Sagittarius Man Predictions For September 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Strap in and let’s check out exactly what’s in store for the Sagittarius man this harvest season! Check out this month's predictions for Sagittarius Man!

Hello, lovely readers! September is here and with it, the fall season kicks off. We’ve come to the “calmer” part of the year, but will your Sagittarius guy be feeling more at peace, or are things just starting to heat up? Strap in and let’s check out exactly what’s in store for the Sagittarius man this harvest season!

The first week of September offers a nice chance to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the Sagittarius man and to see his money management (or the lack of it) first-hand. It’s a good week to start healthy routines and topics that inspire discipline and regularly showing up for oneself. Choosing what is right instead of what is easy is a big theme for the Sagittarius man during this transit.

The second week will showcase a Full Moon in Pisces and the Sagittarius man will have a hard time releasing something connected to his home and family. He’ll feel the need to focus on his career and public life instead of swimming through the mud that is his home relations. The good news is that the Moon, after being Full, moves into Aries and makes him feel much more lighthearted and like himself than in the previous transit.

The third week of the month is perfect for board games, escape rooms, and quick coffee dates that mean much in a generally busy day. It’s a perfect transit to partake in the fun and social activities that can lead to the Sagittarius man opening up about his emotions through the power of physical intimacy.

The fourth week brings positive opportunities for career and social expansion in the Sagittarius man’s life. This is a good time to show off your social capabilities and to be accepted and liked by his friends and colleagues.

Lost In His Mind

At the beginning of the month, the Sagittarius man will be focused on his endeavors and finances. Since the Moon is in his sign, he’ll be his lucky, cheerful self, and he will be easy to talk to, flirt with, and spend a good time with.

The closer the second week gets, the more his focus will shift on his money and lack of it, as his usual self is not good at saving money, and Pluto Retrograde sure doesn’t help with that aspect. This is a good time for him to try and grasp the idea of money management via eating healthy and taking better care of his body.

This is a good week for talks about healthy habits, foods, and a positive outlook on discipline. Going together to the gym, working out, jogging, or doing something water-related are all very good options for this period.

His mood will become more practical and logical as the Moon moves into Aquarius, and his thoughts might even become a bit gloomy thanks to Saturn Retrograde conjuncting the Moon. This will be a good time to write down his thoughts, fears, and perceived failures and to rip that paper up afterward.

His Mind Is Elsewhere

The second week brings massive home-career vibes for the Sagittarius man. There’s a Full Moon in Pisces in his fourth house taking place on the 10th of September, and the Sagittarius man will be forced to release some unhealthy or negative patterns he’s been living out in his home abode, or with his family.

At the same time, his focus and events will be trying to steal away his attention and shift his focus on his public life and career. The Sagittarius man is naturally the man of the world, and not a house cat, so he won’t be having the time of his life during this Full Moon.

The good news is that he will feel immediately better after the Full Moon, as the Moon will slide into his fifth house and conjunct Jupiter Retrograde. Although he will be asked to reexamine his way of having fun and how he interacts with others when he’s not sporting care in the world, he will still be in a good mood and in high spirits.

This is a perfect time to have a romantic date, do something fun and exciting, and spend time in nature. It’s also a perfect moment to have a picnic and to bring either good movies or great books to that picnic. The Sagittarius man will appreciate the pleasant distraction and the opportunity to cleanse his thought pallet with something bright and exciting.

Take It Slow

The third week of the month brings focus to the Sagittarius man’s love life and how he takes his relationships. The Moon conjuncts Mars in Gemini, and this will mark a very active and exciting time in his life. His lover or partner will need tending to and there’s going to be a grab for his attention, the Sagittarius man needs to choose his actions and words wisely if he wants to turn a possibly challenging aspect into something pleasant and positive.

It’s a perfect time for fun dates, like escape rooms and board game nights. If this transit takes a more lighthearted and fantasy-positive turn, then all will be good and well in his world. He has the power to turn his relationship into something deeper and more meaningful during this week.

Your Sagittarius man’s libido will be high this time around, and he will want to express his emotions through physical touch. So being cuddly and lovey-dovey can prove to be healing and beneficial for his relationship.

It is a good time to grab a coffee together, walk fast and exchange crucial information with each other. Go grab a beer and spend the whole night talking before anything physical happens, play video games, and talk about your favorite books in order to turn this transit into something he can understand and relate to on an emotional level.

New Moon – New Social Opportunities

The fourth and final week of September brings mighty blessings to his public and social life and career. The Sagittarius man will feel lucky as he moves into the last quarter of September and there’s a good reason to feel like that.

The Moon will bless his career with good tidings and opportunities. If he is wise, he will use them for his benefit and prompt growth on a professional level.

The Moon will then move onto his eleventh house of social causes and friendships, and there’s going to be a nice New Moon in Libra that will help the Sagittarius man make new connections, meet new people, and receive exponential expansion and growth with and through his friends.

Now is a perfect time to attend social events with him, praise his good qualities, and enjoy his timeless sense of humor in front of others. You can be his lucky charm at certain events, and you can showcase your social abilities to the best extent. The Sagittarius man will find comfort and reassurance in your good social cues, and he will feel somewhat protected and understood by you the more you are open and free in his company.

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Final Thoughts

The Sagittarius man will be mostly level-headed during September apart from Full Moon in Pisces when he might go a little bit crazy or overboard. He doesn’t like to be pushed or forced into anything, and this can make him come off as a little bit on edge.

Everything after the Full Moon will put the Sagittarius man in a relatively good mood, and he will be open for social events and romantic dates.

He will have an especially good time during the end of the third week and for the entirety of the fourth week of September.

This is a perfect time to explore his emotions about you and your relationship and to shine in front of his friends. Accept his invitations and go, have fun where he can see you smile and dazzle others with your charm. You’ll dazzle him too.

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Wishing you so much love and happiness!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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