How To Get A Sagittarius Man To Chase You (7 Easy Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do you wonder how to get a Sagittarius man to chase you? Here are some things you can try to get him to want to chase after you.

Are you wondering how to get a Sagittarius man to chase you? Perhaps you’ve met a great one, but he isn’t showing enough interest in you? Or maybe you’re stuck in a relationship with a Sagittarius man who is blowing hot and cold?

Being in love with a Sagittarius man is an overwhelming feeling, as I am sure you would agree if you asked yourself, ‘Is my Sagittarius man stalking me?’. These guys will walk into your life and certainly rock the boat in ways you could never imagine. 

But how can you recognize the signs a Sagittarius man is crazy for you if he is missing the thrill of the chase? Does this mean he is losing interest? Will a Sagittarius man chase you?

Are you finding yourself quite smitten with a delicious Sagittarius man, but he isn’t moving fast enough for you to really know if he’s into you or just friendly? How do you get a Sagittarius man to chase you?

Here are some things you can try to get a Sagittarius man to want to chase after you.

Will A Sagittarius Man Chase You? Or Does He Like To Be Chased?

A Sagittarius man likes to chase. In his mind, you are the one, and this is why he wants to be present in your life as much as possible. This way, he is letting you know he wants you in his life! Roll with it, go with the flow, and let him see that you are interested in him as well.

Understand his need to win you over! I’m not saying that you should resist or make yourself less available to let him chase you. If he wants to text and call you on a daily basis, let him.

If he senses your compliance, he will give you his heart. Keep that in mind. A Sagittarius man wants a woman to be optimistic and inspiring when it comes to life.

If you can be a positive driving force that allows him to have his personal space or time, then you just may be who he is looking for, but if he wants to be around you all the time, allow him, and you won’t regret it!

My clients often ask me, ‘Do Sagittarius guys like to be chased?’ and I always respond that they prefer chasing over being chased!

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How To Get A Sagittarius Man To Chase You? 7 Easy Ways

Send Him Small Gifts And Compliments

To get a Sagittarius man to chase you requires patience and a bit of clever technique.

One way to get a Sagittarius man to warm up to you is to basically slather him with adoration in some way, but not in a physical sense. He’s not necessarily an attention whore, but he does love someone to compliment him.

Sending your Sagittarius man small gifts such as candy, cake, or some snack that he likes will get his attention. You can also leave a card at his job, his home, or his car, telling him that he’s awesome and that you’d like to get to know him better.

Don’t do this too often, though, as he’ll see you as some kind of stalker, and you definitely do not want that scenario. He’ll run faster than you can imagine if he thinks that you’re stalking him, as he should.

You can even write cute poems, though I wouldn’t profess deep affection or love before you’ve actually formed a real bond with him because, again, you’ll seem needy or too into him before he’s figured out his own feelings.

Be sweet, be spontaneous, and show him that you’re also independent. Don’t expect him to respond to the cards or gifts with something for you. That way, if he surprises you, you’ll be thrilled. If he doesn’t, you won’t be disappointed.

The idea is to basically let him know that you’re thinking of him and find him intriguing enough to get to know him better. This will make him want to find out more about you.

Be A Mystery To Him 

The Sagittarius man is an adventurer. He absolutely loves it when he meets a mysterious woman who doesn’t reveal everything about herself up front. It gives him something to figure out or a mystery to solve.

This is very exciting for him. He’s a bit of a thrill seeker, so become his thrill. If you do this, he’ll want to spend more time with you so that he can start putting the puzzle pieces together.

Never totally reveal everything about yourself. You always want to keep some secrets to yourself that will make him wonder. If he ever knows you 100%, he may become bored.

Keep that mystique up and watch him squirm. This will lure him in like a carrot trying to pull a rabbit to it. Be that dangling carrot, and you just might see your Sagittarius man run toward you.

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Live Your Life To The Fullest

A Sagittarius man needs a woman who will be able to keep up with him. He’s a busy guy—he works, he plays, and he spends time out and about. He loves to constantly be on the move.

In order for you to get a Sagittarius man to chase you, you’re going to have to show him that you’re just as active as he is so that he’ll feel you’re on an equal playing field that he wants to cultivate.

When you’re out with friends, take some photos and send him the best one, telling him that you’re having a great time but wish he was there. He’ll start to picture himself there and perhaps decide to ask you out or show up.

A Sagittarius man is also a huge flirt, so it wouldn’t hurt you to send some very flirty text messages. Maybe show him a cleavage shot. I don’t recommend nudes unless you’re after him for sex only.

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Flirty and sexy are fine as long as it’s just to lure him to your lair. Give him lots of compliments about his looks, the way he talks, the way he walks, etc. He’ll appreciate it, and it will make him wonder what you see in him.

When a Sagittarius man is curious enough, he’ll reach out and start trying to get information about you. That’s when you hook him with mystery. He cannot resist a woman who is an anomaly.

Be Spontaneous

I’ve mentioned that the Sagittarius man is spontaneous and prefers a woman who is also this way. I would recommend that you randomly do something that throws him for a loop.

What I mean by this is sending him a unique gift out of the blue for no reason. He’ll wonder why you sent it and what it means. This will make him want to reach out to find out what the thought behind it was.

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A Sagittarius man is someone who thrives on what he doesn’t know but wants to learn. To keep up with him and get him chasing after you truly requires tactical spontaneity. I know that sounds weird, but to you, it’s a plan; to him, it’s random.

The more random you are with acts of kindness or affection, the more he’ll feed into them and want to get to know you much better and possibly form a lasting bond with you.

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Challenge His Adventurous Side

If you know what he likes and what he’d like to try if he hasn’t yet, you should try to help him achieve whatever he’s said he’d like to try.

Even if it’s something that is outside of your comfort zone, you will want to show him that you’ll do anything for him and that you want him to have fun. This will impress him and show him how much you’re willing to give.

Be really flirty and perhaps suggest even sexual things that you’ve never tried. Maybe he’s shared with you his own fantasies. Play on that and give it a whirl.

You basically want to get his attention. He’ll take the time, he’ll negate his own personal freedom, and he’ll want to do things that make you feel happy. Sagittarius men love making other people feel really good, so you should return the favor!

Be Straightforward & Honest With Him

One thing is for sure, a Sagittarius man is brutally honest. He doesn’t care about hurting someone’s feelings, the most important thing for him is speaking his truth and always living within his integrity and values.

You might not like what he always has to say, but at least you know that he will always be direct and forthcoming with you and he expects the same treatment from you. Don’t beat around the bush or be bashful with your Sagittarius man.

Let him know your feelings and thoughts about whatever comes up for you, but especially be honest about the feelings you have for him. This guy likes a woman who can tell him what she wants and needs from him. This just removes all the guessing.

All a Sagittarius really cares about in life is the truth. So, when you’re speaking your truth with him, he will always respect and appreciate it. Just be you! This is the most important part of making a Sagittarius man get to chase you.

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not because this will never work with this guy. He is likely to think you’re a phony or disingenuous. And this is definitely not what you’re looking to achieve with this guy.

Be Open About Your Spiritual Side

People might overlook a Sagittarius guy’s spirituality because he is always out looking for a good time, but his spiritual side is one of the most intrinsic parts of his personality. Remember this guy is a seeker, and with that comes a deep yearning to understand God or The Universe.

Be open with him about your journey and what you think it means to be alive. He will appreciate the vulnerability and recognize you to be deeper than what you may first let on. A Sagittarius guy is definitely looking for a woman who has a well-developed spiritual side.

You could suggest going to a yoga class together, you can offer to read his Astrological chart or do a Tarot reading for him. Anything that might connect the two of you on a deeper level. Doing these things together will make both of you feel vulnerable and open up your heart chakras.

He will definitely see you with new eyes when the two of you connect like this.

When A Sagittarius Man Wants To Be Friends After Breakup — How To Get Him To Chase You Again?

Work At Building The Bond Back Up

It’s not going to be entirely easy to win the Sagittarius man back, but if he hasn’t totally lost his love for you, then there is still a chance. If you’ve done what I’ve told you so far in this article, then you can proceed.

You’ll have to work at rebuilding the friendship you started long ago. Remind him why he was drawn to you in the first place. Find the fun and strength in the relationship again.

Without pushing to get back together, invite him out to do things that are enjoyable and that you’re sure he’ll love. Invite him out in group settings. Perhaps going camping with friends would be lots of fun.

If you’re planning on taking a weekend trip with some friends, invite him along. Basically, you’re going to have to play the friend for a little bit just so you can open that door up.

Once you do and your friendship starts to build again, you can take that extra step to win his heart yet again. You already did it once, so all you need to do is have patience and be very active with him.

You’ve got to show him again what your redeeming qualities are so that he thinks about you and considers giving it another chance. He will think about it if he’s having a blast with you.

Prove Your Ability To Grow And Adapt

When you can really show him over time that you are able to roll with the punches and be more spontaneous, he’ll find more interest. Also if you actually learn from your mistakes, he’ll love that too.

Remember that you should always be honest with him. Be upfront with your intentions and don’t hide anything from him. You don’t have to tell him “I want you back” right out of the gate because friendship is important.

When the time feels right and you two are getting closer again, that’s when you should just tell him “I still love you and was hoping that we could give it another try but I wanted to see if we could bond again first”.

That will let him know what you’re up to and what you want. If he wants it too, then he will most certainly tell you as much. If he doesn’t want it, your Sagittarius may go quiet and ghost you.

The alternative would be him telling you that it’s sweet you’re trying and he loves your friendship but doesn’t think a relationship is a good idea. Be prepared that this risk could go any way.

However, if you really care for him and want another chance, he may very well be worth that risk. Go for it. What’s the worse that happens? You get him back into your life but have to move on romantically?

It’s better than giving up and not having him in your life at all right? That’s something you will have to decide for yourself. What is important to you is what you need to work with.

Keep In Touch And Communicate

The key to getting back into the Sagittarius man’s heart is by taking it easy, talking to him as often as you can without being overbearing, and talking to him openly about things going on in your life.

The more that communication door is open, the more of a chance you have at possibly winning your Sagittarius guy back. I won’t lie to you, you’re going to have to work for it but if he’s worth it then why wouldn’t you?

Give it your best, show him your best, and make sure he feels very special, excited, and well cared for. He will possibly come back quicker than you think.

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Why Is A Sagittarius Man Stalking Me? Does That Mean He Is Obsessed With Me?

Will a Sagittarius man stalk you? Let’s explore that option.

Unlike many other men in the Zodiac, the Sagittarius man likes to seize the moment rather than let it pass him by. He will do this when he really sees someone as a woman he could spend his future with, even though it may seem as if he is obsessing over her.

He may also be very wrong, but he’s a risk taker who is willing to find out what the truth is. He’s willing to put his heart out there and see where things land. He’ll make sure that you KNOW he likes you.

He won’t miss an opportunity when it presents itself. If he’s reaching out to you quite often, then you can rest assured that this Sagittarius man is very much into you and wants to see what’s there. You simply have to give him your hand!

Will A Sagittarius Man Chase You If You Play Hard To Get?

First and foremost, a Sagittarius man needs to be mentally stimulated. Flirting and playing hard to get are perfect ways to connect to his love of play and adventure, and he’ll cherish this.

Anyone who can bring him up and into the light and then cool him off by being distant and standoffish is automatically stuck on his radar.

Be independent and self-sovereign. Let him know that even if you were to form the most magnificent, long-lasting, and powerful bond, you’d still recognize the following philosophy: that you came into this world alone. This is super sexy to the Sag man.

He needs his freedom yet is fair-minded and honest, so these traits go well if you’re compatible. Don’t make the job of winning you easy for him!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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