The Perfect Flirty Texts for Your Sagittarius Guy

Flirting with a Sagittarius man is a nightmare if you don’t know how to keep his attention but also easier than anything you’ll ever do if you know how to excite him. When you understand a Sag man’s psyche, you’ll instantly realize why your past attempts backfired.

What’s the first thing so many women try to do when they want to impress a guy?

Maybe you’ve done it too…

They stop being themselves and morph into some image of who they think a guy wants them to be.

That may suffice with a lot of fellows, but it will never work with a Sagittarius man. Men born under this sign are completely honest, painfully honest, candidly honest. Even if it seems they are being rude.

A Sagittarius guy won’t tell you you’re beautiful if he thinks you look a mess. It’s just that simple. Don’t ask him for compliments unless you really want to know what he honest-to-goodness thinks.

On the other hand, he’ll be the best person to ask if you really want a brutally honest opinion. He won’t let you walk around with food stuck in your teeth just because he doesn’t want to be awkward. He won’t let you hand in a project with glaring errors for the sake of being polite.

It’s also good to know that when a Saxg guy is direct with you it’s never meant as an insult. It’s only intended to be helpful to your growth. He wants you to succeed.

Keep this in mind when you text him.

The biggest thing you can do right is to be direct and honest. Almost all the time….

The one exception to this is when you have intense feelings. If you want to tell him that you love him and need him and can’t live without him….


Don’t ever do this.

Be direct, honest, even to the point of seeming awkward or rude, but don’t info dump or pour your heart out to him. He also prefers honesty with a bit of ironic humor or unexpected snark.

That’s why the following texts work so well when you want to flirt with him…

1. "Which philosopher talked about the merits of making out as the sun sets? ‘Cuz that’s what I’m in the mood for…"

You don’t have to play demure with a Sagittarius man. In fact, he’ll be relieved if you don’t. Being playful and feisty when you flirt with him is far better.

Mention philosophers or hint at an interest in philosophy as this is one of his great loves. He’s deep and intellectual. Share his interests and show a genuine curiosity about these topics, even if you resort to some humor when tying these topics in with flirtation and sexuality.

2. "Feeling like playing hooky from work and going on a trip tomorrow. You in?"

The playful tone and excitement in a text like this appeals to a Sagittarius man. The spontaneity of skipping out of work for a day and going on a trip is something he usually can’t resist.

A Sagittarius man will appreciate your bold attitude. Even if he is not able to join you, this is the kind of text that will ignite his passion for you. This is a flirty text that can also lead to an exchange between the two of you that brings out both of your fantasies when it comes to the idea of travel, which is something Sagittarius men love.

Amazing! Very accurate description and spot on description of zodiac signs.
This is definitely helpful to understand the other person you are dealing with on such a different level. 
Thank you Anna

Edyta La

3. "Which of these do you like better on me? (send two or three photos of lingerie)."

Let him weigh in with an opinion on something sexy such as a choice of outfits or lingerie. Sagittarius men are filled with opinions and if you aren’t trying to flirt with him, asking his opinion on any choice is a win-win.

But if you want him to look at you in a sexual way, spice it up and ask his opinion of some sexy pieces you are thinking of buying or wearing for a date. This will also give you some extra leverage as he will then fantasize about you wearing the pieces you are asking his opinion on.

4. "I’m secretly turned on by guys with great legs. BTW, you have great legs..."

Who doesn’t love a compliment? A Sagittarius man will appreciate your sense of humor but will also appreciate the attention. Sag men are also leg men so drawing attention to his legs or paying attention to his is a great way to flirt with him.

A Sagittarius man will likely respond in kind with a compliment as well and will enjoy taking this flirtation to new levels as he believes that more of anything is better.

5. "There’s a new documentary on (enter topic related to philosophy, culture, or history) want to watch it together and make out?"

Sagittarius men have a great sense of humor, but they also have a serious side. When it comes to history, law, philosophy, spirituality and healing, Sagittarius men love to learn as much as they can.

You can flirt with him by introducing the idea of enjoying a documentary together (this is one of his favorite movie genres). And truth be told, he may completely ignore flirting and cuddling during an actual documentary because he really does want to take in the film… but flirting about cuddling while watching one is a whole different story, and this kind of text will get his attention and garner a response.

Now that you know how to use specific texts to flirt with him, try to use these texts verbatim. Once you’ve used these specific messages, get creative and expand on the ideas but don’t vary too far from the core theme.

After all, these are specifically designed to appeal to a Sagittarius man.

Bear in mind, Sagittarius men are clever. VERY clever. You’ll need to stay a step ahead of him and to change up your technique to keep him interested.

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