Being Friends With Benefits With A Sagittarius Man: What To Expect?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Falling for your Sagittarius man friends with benefits? Here are some things to consider when being fwb with a Sagittarius man.

I think most women go into a Sagittarius man friends with benefits scenario because they secretly hope that the Sagittarius man will develop feelings for her. Unfortunately, most of the time, this just doesn’t happen.

Sagittarius men do tend to be comfortable with having a “friend with benefits.” He’s able to keep his freedom and yet enjoy some of what the relationship has to offer, such as sex, fun, and someone to talk to.

The Sagittarius man is always looking at the glass half full. He always holds out hope, even during times when it seems hopeless. He tries to look for the silver lining in any situation or try to improve it if he can.

As far as dating goes, Sagittarius men are rather guilty at looking for someone based on their looks instead of getting to know them first. He wants a beautiful partner, and this can cause him to ignore someone’s personality.

What if your Sagittarius man just wants to be friends? What can you do to get him out of that mode, though, so you can be more serious with him? Will he ever be willing to be more with you?

Continue reading to know exactly what you are getting yourself into when being a fwb with a Sagittarius man.

Do Sagittarius Men Get Attached Easily?

When it comes to love and romance, Sagittarius men aren’t exactly the most committed. These guys will have multiple girlfriends if they could because variety and excitement are so important to them. They just really hate being bored.

A Sagittarius man could be infatuated by you one day, but the next, this feeling starts to fade away, so you’ll never know where you stand with him.

If you are spending too much time with him or if you frequently text or call, note that your Sagittarius man might slowly lose interest in you. He doesn’t get attached easily.

He wants a partner who is as free as he is. Trust is a huge factor in whether a Sagittarius man will attach or not. You will have to prove to him that you’re willing to be with him without constraint.

3 Signs A Sagittarius Man Just Wants To Be Friends

1. He Mentions Other Women In Conversation

How to be friends with a Sagittarius man? When a Sagittarius man just wants to be friends with you, he will mention other women in your presence. He will not find this awkward, but rather normal. You might even learn if one of them is his date or someone he has feelings for. 

He might do this unconsciously because he sees you as a friend and thinks you’re just having a conversation. Even if he believes you have feelings for him, he may think that involving another woman in your conversation will let you know he is not interested in you. 

2. He Doesn’t Get Jealous 

If you mention other men in the presence of a Sagittarius man, he will never get jealous if he is not interested in you. He’ll have a very indifferent reaction or feel happy for you because you are dating someone else. 

Jealousy is usually a good indicator that a Sagittarius man has feelings for you, so when there isn’t any jealousy, chances are good that he doesn’t really have feelings for you and just wants to be friends.

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3. He Never Flirts With You

The Sagittarius man is charming. He knows how to flirt and use his words to make you go crazy for him. You’ll definitely know if is flirting with you.

If he never flirts with you, this is a strong indicator that he only wants friendship. He will put boundaries and will make you aware that he will not develop deeper feelings for you.

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What Does It Mean When A Sagittarius Man Just Wants To Be Friends?

Sagittarius are free spirits, and if someone is holding them back or making them feel as though they cannot do what they want, they will resent it. A Sagittarius man doesn’t want to be tied down in a committed relationship.

His sign is mutable, which means he’s highly adaptive and loves changes as well as spontaneity. This is what makes him live for the day and live as though every single day may be his last. It also makes him appreciate variety and experience lots of different things in his life. Sometimes this includes only friendship…

That doesn’t mean a Sagittarius man doesn’t want to settle down or find “the one”. On the contrary, a Sagittarius man is always looking for the right one that will rock his world and make him want to settle down.

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Sagittarius Man Just Wants To Hook Up — How To Know For Sure

What a Sagittarius wants is love that has no boundaries. He doesn’t want to feel pressured, held down, or chained up. While he may enjoy it for sex play, he doesn’t want to feel it in life.

The last thing he would ever want is a partner trying to force him to stay home all the time, not have adventures, and not be able to travel. He doesn’t want to be told what to do or when.

He wants a partner who is as free as he is. Trust is a HUGE factor in whether a Sagittarius man will commit or not. You will have to prove to him that you’re willing to be with him without constraint.

If he tries to bed you without getting to know you first, this is a clear sign that a Sagittarius man wants to hook up with you. No strings attached!

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How To Make Your Sagittarius Man Friend With Benefits Fall For You

You definitely should do what you can to romance your Sagittarius guy. He will know what you’re up to, and he may very well enjoy it. Bring him small gifts, send him a card, and send him memes or endearing texts.

When you’re with him, compliment him in ways he appreciates, such as his humor, his wit, his intelligence, etc. Talking about him physically may turn him off or make him feel awkward.

It’s best to approach his mind. Writing poetry or a song is quite impressive to him. You could write a sentimental story or song that would make him understand that you have feelings for him.

Trust me, once he finds out you have feelings for him, he will let you know whether or not he feels the same. Sagittarius is a tell-it-like-it-is type of guy that will not beat around the bush.

Honesty and being direct are often the best routes. So show him how romantic you can be with him, and he just may want to become more than just friends with you.

If your Sagittarius man has a hard time committing, you can ask him for a trial period of being exclusive. This will give you both a look at what things could potentially be like between the two of you.

In the event that it doesn’t bode well, you two can just be friends again. However, there is a chance that it will open up things between you that will allow for more of a relationship. A Sagittarius man is usually willing to try things, so this possibility could very well work for you two.

Do Sagittarius Men Fall In Love With Friends?

Sagittarius men are friendly and adventurous. They want to meet new people and travel the world. As a result, it is common for a Sagittarius man to develop romantic feelings for someone within their circle of friends.

Being close friends with someone can create a strong emotional connection, and these feelings might evolve into love. Sometimes Sagittarius men get comfortable being in this situation and don’t want to lose it or change it.

Men tend to think that when they get into this type of arrangement, they are still single and can do what they want. Unless they fall for you, they aren’t really going to want to change unless they are in love.

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Is Your Sagittarius Man (Still) Avoiding Commitment?

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Sagittarius men with an Avoidant Attachment Style may struggle to commit due to childhood trauma, making it difficult for them to form deep emotional connections.

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