offer so many romantic moments, but it does offer an opportunity to observe him in an incognito way and discover whether or not you like what you’re seeing. 

It’s very important to not let his humor and crooked smile sway your logic and reason during this week. You’ll need to keep an objective head on your shoulders so that you may decide with a clear mind if he is worth your time or not. 

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Super New Moon… But It’s In Capricorn

The final week of December brings on heavy Saturn energy as it kicks off with the Super New Moon in Capricorn. The Sagittarius man is asked to take the reins of his finances and to take on the responsibility he’s been avoiding from the start. 

This is also a good time for him to start a new diet or exercise regimen. It’s an excellent time to take a closer look at his daily habits and routines, and through a microscopic view dissect his psyche, if you’re so inclined. 

He should not let this awesome transit opportunity pass him by, he should most definitely gather his wits and resources and start a savings account, or finally, upload a large sum of money onto it. 

The good news is that Jupiter has finally moved back into Aries, and thus, activated the Sagittarius man’s dating and romance field. This means that his libido will be back to an all-time high, and now is a perfect time to show off your humorous side, as well as straightforwardness and boldness – you’ll win him over immediately. So go forth and good luck! 

Final Thoughts 

There you have it, my readers, keep your head up and keep on adventuring (with or without your Sagittarius guy, time will tell…). His mood will be mostly good and cheerful, as everyone is used to, but the second and fourth weeks might prove a bit challenging for him, so you can expect a drop in his mood around then. 

This month offers a very fine opportunity for the Sagittarius man to wrap up 2022 successfully, regardless of how much of the year went. The Super New Moon in Capricorn can be especially important in aiding him in this cause. 

However, it’s up to him what he does at the end of 2022 and what path for the further road he takes. 

I sometimes hear from readers that while these Horoscopes are helpful for their romantic lives, they crave more detail and more specificity for them. This is totally understandable, and I have figured out a way to make sure you get all the information that you need to take advantage of transits and to know what pitfalls to avoid. 

I’ve created a spot here where you and I can talk personally about your own concerns and how to best create the relationship that you have been waiting for. I love talking to my readers and getting to know them as people – and truly, what have you got to lose? Connect with me here.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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