Sagittarius Man Horoscope For October 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you want to find out what happens to the Cancer man this month, then dive right in and see what the stars have in store for him.

In Spooktober, we will see the Sagittarius man on a roll! He’ll be active and full of good deeds, with a positive attitude and enough life advice to go around. His mood will be a tad more preachy than usual, but it’s all well that ends well, is it not? 

During the New Moon, he’ll want to do as much good as he can, his intuition and Third Eye will be guiding him. And he’s right to listen – he’ll need all good karma he can get! 

The Full Moon will have him all hot and bothered… so get ready ladies, for some action and steamy roleplay. His glow-up will be noticed by both his friends and all the ladies. He will have his bag full of good mojo and it’ll show. 

However, come the end of October, he’ll have his own demons to face, and totally aligned with the spirit of Halloween, spending time in a cozy space with dim lights and adrenaline-inducing movies will be the right move for the Sagittarius man at that moment in space and time.

If you really want to go deeper then by all means, keep reading and see what these spooky times have in store for him!

Speeches Aplenty

The beginning of the month will see the Sagittarius man in all sorts of communications. He’ll be focused on his friend circle, traveling, and expressing his knowledge and thoughts. 

He’ll be a lot wordier than he usually is, and he’ll have a lot to say. It’s a given that there’s always a lot going on in his mind, but the difference is, he’ll feel the need to vocalize his opinions during the beginning of October. 

This enhanced need to talk about his thoughts and feelings will come from transiting Venus in his twelfth house. He’ll reflect a lot on his emotions and psyche during this time, and through his own experience, he’ll feel the need to heal and help others with his experience. 

This might not be the top-notch of romantic gestures, but this is who he is and what is (currently) important to him. This is not to say that he won’t be outgoing and extraverted as he usually is, it’s just to say that if you do go on dates, expect them to be filled with various characters in your company and him being quite preachy. 

He’s one of those people that feel their higher calling close to their heart, and his Throat Chakra is naturally open, so he’ll practice what he preaches and vice versa. He’ll do a lot of good work for many other people at the beginning of the month, and that means an accumulation of positive karma. 

If you two are already close, feel free to share that good karma. Go along with the narrative and share your own experiences, too, he’ll be happy to see you voicing your inner truth and life advice that may help others. 

If this is something you see as a romantic activity – then the beginning of October is a great period for the both of you, you rock! 

Good Deeds Bring Great Rewards

The New Moon will illuminate his eleventh house of friends and volunteering. He’ll feel the need to give back to his community and to do a couple of good deeds, to be selfless. 

It would seem that Sagittarius man is on a humanitarian mission this month, and if you can support him in his vision, then that will reflect wonderfully on your relationship, too. 

He’ll feel the need to start something that will help others, he’ll feel the need to be of help during this New Moon, and if you need help with something, then that is great! You can ask him to help you with whatever you need and he will (happily) oblige. This is a great opportunity to make him feel good and to help yourself finish whatever needs finishing faster. 

Have in mind that this month, with this New Moon, although not great through the lens of aspects, can prove to be great in the long run if you two are on the same team during this time. 

It really is a great opportunity for the Sagittarius man to get out of the house and do some good in the world, and for you to get to know him better through small acts of kindness and goodwill. 

He often finds a kind and generous woman to be very sexy and desirable. If you are open to going out and about during this New Moon, then I’m free to say that it will most definitely lead to something greater between the two of you!

Pump It Up

The Full Moon will have the Sagittarius man focused on his own pleasure and a real good time. He’ll be pumped up as the lunation happens in his fifth house of pleasure and fun, and Venus has sailed into his first house of self. This combination will have him feeling extra fiery and up for all kinds of romantic shenanigans!

The Sagittarius man is a positive force unto himself, but this Full Moon will turn that up ten notches! He’ll really want to spend this lunation with his love interest or partner, doing something freaky and steamy. 

If nothing romantic happens (though we hope it will), he’ll most likely spend more time with his friends, and while in his friend circle, he’ll have the chance to meet someone who will catch his eye in that romantic way. There’s a lot of romantic and positive activity during Spooktober for the Sagittarius man, and there’s no stopping it!

He’ll even have a noticeable glow-up towards the end of the month. He might be inspired to hit the gym again during the New Moon, and his muscles are beginning to show despite the sweater weather. He’ll want to show them off, too, so it really is a great opportunity to find yourself in his company during this Full Moon. Listen to your Relationship Astrologer, I give great advice!

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Time Is Ticking…

Halloween will see him in a real spooky mood as his twelfth house will undergo quite a bit of “paranormal” activity. The stage is set for November and it’s forcing the Sag man to face his own fears, desires, passions, and deep emotions. He did all he physically could during this month, and now it all got transferred to a more ethereal, abstract plane. 

The good news is that he’ll be open to communicate his fears and inner struggles, and he’ll receive help from his friends, but he’ll also need someone closer in his times of need. This creates great opportunities for more alone time, but the mood might not be as cheerful as you’re used with him. 

If he offers, you might take him up on his offer to spend a kind of a “last hurrah” out and about, trick or treating, or doing something goofy outdoors. Because when November comes, he’ll be more prone to closing in and spending time indoors where he’ll feel safe and alone enough to deal with whatever will trouble him as the colder days come. 

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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