When A Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested (Signs To Look Out For)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You’re captivated by the adventurous Sagittarius man but he doesn’t seem to be interested. What can you do when a Sagittarius man is not interested?

You’re captivated by the adventurous and beautiful Sagittarius man but he doesn’t seem to be interested in you… Well, a Sagittarius man not interested is not a rare phenomenon.

Signs that Sagittarius man doesn’t like you can be found in his behavior. Knowing what he’s like can help you figure out if he’s a good fit for a long-term relationship or are you going to experience a bumpy ride.

So, when a Sagittarius man is not interested, you have to think of what you can do to get him to pay attention to you and perhaps engage in more than friendship. 

Keep reading to find out what makes a Sagittarius man lose interest and how to navigate him when he is not interested.

How Does A Sagittarius Man Act When He Is Not Interested?

Sagittarius men are dual in nature. At times, he is playful, unburdened, and carefree. Other times a bit restrained and pragmatic. He acts this way because he is not certain whether he wants to commit or keep looking. You can expect him to change a lot, to the point where it becomes unbearable and overly exhausting for you.

One day he could be infatuated with you; the next, his feelings start to fade away, so you’ll never know where you stand with him. If you are spending too much time with him or if you frequently text or call, note that he will slowly lose interest in you.

A Sagittarius man is independent; he shifts with the current. To keep him interested, his wife must not be needy. Instead, she needs to value her personal space and even have friends separate from each other.

When a Sagittarius is not interested in you, he will not initiate contact with you, he will not include you in his plans, and most of the time he will keep staring at his phone. He will feel disconnected and will not care about bonding.

How To Know If A Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested?

There are definitely things to look out for when you’re trying to pursue a Sagittarius man. One of the things he may do when he’s not interested is to avoid you at all costs. May it be by phone or in person, he’ll be unavailable.

If he finds out you like him, he may try to not be anywhere around where you might be at any time. An example would be if you worked in the same place and he takes a different route as to not bump into you.

It’s not that he cannot face up to the truth, it’s that if he isn’t into you, he may feel awkward and doesn’t want to tell you face to face that he’s not feeling it though if he gets cornered, he for sure will tell you flat out.

5 Clear Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested In You Anymore

He Never Initiates Contact

If your Sagittarius man never initiates contact with you, you can be sure that he is not into you. Otherwise, he would always find the time to be with you. He may be distracted by work; he may be busy doing something else and find it hard to fit you into his busy schedule.

Spending more time away from you is indicative of a Sagittarius man who is losing interest or already has. He will come up with a bunch of different reasons why he cannot hang out with you or go out.

Don’t waste time! Your Sagittarius is obviously not interested and is not setting the stage for a relationship with you. If you never hear from him again, then it is probably an important sign you need to pay attention to. Focus on yourself. With all the attention you put on him, invest in yourself and see what happens.

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He Is Acting Cold Toward You

Whatever the situation, the Sagittarius man tends to ghost women who are interested in him and he doesn’t feel the same way. When he’s forced to be around you then he may act cold or callous toward you.

This will hold especially true if you were friends before because in his mind, you’ve ruined the momentum of the friendship by bringing feelings into it and since he doesn’t return those feelings, he feels soured.

A Sagittarius man will blow cold or pull a disappearing act. Basically you’ll not hear from him again unless forced to due to work or some other situation. Otherwise, he’ll act very strange and cold.

He Only Wants Friendship

If you two were friends and you revealed you have more feelings for him and he’s not interested, you can recover the friendship but it’s going to take time. Give him a little space and then start slowly reaching out to him.

You will have to withdraw what you said in the first place though. That is if you want the friendship back. Friendship will not develop into more but it will take time to sort it out.

If he has put you in the ‘friendship drawer’, you can hardly break out of there. You will not be able to elevate the friendship to the next level. If he sees you as a friend, you cannot expect it to become more. Once you do get the friendship back, you can turn it up by making sure you do things only friends would do.

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Sagittarius Man Is Being Self Centered

A Sagittarius man sometimes pays attention only to himself and takes better care of himself and others than he does with you. This is a red flag and means he has lost interest in you.  If he buys himself a meal but doesn’t ask what would you like to eat, he doesn’t care about your needs or desires.

This will look like you don’t fit in his plans or if his plans are more important than yours. I know, it is painful. He will prioritize everything but you. Truly this guy is a real piece of work when it comes to relationships.

He can either be a dream come true or he can be your worst nightmare. If he is into you, he will make you his world and everything will be about you, but once he loses his interest, you will no longer exist in his reality. 

Whatever he wants becomes an important factor. If he is not into you, your needs mean nothing and he doesn’t show any care or concern. He’ll also take on the stance of “what about me” even when it’s supposed to be about you.

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If You Are Not Adventurous

A Sagittarius man is an adventurer, which also means he’s a risk taker. He sees no value in waiting or holding off. This can lead to much frustration when he learns you are an average person who is not into adventures and exploring new horizons. This is something that puts him off.

He wants everything his way and right away, and he wants his woman to be up for it! If he perceives you as a boring person who is not willing to try new things in life, he will lose interest. Life doesn’t always work that way, which causes him to feel anxiety or tension.

If he is investing in his relationship with you and starts feeling that your relationship is turning into a routine, you can be sure that your Sag will slowly start to make excuses not to be with you.

3 More Signs That A Sagittarius Man Has Lost Interest 

He Rarely Texts And Hardly Replies 

Sagittarians typically follow their own time system. They don’t like being controlled, even by a clock. They do what they want when they want, largely.

As a result, Sagittarius men often ignore texts since they don’t like feeling like they HAVE to respond. He simply won’t text you if he believes you’re not compatible. If he stops initiating the conversation, this is a clear sign he has lost interest.

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Also, if a Sagittarius man is not quickly texting you back, this means he actually doesn’t want to be talking to you and doesn’t want to encourage the conversation. This is a sign that the Sagittarius man doesn’t like you.

He Doesn’t Make You Laugh 

Does he make an effort to put a smile on your face and make you a happy girl? No? No funny jokes or videos? While this one sounds basic, Sagittarians love finding people who match their sense of humor. If he senses you are not the type of person who gets his jokes, he will lose interest in you.

If he blasts you with memes, Tiktoks, or anything similar, then he may believe your sense of humor matches his own. This is a big green flag for him because he loves to laugh with people; otherwise, you can call it quits.

Not being open to his humorous side doesn’t help. If he’s not joking around a lot, then chances are not good that a Sagittarius man likes you. He wouldn’t just do this with someone who is not his true match.

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He Doesn’t Talk About The Future

Sagittarians are a present sign, but they also live for the future. More than other signs, they’re not worried about the present moment because they know that something better is on the way to them. Their optimism has them looking to the future whenever they can.

His future is so important to him since this is the lens through which he sees the world. If he’s not including you in his future plans, then it’s obvious: he doesn’t see the future with you.

If he doesn’t mention you a week or two down the line and says “we” or “our”, he is not including you, and that means he’s not into you and believes that the two of you are not heading somewhere.

What To Do If Your Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested

If you started off as friends and you confess your feelings to him, then you first approach him after having told him such a huge piece of information, he’s going to get weird if he’s not into it. He will have to be coaxed back to friendship.

You’ll have to talk like normal friends again and not bring up anything that a couple would discuss.

In the case that you weren’t friends and you’re just interested in a particular Sagittarius guy who seems to lack any interest toward you, this can be a bit more complicated.

You’re going to have to appeal to what a Sagittarius man wants in a woman. You’ll have to become independent, strong, adventurous, spontaneous, life loving, and free spirited for him to start paying attention to you.

That won’t be easy to pull off. Talk about fun stuff and things that sound like they’d be really cool to try out. Figure out what his interests are and talk about those. Especially if you tell him you’d like to try his interest.

What Makes A Sagittarius Man Lose Interest?

A Sagittarius man can lose interest for a variety of reasons. He might realize that the two of you are incompatible; he might have met someone else, or he might just not be that keen on a relationship right now.

A Sagittarius man is talkative, and he just loves interesting conversations. If your conversations turn from casual to boring, he will definitely lose interest.

Try not to take it personally, and don’t let it affect your confidence!

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