3 Secret and Sure Ways To Kindle The Flame of Sagittarius’ Eternal Love For You

Use this knowledge to easily deepen your Sagittarius interest in you and keep him               in love with you… For A Lifetime

So you built up an attraction with a Sagittarius and you’ve set sails for a long-term relationship with him?

How long has it been since the two of you have first set eyes upon each other? 

A week, a month, a year… 5 years maybe?

Perhaps you haven’t even made the first move.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been dating for years or you’re yet to embark on the first date.

If you’re serious and looking for a long-lasting commitment with him, you’ll need to know how to build your relationship on solid grounds from the start.

You’ll need to know the secrets to winning his heart and keeping it yours forever and ever.

I’ve seen too many relationships with Sagittarius guys start with a bang and wither prematurely because there hasn’t been enough investment in emotional intimacy.

Even the most sensitive guys out there are sometimes a bit blunt when it comes to mentally and emotionally connecting with women… so the ball is in your court.

The sad fact is, unless you get behind the wheel… most men will be careless enough to wreck your relationship — even if they really love you. So do yourself (and him) a favor and take control by studying his sign and what it takes to sustain love through the years…

If you rely too little on communication and getting to know him… he just won’t commit. And instead of keeping things fresh and exciting… your love may simply fade away until he loses interest altogether.

But study his sign carefully… his subtle astral nature reveals the specific things that keep the flame of his love burning for you… and more. He’ll find that he loves you more and more with every day that passes.

You’ll know how to keep him hooked (and yourself happy) for good. Trust me, he’ll thank the Universe for gifting him a woman like you.

That is exactly how it went with my friend Emma… but getting there wasn’t easy.

She first had to learn the 3 secret ways to kindle her Sagittarius boyfriend’s love.

Yes, the exact 3 ways I’ll reveal to you in this letter.

  • How to communicate with him so that he enjoys your presence instead of pulling away from you
  • How to bring some positivity into your relationship that will make him love and appreciate you more
  • A simple 14 words phrase that will immediately neutralize all inside-threats to your relationship

Let’s see how it all worked out in the real-life example of my friend Emma.

What made Emma’s Man Pull Away From Her?

One of my offline clients (we’ll just call her Emma), met a typical Sagittarius at their mutual friend’s party.

He got tagged at some of her pictures on Facebook and after a few comments that they exchanged, their conversation moved to inbox.

Fast forward a few months and they’re dating.

Their relationship progressed relatively quickly and they seemed to fit perfectly with each other.

They both worked pretty hard so the weekends were the time they’d see each other the most.

At first, it was just a couple of hours of course, but they started enjoying their time together so much that they made the next important step soon enough.

Emma spent one night at his place and went home the next morning…

Luka seemed to not want her to go in the morning, but she had to tend to some errands…

However, the next weekend he invited her to spend the night at his place again and stay the next day… so they soon spent their first 24 hours together.

The energy between them built up quickly and their little weekends together became a sort of tradition that signaled that they might be fit to one day live together.

After a few months of their relationship, Emma already daydreamed about moving in with Luka, or Luka moving in with her, it didn’t matter much, as long as they get to spend more time together.

She got accustomed to his presence, his tone of voice, and even his smell… and his very presence would soothe her nerves after a long day of work.

His warm embrace would make her feel safe and protected every time he'd hold her and she'd just feel that she could melt in Luka's arms.

For the next few months in her life, he was the one person that would make her smile, laugh and quiver inside... And all her daytime worries would just disappear when he'd kiss her gently and lovingly. 

Now, Emma was a grown-up woman, she wasn't a teenager, so she tried to rationalize the progress of their relationship every time she started to daydream about their life together.

Even after almost a year of seeing Luka, she didn't want to come off as too clingy so she didn't want to bring up her dreams of them living together.

Luka was actually the first one to mention it... He said he wanted her to move in and it just felt so perfect.

She lowered her guard completely and completely gave in to him emotionally... and it was decided - Emma was in love... and she was finally going to live with the man of her dreams.

She was about to move in with him in the following month, but something weird started going on the next weekend that they spent together.

Luka seemed a little moody in the morning and just a little bit removed when they parted.

She noticed it, but she didn't want to deepen the cause of his distress, so she just let it slide.

She quickly forgot about it completely and returned home happy and recharged for another week of work.

However, Luka wasn't so quick to forget about what caused him to act differently.

His messages that week were more scarce than ever and the next weekend Emma came to his apartment... well that was the first week that things between them really didn't seem all that perfect.

It was nothing that Emma could put her finger on, but the energy was just... different.

It was too plain... and their energy was never plain before. What they had was either deeply calming or thrilling, but it was never plain.

A worm of doubt started nibbling on Emma's happiness all through the next week. 

By Friday, she was just sure that something was completely off. Luka hasn't texted her once that week!

She asked him if everything was ok, but he just said that he's really busy. He was actually so busy that their weekend together had to be postponed for the next week.

Now, Emma was confused and at unrest. They just agreed to live together a few weeks ago and she didn't know what to make of all this.

Sure, they had a few quarrels here and there, but this was the first time that Luka hasn't called her for a week.

She knew that he wasn't that type of a guy, but she just couldn't help feeling betrayed and played with.

Was it all just a ruse? No, it couldn’t be… But why then did she feel so left out and hurt?

It was only a few days ago that she was on cloud nine and now this seemed like an emotional hell that burned in the depth of her heart.

Whenever she’d text him, he’d answer with a delay and… well, like he was mad and disinterested.

She was afraid that she was losing him.

She felt the need to tell me everything… and her detailed story revealed to me the missing piece that she needed if she was to complete her relationship puzzle.

Remember those little quarrels that they had? Well, they were insignificant in Emma’s mind. She was open-minded and critical about things…

It turned out she was really critical about Luka as well… Criticizing everything that he did came naturally for her.

Well, it didn’t come naturally for him.

It turned out that it drained him… and that drainage accumulated until he was fed up with it and began to question whether they are truly a match. 

On the last day that everything was ok between them, Emma spent a few hours telling him about all the things that he’ll have to change, and… it just didn’t sit well with him.

He couldn’t explain it to himself, but he just felt the need to take a rest from her.

The 3 secrets that I revealed to Emma saved the day for her at the time.

It’s wasn’t her fault that she made some mistakes in the way she communicated with her lover.

That was just an effect of her upbringing and she was so used to it that she considered it to be normal.

For example, she thought that her criticism was constructive… but it was everything but.

Luka just thought of it as toxic nagging that drained him.

He even tried to tell her that (in his own way), but it just didn’t get to her.

Media, blogs, TV shows, social networks, and culture, in general, are poisoning us all with wrong ideas about how we should communicate.

Communication between couples should come naturally and work flawlessly, but the truth is that in real life… it doesn’t. 

The truth is that some of the things Emma said about Luka’s habits were mild to her ears… but deeply insulting to Luka’s ears.

And the things that I have to tell you here shouldn’t even be secret. Everyone should know these things and use them in their daily socializing, but you’d be surprised if you knew how many women fail to incorporate this into the way they communicate on a daily basis.

Secret #1 - Praise his positive traits instead of criticizing him. 

This is the most important principle in communicating with a Sagittarius.

Everyone can criticize, but if you want to really get to your Sagittarius and not chase him away, you need to be a bit more original and definitely more subtle.

You don’t want to be his everyone, you want to be his special someone.

That’s why you’ll have to charge his energy, willpower, and confidence so that he feels the need to come back into your loving arms after a hard day of work.

I’m not talking about flattery here, I’m talking about constantly helping him to bring to focus his advantages and virtues… so that he feels strong enough to assert himself and reaffirm himself in his social circles (which matters to him a lot).

If you do this correctly, you’ll become his emotionally safe harbor he’ll always want to sail in and recharge.

Praising his perks and channeling positivity is only one part of this maneuver. The other part is paying close attention not to damage his sovereignty.

For example, never, and I mean NEVER rearrange his stuff. I don’t care how good your intentions are…

I’m only saying this because he won’t care how good your intentions are. Just don’t do it.

Don’t try to rearrange anything in his life, let alone change his habits or behavior.

It will only make him more stubborn than he already is and eventually… he’ll drop you just like that.

It’s not to say that you two are not compatible… It’s just his Sagittarius nature.

He is one of the most optimistic signs of the Zodiac. Against his best intentions (and yours) he will interpret your critique as intrusive and aggressive and he’ll withdraw…

Instead of forcing a change, you’d be wise to praise him for his perks and suggest that there’s just this one detail that’s missing for him to be the Mr. Most-Perfect-Guy in the World.

You just need to learn how to assertively suggest the desired change without forcing it on him.

Then he’ll gladly do whatever you want him to do… on his own.

Secret #2 – When you want to get something off your chest, add some wit to it instead of just complaining. Make him laugh and he’ll become addicted to you. 

Now, this one is a bit more complicated. You want to come off as fun, easy-going, and emotionally stable.

The chances are that he’s got problems of his own weighing him down so adding yours to the scale, might not be the best thing to do.

I know you have some problems that you want to talk about with him and share your emotional distress with him.

I’m not saying don’t do it.

It’s how you do it that counts. Do it right and it will become the grounds on which you bond. He’ll sympathize with you and want to help you.

Do it wrong and it’ll just drain him and make him want to pull back from you.

Sagittarius men like a woman to be just a little bit vulnerable so that they can ride in and save the day like heroes… but if a woman is too weak or a chronic complainer, they don’t really get the urge to protect her.

That’s because they assume that her mental disposition is the cause of her weakness. In other words, they assume that she wants to be weak and negative and that she doesn’t need any help with it. She just likes to complain.

You can remedy this just by telling him what troubles you and then quickly neutralizing the negativity by making a joke or laughing about it.

That way you’ll play on his masculine empathy and desire to help and protect, but you won’t encumber him with negativity that would otherwise chase him away.

Secret #3 – 14 words that will immediately neutralize all disagreements, quarrels, fights, and threats to your relationship. 

Whenever you get into a fight, instead of facing him head-on, just say this:

Tell me, how can I make this better. I want to make you happy.”

Don’t be afraid that he’ll ask you to do God knows what. Usually, he won’t ask you to do anything, it’s enough that you just expressed the desire to make him happy.

It’s also really important that he sees that you value his love more than you value your ego.

Make it about him and he’ll love you for it. 

I am going to tell you why this is really important for you to incorporate into your behavior.

Sagittarius has a strong ego, but that doesn’t mean that he enjoys fighting with you. Their ego comes with 2 disadvantages:

  • When they do get fired up about something in the wrong way, they start seeing you as a threat and seek to eliminate you (from their life). 
  • Sometimes when you say something that doesn't sit well with him, he doesn't react... but he sulks on the inside and his anger only accumulates with time. If you don't defuse the bomb in time, it might become impossible for you to save your relationship. By the time you do notice it, it might be too late. That’s why it’s best not to awaken his anger in the first place.

For these reasons, it’s best not to get into a conflict with a Sagittarius man. And one more thing you should know about him is that he will never budge. Not an inch.

That’s why you need to work your way around his ego because facing him head-on can and will only backfire. And if you want to hit the target right and melt his heart… just show him that he matters to you more than you being right all the time.

Let him think that he’s right, even if he’s sometimes not… and he’ll make you his ally for life.

You’ll also see that if you’re the first one to wave the white flag… he’ll reciprocate and compensate in his own loving and affectionate ways.

How do I know all these things? 

I know all about the Secret Inner Language Of Sagittarius’ Needs because, for personal reasons, I’ve spent years examining this particular sign.

 It’s not just the 4,000-year-old science of astrology and real-life experience with Sagittarius that taught me…

It’s also contemporary relationship counseling practices, modern psychology, and hundreds of women who dated Sagittarius that slowly revealed to me patterns that decide whether a relationship with a Sagittarius will withstand the test of time or not.

Yes, through my career of relationship astrology and counseling, I’ve helped hundreds of women hook their Sagittarius in long-term relationships, many of which ascended into marriages. 

Emma was just one of my clients whom I’ve chosen to portray to you what you need to know about your Sagittarius… if you intend to keep him.

Now, I only revealed a portion of this knowledge to Emma.

It was enough to rekindle the flame of Luka’s interest for her and to turn their relationship into a marathon instead of a mere sprint.

However, there are so many more shortcuts to his heart that I’ve decided to put them all together in a specialized “keep him” guide.

There are ways and ways you can make him happy and keep him happy so that he chooses you over and over again without ever thinking that the grass is greener anywhere else.

The truth about Sagittarius men is that it’s not the prettiest or the sexiest girl that eventually makes it work with them.

It's not even the smartest one that they really fall for.

The woman that the Sagittarius will choose to marry over all others is simply the woman that best suits him and knows how to make him happy.

The problem is that Sagittarius themselves don't know how to explain to you all the factors that you need to have checked in order to perfectly fit into their lives.

That is why I’ve decided to decode this mysterious sign to you, my sister.

I think that a lovely and caring woman such as yourself deserves a chance for a happily ever after with an affectionate Sagittarius.

I've revealed the little and the big things you’ll need to know to make him excited and eager to be with you in a special book meant for ladies who want to keep their Sagittarius happy.

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You can have him worship you, chase you, give his time and energy to you and smother you with gifts and attention… 

And here’s where you’ll learn how:

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Sending you love,

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P. S. If there’s one thing I want you to get from this letter it’s to remember to always make it about him. My book teaches you an array of special ways to do just that… and when you make it about him, he will make it all about you, trust me on that.

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