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5 Ways To Get A Sagittarius Man To Text and Call You First

Want to know how to get a fun-loving and free-spirited Sagittarius man to call you first? It does take a little bit of patience and some know-how with him. He’s the happy go lucky type, always keen for an adventure, but a little avoidant of commitment – at least in the beginning. Here’s how to reel him in and make him chase you.

Are you falling for a Sagittarius guy? But scared of coming across as needy or desperate? No self-respecting girl wants to seem too keen – you want him to chase you, right? But, how on Earth do you get him to text and call you first though? 

It’s a fine balance, and some of it will have to be done when you do see him, when you are texting, so that he gets back to you later. 

You’ve also got to keep in mind that Sagittarius guys are more experiential and prefer face-to-face interactions over texting or the phone. So, this can be a bit of a challenge at times, but he’s totally worth it, right? Right! 

One thing to also bear in mind about this man is that he tends to text back quickly, if he picks up on your message. However, his reply can be short and rushed, sometimes even come off as insensitive

These are not the flowery types, so don’t expect a love letter! Rather rely on when you see him to gauge his feelings for you. Here are a few tips on how to make him chase you, followed by how to get him to specifically text or call you first: 

What Will Make Him Chase You

Keeping Things Fun

Sagittarius guys live for fun. If they have to say what the most important things in life were, including what they want in a relationship, it would be to have a good time, all the time

If you’re overly serious, never like going to parties or having spontaneous adventures, well, he may not be the one for you. But if you are open to these things – and not only open, but excited about them – then he’s going to chase you, hard. 

Being Sexy & Passionate

Sagittarius men have some of the most powerful libidos in the Zodiac. He’s sexy, and loves an equally sexy, empowered, and passionate woman. A woman who knows her sex appeal and uses it to enjoy her relationships. 

Seducing him is a big way to get him to always chase you down. Just being confident in your attractiveness is more than enough to make him want more of you

Always Being Down For Adventure

For a Sagittarius man, adventure is always calling. Faraway lands have his name all over them, as well as local adventures in his own neighborhood. 

If you are always up for something new, something fun, then he’s definitely going to want to see more of you in his life! 

Never Labelling The Relationship

As frustrating as it may be, never labelling the relationship is important. Well, at least not in the beginning, that is. These are not the best types of guys under pressure – their lack of commitment is well-known, but can develop into something more over time. 

Try to keep things fun and carefree, for now. he will appreciate that you’re not suffocating him, and that will serve to make him come that much closer to you. 

5 Ways To Get A Sagittarius Man To Text and Call You First

1. Make Him Laugh

Making A Sagittarisu Man Laugh 

Want to get a Sagittarius man to text or call you first? Make him laugh. This man loves nothing more than a good belly-chuckle! Of he knows that you are that person who is always going to respond with a light-hearted joke, then he’s definitely going to want more of you

This will require a little bit of work, of course. Especially when you first meet and get together. He’s got to first learn about your sense of humor. A good idea is to send him funny memes, which will have him definitely wanting to get to know you better! 

2. Never, Ever Chase Him – Let Him Chase You

This rule applies to most guys in the Zodiac, but most especially Sagittarius men. He is a fire sign, after all, and like all fire signs, likes to be the masculine energy in the relationship. He enjoys a chase, in other words. 

So, if you want to get him to call and text you first, then just let him! Let him chase you down totally, and if you’re feeling anxious, simply continue with your own life. This will not only serve you, making you feel independent and in control, but will communicate those qualities to him, too. 

3. Show That You’re Fun & Easy-Going

Having Fun With A Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius guy will reach out to you first if he sees that you are fun and easy-going. You can first show this in your message style – for example if he invites you out, you can simply reply something along the lines of: “That sounds awesome! I’m down.” 

Avoid communicating about heavy or serious things at first. Your focus should be on enjoying yourself – there’s plenty of time to get to know each other deeper as time goes on. 

When he’s sure that conversations with you are going to be fun, he’ll definitely be calling and texting you first

4. Update Your Status Or Picture To Show Off A Good Time

There’s nothing a Sagittarius loves more than a great party! If you’re in the mood for a bit of a sneaky attempt to get him to call or text you first, then try updating your social media pictures. 

Update them specifically to show you dancing, partying an having the best time ever. He won’t get jealous, he’ll get FOMO. You can also post updates of being out with friends and what a great time you’re having, too. 

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5. Be Philosophical At Times

For all his fun energy, the Sagittarius guy also has a side that’s deep, spiritual and philosophical. However, deep doesn’t mean emotional. It means looking at life from a more metaphysical perspective. 

For example, you might be surprised to learn that many Sagittarius men are extremely spiritual and have tried all kinds of things along the lens of yoga, breathwork, meditation or plant journeys. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to show your spiritual curiosity and to be philosophical with him. He’ll love that you’re someone he can bounce his stranger ideas off and have a wise, interesting conversation with. You’ll find him fascinating, too, and learn a new side of him. 

Now, I’d love to hear from you, my readers. Have you ever dated a Sagittarius guy before – are you with one now? What did you find made him text or call you first? What made him chase you? Was it easy or tough to seduce him?

Go ahead and leave your comments in the comment box below – you’ll stay completely anonymous, of course. 

If you’re curious to know more about the free-spirited and fun-loving Sagittarius guy, check out my Sagittarius Man Secrets book right here!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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