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How To Flirt With A Sagittarius Man Over Text: Cute & Clever Examples

Hey, sister! If you’ve been trying to talk to a Sagittarius man via text and you’re stumped about why you’re not getting the kind of response that you want, I don’t blame you. You might be wondering: how do I get a Sagittarius to answer my texts? How can I flirt with a Sagittarius man over text better? And what are some examples of flirty texts to send to a Sagittarius?

There’s good news, girl. I’ve totally got you. I know from my time as a Relationship Astrologer that Sagittarius men are notoriously difficult to get to carry on a conversation! They can be spacey, but they do love to flirt, so there is hope.

There are a few things about texting a Sagittarius man that I think will help you create a better relationship with him. You’re going to want to read the suggestions I’ve got. I’ve seen them work many times for women just like you.

For the texts that will keep your Sagittarius answering quickly and creating a stronger bond with him, read on to understand how to flirt with a Sagittarius man over text.

“If I wanted to buy a plane ticket to anywhere, would you do it with me?”

How To Text A Sagittarius Man

This text is a good one for gauging how your Sagittarius responds to the thought of traveling with you. Sagittarians are actually famous for being world travelers and they’re not afraid of new environments and lots of surprises. You’re appealing to a deep need for adventure when you send this text to the Sagittarius.

Now, you might want to make sure you really would like to hop on a plane going anywhere! A Sagittarius might just take you seriously when you say this, so ensure that you’re really up for that type of adventure. Backing out of it shows the Sagittarius that you’re not actually down for the type of adventure they’re into!

“I know this is last minute, but I’m bored. Wanna go grab some drinks?”

How To Flirt With A Sagittarius Man Over Text Messages

Sagittarians are what are known as mutable signs. They operate best in situations where they’re forced to adapt to changing conditions. This makes them a sign that really digs last-minute changes as the opportunity to rearrange their schedule. The Sagittarius craves texts like this.

Sagittarius is a generally outgoing sign (depending on other factors in your man’s chart) which means that they are usually down to go to public spots on a dime. They have few fears – and lots of people and karaoke aren’t usually among them.

By asking at the last minute if he’s interested, you’re showing him that you’re down for last-minute changes and spontaneous adventures. This is going to cue to him that you’re the kind of girl who could accommodate his pretty hectic lifestyle.

“I have to say, that shirt you wore in that picture made you look so good… could you send some more pics, just for me?”

Texting A Sagittarius Man

This text isn’t outright telling the guy that you want his body, but the implication is certainly there. What works about this text for the Sagittarius man is that he likely loves his own body. Sagittarians are notoriously athletic, and even non-athletes tend to have well-proportioned bodies.

This text signals to him that you’re looking at his appearance and you like what you see. But it’s also not saying outright that you’re into his body. This keeps the tension going and helps to keep everyone on their toes… you know that you love the sweet slow burns like that.

“I feel like I’ve got nothing new in my life lately. What can we do to shake it up?”

Flirting With A Sagittarius Man Over Text

This text’s wording is key. This implies that you consider yourselves to be a unit with the ‘we’ language. This will imply to him that you’re interested in something like that, even if you’re nowhere near official.

The best part to appeal to the Sagittarius though is the idea of trying something new with you. Sagittarians are natural pioneers. They love to go forth and discover what others have not ever seen. They don’t deal with idleness well and a routine and monotonous lifestyle would never work for them.

Signaling that you also are restless for change will help them picture you in their future. They could never be with someone boring, so playing up the ways that the two of you can have lots of fun and try new things together is a sure way to build a rapport with the Sagittarius man over text.

“I want to go camping but I’ve got no one to snuggle up to in the tent… unless you want to come, that is ?”

This one is a little more obvious than the others. If you’re at the stage in your relationship where you’re comfortable implying that the two of you should shack up in the woods then this text could be just what the doctor ordered.

Sagittarians love nature typically. Big, grand adventures out in the world are exactly what gets their hearts pumping and their spirits soaring. Asking if he wants to go camping is the exact type of text that would spur him to take action.

And also, the thought of snuggling with a gorgeous woman in the woods certainly doesn’t hurt either! Turn on your charm and don’t be afraid to seduce the Sagittarius. You have a permission slip to be a little bolder with a Sagittarius than normal since they sometimes don’t get the hint that you’re into them.

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Wrapping Up

Sagittarian men are pretty simple creatures. There is no finagling needed when it comes to them. Dropping hints can work, but it takes a lot of time for the Sagittarius to pick up on them. Being direct with him about your intentions and leaving little room for interpretation in your texts is the best way to let a Sag know you’re into him.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit extreme in your suggestions. Sagittarius’ want to go a little farther than those before them have gone. If you want to take a spontaneous weekend trip to Costa Rica with him, then don’t hesitate to ask.

If any sign is ‘down’ for anything at any time, it’s Sagittarius. Just make sure you’re being authentic and honest and that you ditch any runarounds. The Sagittarius appreciates honesty, so be upfront with him to win his heart.

But, I do know that in real life, not all Sagittarius’ are the same. This is why sometimes people fail to apply my articles to their own lives…

When this happens, I never want my readers to feel abandoned or misunderstood…

If you’re ready to dive deeper and start your journey to unconditional love with your Sagittarius man, first you have to learn how to communicate with him.

I’ve decided to make it easier for you by putting together a guide that covers all this ground.

My brand new guide Sagittarius Text Magic is here to learn you how to command his attention in subtle and effective ways.

>> Discover 3 biggest texting mistakes women make when texting a Sagittarius man.

When he’s interested and the woman he likes lets him know that it’s a green light; he’ll be all too happy to take it from there.

Did you successfully win a Sagittarius man through texts? Tell me how you did it!

Wishing you all the luck in the universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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