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When a Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested – This Is What to Try

You’re captivated by the adventurous and beautiful Sagittarius man but he doesn’t seem to be interested in you. What can you do to get him to pay attention to you and perhaps engage in more than friendship? Continue reading for helpful tips on when a Sagittarius man is not interested.

What are the Obvious Signs when Sagittarius Man Isn’t Into You?

There are definitely things to look out for when you’re trying to pursue a Sagittarius man. One of the things he may do when he’s not interested is to avoid you at all costs. May it be phone or in person, he’ll be unavailable.

If he finds out you like him, he may try to not be anywhere around where you might be at any time. An example would be if you worked in the same place and he takes a different route as to not bump into you.

It’s not that he cannot face up to the truth it’s that if he isn’t into you, he may feel awkward and doesn’t want to tell you face to face that he’s not feeling it though if he gets cornered, he for sure will tell you flat out.

In the case where you were friends and talking often, he will likely pull back and not answer your calls or texts. Of course he won’t initiate them anymore either if he did before.

Whatever the situation, the Sagittarius man tends to ghost women who are interested in him and he doesn’t feel the same way. When he’s forced to be around you then he may act cold or callous toward you.

This will hold especially true if you were friends before because in his mind, you’ve ruined the momentum of the friendship by bringing feelings into it and since he doesn’t return those feelings, he feels soured.

He will remain too busy to return your calls or answer your emails. Basically you’ll not hear from him again unless forced to due to work or some other situation. Otherwise, he’ll act very strange and cold.

What Can You Do If Sagittarius Man Isn’t Interested?

when a Sagittarius man is not interested

If you two were friends and you revealed you have more feelings from him and he’s not interested, you can recover the friendship but it’s going to take time. Give him a little space and then start slowly reaching out to him.

You will have to withdraw what you said in the first place though. That is if you want the friendship back. Friendship can still develop into more but it will take finesse and time to sort it out.

Once you do get the friendship back, you can turn it up by making sure you do things with this friend that feel exciting and adventuresome. That will get his attention.

Again, when you first approach him after having told him such a huge piece of information, he’s going to get weird if he’s not into it. He will have to be coaxed back to friendship.

You’ll have to talk like normal friends again and not bring up anything that a couple would discuss.

In the case that you weren’t friends and you’re just interested in a particular Sagittarius guy who seems to lack any interest toward you, this can be a bit more complicated.

You’re going to have to appeal to what a Sagittarius man wants in a woman. You’ll have to become independent, strong, adventurous, spontaneous, life loving, and free spirited for him to start paying attention to you.

That won’t be easy to pull off. Talk about fun stuff and things that sounds like they’d be really cool to try out. Figure out what his interests are and talk about those. Especially if you tell him you’d like to try his interest.

If He Pays Attention To You, Don’t do This!

Don’t ever bring up things to talk about that are not positive. Don’t talk about the news, politics, or anything else that may have a negative feel to it. You want to stay positive and optimistic like the Sagittarius man is.

When you start talking about hanging out, don’t try to monopolize all of his time. Take it nice and easy with him. Let him figure out when he wants to hang out or when he’s not into it.

He’ll feel more comfortable if he’s the one laying out the dates or plans. Of course if you do finally succeed in getting to go on dates with them then you’ll have to be sure that you discuss his “me time”.

Never try to corner him or box him in because he will not respond well to it. In fact, he will find the urge to break free and end it before it ever really started. He will never give up his time totally.

This guy is really good at giving a woman the world and treating her like gold. However, if she tries to take his freedom from him, is negative and cold, or just seems generally toxic, he will leave.

If you’re trying to gain the attention or affection of a Sagittarius man, you’re going to have to be patient, optimistic, inspirational, adventurous, and be someone that doesn’t have to make plans but can go with the flow.

He’s the type of guy that lives life like it’s the last day. Being with someone who can also live by this idea will be more successful at winning his heart.

If He Still Shows No Interest

when a Sagittarius man is not interested

If in the end everything you do doesn’t gain his attention then you’ll just have to let it go. Once he’s made up his mind that it’s a no go, he sticks to it. He doesn’t look back because life is too short.

You cannot put out your own energy trying to chase him because it won’t work. Either he can learn to find interest in you or he’ll put his foot down. Don’t be a stalker. Just accept what is and move on.

If you want to better understand what can you do when a Sagittarius man is not interested into you, and how to win his heart, click here and find out everything about your special Sagittarius guy.

Are you a woman into a Sagittarius man who isn’t into it? I’m all ears!

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