Sagittarius Man Predictions For October 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Hello, my darling readers! How are you? I hope all is well and bright on your end because I come bearing tidings of the Sagittarius man’s adventures in Spooktober. Strap in and prepare for a wild ride as we dive into October’s transits and influences on his chart.

The first week of October puts the Sagittarius man in a sociable and outgoing mood, thus, it’s a good time to go out and about, have adventures in public, and go from book shop to book shop in the search of perfect autumn readings. Spending time with his friends and meeting people might prove to be an excellent idea for this week, as well…

The second week of October brings forth a Full Moon in Aries in the Sagittarius man’s fifth house of fun and pleasure, and thus, this is a good week for all kinds of adventurous activities and spontaneous dates that might lead to more passionate evenings.

The Sagittarius man is happy when his friends like his girlfriend and this week is a perfect time to infiltrate yourself in his friend group, and maybe even spy some info on his personal matters from one (or couple) of his friends, in a funny and lighthearted way, of course. Do not attempt this if you’re too serious or intense!

The final week of Spooktober brings forth some intense energies and activities. It’s a great time to be at his side if he has troubles with hidden enemies, or if he feels unrest and has nightmares. Be there for him, listen to his woes, try to make him laugh, and make it all go away with your charm.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

At the beginning of the month, the Sagittarius man will be very sociable and in an outgoing mood. This is a great time to hear him speak about his family experiences and to see him charm his way through a crowd.

It’s a perfect time to go to public places with street performances and to go book-hunting. The Sagittarius man will be in a generally good and high-spirited mood, and although his focus might be more intent on his friends and social groups, you are always welcome to watch him thrive and be a part of his tribe.

His mind might be a bit overwhelmed with work things during this week, and his boss might dump more than he bargained for on his shoulders. This is also a week when he’s susceptible to stress overload, so it’s a good time to do a yearly check-up and visit his doctor.

It’s quite possible that lovers from the past will try and get back in contact with him, he might feel tempted to oblige and dive back into that black hole, but it’s most likely that work demands will keep him from scurrying around too much.

A Little Silliness Never Hurt Anybody

When the second week comes, the Sagittarius man’s focus will shift to fun and his love interest or partner. Now is a perfect time to show your hand and ask him out on a date. There’s something he will discover about himself during this week, and that something could be closely tied to you and his attraction towards you.

On the 9th, there’s a Full Moon in Aries, in the Sagittarius man’s fifth house of pleasure and fun, so it’s a perfect time to see where his ideas might take you both and to observe how he acts when he’s supercharged with the power of the Moon.

Going out on strange and werewolf-y dates that might raise your adrenaline sounds like a great idea. It’s a perfect time to find out more about each other through unconventional activities that might bring you closer together through a bit of fear and a lot of excitement.

Go out and have fun, simple as that! If he suggests a group date or going out with his friends, take it – you never know how the energies will flow with a Sagittarius man so, be open to spontaneity and free flow of ideas and energies around him. He’s the Fool of the Major Arcana, and all you need to do is have faith to jump into the abyss with him. I promise you, there’s nothing hotter in his eyes than a brave woman ready for action any time and any place.

Time For Ghost Stories And Sappy Memes…

The third week of the month will bring an opening for verbal and emotional intimacy. These are never a sure thing with the Sagittarius man, and he tends to express his emotions on an intellectual and verbal level, but this week promises a tad bit more emotion from him.

This is why it’s a good time to retreat back inside and try to sell him on the idea of lying beneath the blankets, sipping hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows, and indulging in sappy movies. If nothing else, he’ll be grateful for the endless meme supply that will make him laugh.

This is also a week where his mind will seek advice from his friends, and he will feel the need to confide in one of his female friends. She might give him excellent advice on relationships, and you might want to send her chocolates or pumpkin pie when you get the chance.

One (very important) way to the Sagittarius man’s heart is through winning his friends’ hearts and playing nice with them. I say “playing,” but genuinely liking them and wanting to spend time with them will bring you closer and faster to the Sagittarius man’s heart than anything else, to be honest.

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Scorpio Eclipse And Foreboding Dreams

The final week of Spooktober brings good tidings and social events for the Sagittarius man, as well as introspection and hard subconscious work.

Now is a perfect time to do some magic with or on him, as there’s a powerful New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio in his twelfth house – the house of dreams, deep subconsciousness, and fears.

This is also a great time to play the detective game and discover his hidden enemies if their activities are threatening his peace of mind. If you use your skills of research and intensity to help him uncover the motives of his enemies, he might admire you and aspire to spend more time with you.

Planting subliminal messages and seeds into his mind is also quite welcome during this transit, and you might even be surprised at how well his subconsciousness received your telepathic messages and micro-cues about your heart’s wants.

During this fourth week, you can be free to be as intense and spooky as you want – the Sagittarius man won’t get spooked, he’ll find you cute. So, feel free to be yourself and bring him along for the spooky ride if you have any nice date ideas for this culmination week. Good luck!

Final Thoughts

The Sagittarius man will be in high spirits for most of October; this month will do wonders for his social life and his circle. This is a great time to find the way to his heart through the acceptance of his tribe.

During the first and third week, he will be in exceptionally high spirits, thus, it’s a good time to go out on dates and have fun with each other, with or without his friends.

During the fourth week, it’s time for a more intimate and cozier atmosphere.

I recently wrote an article about a Sagittarius man’s texting style. You might want to give it a look before November approaches, it’ll help you ease through the challenging periods or misunderstandings. Trust me on this one.

All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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