What Attracts a Sagittarius Man? Capture His Attention Doing This!

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What can you do to get the attention? You may very well want to keep reading to learn about what attracts a Sagittarius man so that you can reel him in.

Are you totally drawn in by the mystical and attractive Sagittarius man but aren’t sure what you can do to get him checking you out? You may very well want to keep reading to learn about what attracts a Sagittarius man so that you can reel him in.

Methods To Win Sagittarius Man Over:

There are several things you can do to get the attention of the archer. Let me give you a comprehensive list that should help you. Below are some very important tips that can and will work with the Sagittarius guy:

  • Share Your Adventures

Open up and talk to your Sagittarius man about the places you’ve gone, experiences you’ve had, and other places you plan to visit. Anything that you’ve done in your life that was exciting, tell him all about it.

This man is all about adventures and having huge life experiences. He’s the type that lives for today as though it may be his last. He lives it to the limit and loves being around like minded people, especially potential partners.

One of the best ways to open up and talk to the Sagittarius man is by talking about travel, foreign places, foreign culture, and anything that is out of the norm by most standards.

  • Be Spontaneous and Open

What Attracts a Sagittarius Man

One of the things that Sagittarius man loves to be is spontaneous. He’s open to whatever gets thrown his way at any given time. He’s able to go with the flow and accept change. He’s flexible and that makes him versatile not to mention fun.

That being said, he wants to be with a lady who is also flexible and not afraid of change. Being stuck in your ways and never moving will bore him in time. He needs someone who wouldn’t mind moving to a new location and make new friends.

This is part of the adventurous lifestyle he leads. He’s typically not someone who will stay in one place forever. He’s the type that settles in to moving around and having a blast with it. New friends, new job, new experiences, and new life is what he craves.

  • Being Honest and Optimistic Wins Him

The Sagittarius himself is exceedingly optimistic. He prefers being around other people who are also really positive and upbeat. Negative or toxic people are a drag to him and he’ll try to avoid them.

This is especially true when he’s getting involved with a woman he’s interested in. He’s far more impressed and attracted to a woman who is positive and tends to carry herself with a carefree type of attitude.

I’m not saying you should be a rebel or a law breaker by any stretch. What I mean is by being happy, joyous, and inspirational when you’re around your Sagittarius interest. He will be magnetized by it and you’re more likely to get his attention.

  • Keep Him On His Toes

While he doesn’t like his partner to repetitively compete with him, he will appreciate a little bit of verbal jousting. To do this, when he talks about something like news, sports, etc… you can sort of be the contrarian force.

I’m not saying to be negative though. However, if you disagree with something or think he should see the other side of the coin, remind him about it. He’ll debate with you and feel quite alive.

This debate helps him to stay on his toes and quite well versed in the things he’s learned in life. He’ll appreciate this. Just don’t do it too much or he’ll see you as negative or hard to get along with.

  • Be Flirty but not Clingy

What Attracts a Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man wants a woman who will flirt with him and make him feel good about being around her. However, he hates clingy or needy women. He wants a woman who can stand on her own two feet and doesn’t need him.

He is accustomed to helping those in need and is why he’d prefer to be with a woman who is self assured, confident, and doesn’t constantly need to be glued to his side.

He doesn’t want someone who NEEDS him because he has enough people who typically do. It would be like working at home and having to also deal with a personal relationship that is work. Flirt a lot with him but in a cute way, not a needy way.

  • Look Good and Smell Fabulous

Sagittarius man often follows his nose and his appreciation for beauty. When you’re around him look your best. Wear pleasing fragrances that will stimulate his senses. He loves earthy scents such as patchouli, sandalwood, nag champa and perfumes that smell like desserts.

Try to accentuate your best features if you can. If you have amazing breasts, wear something revealing (not too revealing but shows your curves). If you have an amazing hiney, wear some tight jeans.

You almost want him to see you and smell you then want to eat you alive. This attracts him and will make him want to get closer to you for sure. Give it a shot because I’m almost certain he’ll fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

The Basics In Winning Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius wants to be with someone who is fun, funny, adventurous, exciting, and is willing to step outside the norm to have a great time. He needs someone spontaneous and can go with the flow of life.

He prefers to basically live his life in the wind and go wherever that wind will take him. It’s better for him to be with someone similar which is often why Sagittarius men end up with Sagittarius women.

However, there are many other signs that will appeal to the Sagittarius and so he’s not just stuck on his same sign. Show him what you’ve got, how exciting and charming you are, and how you’re up for anything at any time.

Let him see your true side and who you really are. He probably won’t be able to resist your natural allure.

Have you won a Sagittarius man’s heart? Tell me how you did it!

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