Why Does A Sagittarius Man Go Quiet? And What To Do About It

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
It hurts when your Sagittarius man goes quiet or stops texting you. But now you know exactly what to do when he starts with this behavior...

I often get questions from my readers asking why does a Sagittarius man go quiet out of nowhere. The thing with these men is that they are extremely independent and free-spirited.

Sagittarius men are without a doubt one of a kind. These guys are special and will always follow the beat of their own drum. No one can possibly tell a Sagittarius man what to do, least of all a woman. 

He has to have freedom and independence to do whatever he wants. This guy is quite self-serving and only does what he wants, when he wants to, and this can be difficult for some people to accept about him. Unfortunately, this is just his nature. 

It is important that you don’t take this behavior personally, but it is also important to understand what you can do when a Sagittarius man ignores you and how to avoid him treating you this way.

You need to understand why he acts the way he does and what to do when he does this. He can be very independent, and this isn’t always easy for women to handle, but if you know what to do, you’ll be golden.

Are you interested in finding out why does a Sagittarius man go quiet and what you can do about it? Well, you have come to the right place! Continue reading to find out more.

When A Sagittarius Man Goes Silent — 5 Possible Reasons Why A Sagittarius Man Goes Quiet

If you get yourself involved with a Sagittarius man, you need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into and why they sometimes go quiet. Here are five reasons why a Sagittarius man goes quiet:

1. He Doesn’t Want To Hurt You

People under the sign of Sagittarius are known for their openness. Despite this, they have learned that not everyone can handle the truth. Thus, they have learned when to open up and when not to.

If he feels that someone isn’t the right fit for him anymore, and yet he still cares for her, he will avoid her and fade into the background so that she will get the hint. He is probably the guy who started the fashion of ghosting.

If he speaks up, he may very well burn the person with what he says, and if he cares about that person, he won’t want the hurt to be too treacherous. He will ignore her until he has the strength or until she breaks up with him. It is much easier to make her the bad guy.

2. You Did Something To Upset Him

It’s no secret that when the Sagittarius feels hurt or pissed off, he’ll give you the silent treatment. Otherwise, he will just stop talking and avoid you if you push the subject.

Depending on how hurt he is, he’ll come around, but if he’s pissed, it might take him longer. In the short term, yes, he will be quiet, but they don’t hold grudges or stay upset for very long.

When he’s upset, don’t pry because he won’t want to talk to you until he’s calmed down and figured out his own thoughts or feelings. Let him cool off and leave him alone.

3. You Have Been Dishonest With Him

A feeling of anger or hurt could be considered this. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are particularly adept at detecting other people’s energy. Lying or underhanded behavior will definitely be discovered by him.

It won’t be tolerated or put up with by him. You will definitely be shut out by him. In the event that you lied, you must do whatever it takes to apologize and prove you won’t do it again. In the event that you cheat on him, he won’t waste more time with you.

It would be better for him to move on and find someone else who will be loyal to him. The relationship will end and he’ll move on to something new. You won’t be able to change this, so there is no point in trying. It won’t be accepted by him.

4. He Doesn’t Want Commitment

Sagittarius men know fairly quickly whether they want to commit to someone. His attitude toward you will turn icy if he decides you’re not the one and he doesn’t want to date or go beyond friendship with you.

You’re more likely to get ghosted if you’ve been friends for a long time and decide to confess your feelings. You should probably just be friends again since he’s not interested. Otherwise, you’ll have to let him go forever.

If you have been dating for some time, but he does not want to be more, but you pressure him, he will start cutting you off and making himself scarce.

Calls and texts won’t be returned or initiated by him. You won’t be able to get him to respond at all because he will just go radio silent. In the end, he skips out and moves on with his life. This is when you might come to think of a Sagittarius man ghosted me.

Also, a Sagittarius man might be scared to commit for fear of getting hurt, so if you try to suggest or push it, he’ll clam up and become silent. This man doesn’t do very well with relationship pressures. This is why he is always a bit of a bachelor.

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5. His Freedom Is Being Threatened

I cannot overstate this fact enough, but a Sagittarius man needs his freedom and independence. This is a guy who cannot tolerate being caged in and this is often the way he feels in his relationships. 

When you get a bit needy and want too much of his attention it can definitely freak a Sagittarius man out. This is the last thing he wants, to be responsible for your joy and happiness. 

This is a man who does what he wants when he wants it. He makes his own happiness his own responsibility, so he cannot understand why you cannot do the same. This is likely to have happened when a Sagittarius goes silent.

When a Sagittarius man notices that you are becoming a bit too dependent on him, he is likely to start ghosting you because he cannot handle the pressure you are putting on him. Give him freedom and he’ll be happy!

So, What To Do When A Sagittarius Man Ignores You

It will very much depend on the reasons a Sagittarius man is ignoring you. You should pretty much be able to figure it out but if you can’t, you’ll have to ask him to be honest with you. He should tell you the truth at that point.

Identifying what caused your Sagittarius man to go silent will allow you to determine what to do next. Whether you talk it through, give him space, or let him go, you’ll have the answer. There will be a solution or closure.

Be patient with him while you figure out what it is that has him hot and bothered. The most important thing is to focus on yourself for a while. Maybe you’ve been putting too much emphasis on this relationship anyway. 

Give him some time and space to cool down and figure things out and take this as an opportunity to work on yourself and your own flaws that might be coming up in the relationship.

When A Sagittarius Man Ignores Your Texts What Should You Do?

When a Sagittarius man ignores your text, there could be a plethora of reasons why this is happening, quite often this has nothing to do with you. This guy is so independent, the last thing he really actually cares about is a relationship. 

The reasons why he might be doing this could range from him simply being too busy, to leaving his phone unattended because he isn’t in the mood to communicate with anyone. 

Of course, there is the possibility that you might have done something and this is why he isn’t paying you any attention. Perhaps you have said something, or maybe your investment in the relationship has become a bit much for him. 

If texting isn’t really your game, you’ll be glad to know that I have written a whole guide on how to text a Sagittarius man the right way. You should really check it out if you want to learn how to play him at his own game. 

Sagittarius Man Ignoring Me After An Argument Avoid These 3 Mistakes

When a Sagittarius man ignores you after an argument it can be easy to want to do too much, when in fact all you really have to do is lean back a bit. Here is what not to do when a Sagittarius man ignores you:

1. Do Not Crowd Him 

The fundamental thing you always need to remember about this fire Zodiac sign is to give him enough freedom and space, especially after an argument. 

If you are too needy and pushy after an argument, he is definitely going to ignore you even more. You need to give him enough time to cool off and calm down so that things can go back to the way they were again. 

Don’t force him to talk to you and make things right, he needs to get there on his own without you pushing him. 

2. Don’t Be Desperate Or Needy

It is definitely not a good idea to do something desperate like begging him to come back. Your clingy behavior will drive him away since he won’t be able to understand it.

Don’t worry about whether the two of you will get along instead of focusing on the things you can change. It’s meant to be, if it does, if it doesn’t, it’s not. It would be best if you were as chilled as possible.

There is really nothing more to it, and you cannot control how he feels about you. Remember, though, that your actions are under your control, so save your dignity and do not act in a desperate manner.

3. Don’t Do This Alone, Trust A Friend

When we’re emotional, we sometimes need a third person’s perspective to see things clearly. It is possible that your friends spotted something you missed when they saw you both together.

It may be comforting to talk to your best friend about it, and they may be able to shed some light on the situation. There is a possibility that they noticed something you did to upset him or find out whether he really is as into you as you believe.

They won’t let you feel like you’re going crazy when a Sagittarius man ignores you. Hopefully, everything is okay, but don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Give it some time. Let your friends give you the love and support you need. 

How To Get A Sagittarius Man’s Attention Back? 

There are so many ways to get a Sagittarius man’s attention, however, after a fight or an argument it can be a little difficult. Luckily, this guy believes in forgive and forget so it definitely isn’t impossible. Here are some ideas:

Have A Date Night

When the two of you have calmed down from being cross with each other it would be a good move to have a romantic date night with your Sagittarius guy. You can do something fun and exciting together. 

This should help to remove any bad blood the two of you might have had as fun always takes the bitterness away for a Sagittarius man. This should be a great stress reliever and help the two of you to connect again. 

Be on your best behavior and show him how what he has missed out on. This is a great way to remind him why the two of you are together in the first place.

Show Him That You Are Flexible And Open-Minded

Issues often come up for a Sagittarius man that stems from his partner being too closed minded and not adventurous enough. Once the two of you reconnect it may be a good idea to have a conversation with him to tell him that you are willing to be more flexible. 

This will mean a hell of a lot to your Sagittarius man as it shows that you have the willingness to grow and that you aren’t stuck in a rut. He needs a woman who can keep up with his pace and is open-minded to try new things. 

Remind Him Of All The Reasons Why You Love Each Other

Sometimes I am quite fond of an argument with my husband because it can show where we need to grow and what we need to focus on as a couple. But it is also a great time to reflect on why we love each other. 

When you and your Sagittarius man kiss and make up it may be a good time for you to remind him about all the reasons you love him and why you are in a relationship with him and not someone else. 

List all his unique traits and the way he makes you feel. This should give him a good ego boost and remind him of all the reasons why he loves you as well. This is a great way to get your Sagittarius man’s attention and get him chasing you again!

FAQs On Sagittarius Man Silent Treatment

How Do Sagittarius Men React To Being Ignored?

Sagittarius men are unlikely to really care if they are being ignored, sometimes they even prefer it because it means that they can reclaim their freedom and independence again. 

If you think ignoring your Sagittarius man is going to give you the results you desire, you are sorely mistaken. This is one that is definitely going to blow back in your face, so be very aware. 

You might never hear from him again if you ignore him. In any game you play, a Sagittarius man plays better because he is likely the one to have invented it in the first place.

Watch this video to get some more insights on what happens when you ignore a Sagittarius man:

How Do You Know A Sagittarius Man Is Done With You?

A Sagittarius man is often criticized because of how forward and direct he is. Some people find his blunt tongue very brutal, but when it comes to breakups and knowing where you stand with a Sagittarius man, it is quite helpful. 

A Sagittarius man will either ghost you and never speak to you again, or he will just tell you directly that he is done with you and that he doesn’t want to continue what the two of you have going on. 

Believe him when he says this and try to move on because this will just minimize the pain of trying to win him back because this is nearly impossible. Leave with your dignity intact.

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Do Sagittarius Men Run Away From Their Feelings?

There is no sign who is more self-involved than a Sagittarius. When they feel something they just do it without second thought. When a Sagittarius man feels something for a woman, he will go for it. 

He is unlikely to escape his feelings because he lets his feelings and gut guide him in everything he does. The thing that he is not so good with, is commitment. 

When a Sagittarius man runs away, it isn’t that he doesn’t love you and care about you. It is that he loves and cares for his freedom and independence more, and feels like he is losing it. He will do whatever he can to preserve it, even if it means moving away from the relationship he has with you. 

Why Your Sagittarius Man Isn’t Texting You…

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You might start feeling anxious or questioning if he even cares about you at all.

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Learn how to text him in a way that speaks to his unique personality and desires.

Trust me, with these three simple texts, he will be putty in your hands.

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  1. I recently reconnected with a Sagittarius with whom I went on a date with a year and a half ago. He ghosted me about 3 weeks after our date, but was coming off a divorce. I was insecure and clingy. Fast forward, we reconnected in November. It’s been an amazing time. He’s messaged me everyday without fail, and we’ve spent alot of time together. Then suddenly, last week, he went silent. He messaged me as always that morning, and then nothing. He hasn’t opened my messages. I’ve been very concerned. After 5 days, I did what I shouldn’t have: I went to his place to see if he was ok. He was leaving at the same time. He was visibility angry, cold and dismissive. I apologized and told him I was concerned, and asked him if he would contact me. He said, he’ll “let me know.”
    I’m in complete shock, honestly. He just wanted to be with me…held my hand the entire time, very affectionate always. This sweet behavior was a week and a half ago. It’s like he flipped a switch. The way he looked at me when he saw me at his place was a look of…almost hatred.

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