Ignoring A Sagittarius Man — 5 Things To Keep In Mind

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are hurt, annoyed, or angry with your Sagittarius guy and are wondering if you should give him the silent treatment? It's not worth ignoring a Sagittarius man.

Are you hurt, annoyed, or angry with your Sagittarius guy and are you wondering if you should be ignoring a Sagittarius man? Give him the silent treatment? Before you do that, think about it!

A Sagittarius man is not like other men. He rarely enjoys playing games in the relationship. Maybe he hasn’t been forthcoming with you and you want to see if ignoring him will make him chase you.

None of these are worth ignoring a Sagittarius man. When you ignore a Sagittarius man he is more likely to move on than start chasing you.

The Sagittarius man works via logic and reason, and he also operates on honesty. If you are upset with him in some way, it’s best to tell him the reason. If you go quiet on him he’ll either not know or he’ll get upset with you for going silent.

Keep reading for reasons you may be on a slippery slope if you choose to ignore him.

Does Ignoring A Sagittarius Man Actually Work?

No one likes to be ignored, so Sagittarius man is no exception. The way he sees it is, if you don’t tell him what is wrong, how is he supposed to fix it or work to not do it again?

He has to know exactly why you’re upset, in what way, and what happened. Simply put, all Sagittarius hate being ignored.

I wouldn’t consider it as an option because it will fire back at you. If you want him to do better or not repeat the same mistakes, you have to be totally open with him.

If you try to ignore a Sagittarius man, he may think you are moving forward and he will not go after you, but will move forward as well.

Tell him what is on your mind. Don’t be afraid of his reaction to what you have to say. You need to be honest with him no matter what it is. He may get upset upon the first mention but he’ll get over it very quickly and will understand that he needs to work on whatever it is.

Ignoring a Sagittarius man will only piss him off, make him shut down, or he’ll think that nothing is wrong at all thus you’ll not get the response you were hoping for. Don’t withhold your feelings from Sagittarius man.

If you have some misunderstanding with your Sagittarius man, you might want to talk to him because this is what happens when you ignore a Sagittarius man.

What Happens When You Ignore A Sagittarius Man — 5 Things To Keep In Mind

When you ignore a Sagittarius man, you have five possible outcomes. Let’s focus on each one separately:

He May Not Understand Or Accept Your Mind Game

Sagittarius man doesn’t have time for games, that is a fact. He is not going to ask himself  ‘what if’ questions. He is going to ignore you back, most of the time unintentionally.

A Sagittarius man doesn’t want a woman who wants to play head games. The coyness and trying to be “too busy” for him tactic will not work. You will be quickly forgotten if you choose to take this route.

He doesn’t mind a chase but he has to know the woman actually wants him. Ignoring him says you aren’t into him.

He May Move On Quickly And Easily

Naturally, a Sagittarius wants to pursue someone who shows interest in him. If he thinks you’re blowing him off, he’ll likely think you don’t like him and he’ll move on. He won’t wait.

This isn’t a risk worth taking. If you like him, let him know and be totally forthcoming with your intention. He’ll be more receptive to this than trying to ice him out thinking he’ll run to you—he won’t.

He will look for other more appetizing opportunities elsewhere.

If you want to find alternatives to ignoring a Sagittarius man that can help you achieve the outcome you’re looking for without risking a relationship, I strongly suggest getting my Sagittarius Man Love Language guide.

It will help you speak the same love language as him and make your bond so much stronger.

He May Become Distant

If you are trying to create sparks between yourself and him, this isn’t the road you need to take. You can get easily ignored along the way. Maybe this tactic works with other men but I can tell you, Sagittarius man isn’t having any of that. He will not waste time or energy on someone who ignores him or blows him off.

He can be forgiving to some of it sometimes, but if it keeps happening, he will start his own mourning process in letting you go slowly. Watch out because if he gets to that point, you may have a hard time winning his attention back.

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He May Get Annoyed With You

Known for his optimistic and upbeat attitude, the Sagittarius man can often be found giving out radiant laughs and teeth-grinning smiles. No matter what environment you put this glorious man in, he knows how to work a crowd.

However, when he is annoyed with you for ignoring him, he may start to become less communicative and to express his frustration through sarcasm and irony.

He can express less tolerance for you because he may have a shorter fuse or is quick to anger. This is what may happen if you start pulling the brakes and become intentionally distant.

He may not take it well, and in fact this could bounce back to you and you would regret even thinking about this tactic.

Your Sagittarius Could Play His Own Game And Start Ignoring You Too

If you ever wondered what a Sagittarius man silent treatment looks like, you need to understand why he acts the way he does, and what to do when he does this.

He can be very independent and this isn’t always easy for women to handle, but if you know what to do, you’ll be on a safe side.

When he’s upset, don’t pry because he won’t want to talk to you until he’s calm and figures out his own thoughts or feelings. Let him cool off and leave him alone.

Ignoring A Sagittarius Man After Breakup — Does It Work?

The Sagittarius man is someone who actually doesn’t hold grudges and doesn’t stay angry for very long. If something happened between you two that wasn’t too big of a deal, he’ll like to get past it and be alright with you.

He could give you another chance but be aware that you’ll have to work to win his trust back because he’s not going to freely give you that trust right out of the gate. You’ll have to prove that you mean what you say.

Ignoring a Sagittarius man after a breakup won’t get you desired results. You have to talk to him, tell him how you feel, tell him what went wrong, why you are hurt, or even that you like him.

He would prefer you tell him that you’re into him and want to get to know him better rather than only texting him a little then leaving him hanging. Ignoring a Sagittarius man after a breakup is not a wise decision.

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Should I Ignore A Sagittarius Man To Get His Attention?

As you’ve read so far, you can see that no matter what you’re trying to tell you Sagittarius, be straightforward. He doesn’t get “hints” and isn’t good with trying to deal with sideways emotions. He’ll be totally confused or he’ll give up if you go radio silent on him to get his attention. Wrong decision!

The last thing you want is to have him give up on you and walk away if you really like him. So my suggestion to you is to put your big girl panties on and tell him the truth about how you feel.

It may be uncomfortable for you but at least you’re being on level with him and he’ll appreciate it. Ignoring him to get his interest is like basically telling him that nothing is wrong or that you are not into him.

If neither of these messages are what you want him to think or believe then you had better re-think this ignoring the Sagittarius man thing. He isn’t one that this tactic works on.

Another thing is, if you go cold, he may become bored with you and that’s another reason for dismissal. He will want to move on and find more excitement elsewhere.

What To Do When A Sagittarius Man Ignores You?

If a Sagittarius man is giving you the silent treatment and going to cool off isn’t a big deal, typically because he’ll chill out and come back to talk about things. Don’t ever follow him or try to make him stay when you’re arguing. Let him go simmer down and come back.

Space will do you both a world of good and give you time to reflect on the relationship. But the chances are very good that the space will make him realize how much he misses you.

Do not chase your Sagittarius man because you’re just going to push him further away. Just be chill and give the situation as much space as you possibly can.

In fact ladies, I’ve already covered a topic when a Sagittarius man ignores you and I encourage you to read it.

When You Ignore A Sagittarius Man — Final Thoughts

Playing games with a Sagittarius man will only make him blow you off… for good. Don’t let that happen. Take control, get out of your comfort zone, and tell him how it is.

Angry? Tell him why.

Hurt? Explain what happened.

I can almost guarantee you that when you tell him why you’re fuming mad, he will be upset but when he calms down, he’ll think about what you said and put the pieces together to be more understanding.

Sagittarius is one of the few signs that can actually see the mirror for what it is, find solutions, and try to find middle ground.

Clearly, if he does this, he really cares for you and will stick around.

Be a real woman and talk to him. He’ll think you’re an immature little girl if you aren’t able to talk to him. He’s one that would rather get it all out on the table and try to find a solution rather than the silent route.

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You see, Sagittarius men are VERY different than men of other signs. And if you use standard dating advice with a Sag, it can backfire.

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