Will A Sagittarius Man Come Back? Here’s How to Tell

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Did you break up with a Sagittarius man and are wondering if he'll come back? Here's everything you need to know to make a reunion possible.

Have you broken up with a Sagittarius man? It is desperately hurting, and now you are wondering whether your Sagittarius man will come back. Or you might want to know if your Sagittarius man will regret losing you. This isn’t easy to do, but I promise it IS possible despite what you may have heard…

Sagittarius men are highly desirable, but if there is one thing you should know about these guys is that they are born to be wild and free. Commitment isn’t easy for them at all!

They love their independence and a relationship will always hinder this about them. So if you’re looking for all the signs a Sagittarius man wants you back, you have come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out what to do when a Sagittarius man breaks up with you.

A Sagittarius Man After An Argument, Will He Reach Out First?

The Sagittarius man is someone who actually doesn’t hold grudges and doesn’t stay angry for very long. If something happened between you two that wasn’t too big of a deal, he’d like to get past it and be alright with you.

If you deeply hurt him by cheating or lying to him, then this may be something he may forgive but will not forget. This will make him always watch to see what you’re doing and what you’re saying.

He could give you another chance but be aware that you’ll have to work to win his trust back because he’s not going to freely give you that trust right out of the gate. You’ll have to prove that you mean what you say.

If you cheat on him, he may not want to return. He isn’t one to accept this as a way of life. He knows that he can find someone else who will be more loyal and he knows that his love is a treasure.

In the event that you did cheat by kissing another woman or doing inappropriate texting, etc.… he may be able to forgive you but again, he won’t forget so don’t expect him to let go of that for quite some time, if ever.

Having a full-blown affair will make the Sagittarius man feel very betrayed and he’s not very likely to give you a second chance unless his self-esteem is beaten down from previous experiences.

Most of the time, Sagittarius will turn his back on you and not look back. He’s also not one to do “yo-yo” types of relationships. While he could still find interest in someone he loved at one time, he remembers the discord that came with it.

Will A Sagittarius Man Come Back After A Breakup?

Giving you the silent treatment and going to cool off isn’t a big deal, typically because he’ll chill out and come back to talk about things. Don’t ever follow him or try to make him stay when you’re arguing. Let him go simmer down and come back.

Arguing is not a big deal unless there are some really nasty things said. Even then, he accepts that you are fallible just like everyone else and if he loves you, he’ll forgive you and move forward.

The Sagittarius man is very optimistic and tends to try to see the light in people. Even if they hurt him, he’ll realize that people make mistakes, and therefore, he’ll try to work through it rather than just give up.

However, if it’s something that’s really bad; he’ll probably try to work through it but when he realizes that he ultimately was screwed over, he’ll want to check out because he’d rather go on his own or find someone else who is better for him.

If the two of you broke up, you’ll have to consider why it happened. Was it something particularly bad? Did he just tell you he isn’t in love anymore and wants to move on?

Really think about why he broke it off unless you were the one that broke it off. Why did it happen? Did you doubt him or did he do something that made you question the relationship?

Either way, if there was a breakup, your Sagittarius man may still come back if the two of you were connected. He doesn’t like to look back but sometimes someone leaves an impression on him.

Figuring out the core of what happened can help you figure out what can be done to fix things and ensure he comes back.

Is There Hope? 5 Signs That A Sagittarius Man Wants You Back

You might have a suspicion that your Sagittarius ex wants you back… But this man is so fickle that you can’t be exactly sure as to what his intentions are.

Naturally, you need to know what to look for if there is still a possibility that you could get your Sagittarius man back. So here are some strong signs that he does want you back:

He Is Still Keeping Contact

A Sagittarius man isn’t someone to waste his time with someone he doesn’t care about. It is very easy for him to cut someone off if he thinks there is no future with them.

Your breakup might be recent or happened ages ago, but if a Sagittarius man is still making contact with you, then this is a pretty good sign that he actually wants you back, or is at least considering it.

This means that you are clearly someone important in his life and that the connection he has with you was definitely impactful. He wants to know what you’ve been up to and with whom since the separation.

He is basically keeping tabs on you to see if you’re single. This means he wants to give things a second chance and is testing the waters to see if you will catch the bait.

If you are keen to reconcile then it might be a good idea to let him know that you are still available and willing to give him a second chance. Just remember, don’t be too easy, you want to make him work for it.

He Is Jealous Or Protective Over You

When this very free-spirited sign shows an inkling of jealousy or possessiveness then there is a very good chance that he still has feelings for you and wants you back.

A Sagittarius man isn’t the type of guy to get overly invested in other people because he knows how important his own freedom is to him. However, when he has deep feelings for someone then there is a chance that he might become jealous. He doesn’t want to see you with someone else.

You can test this out by telling your Sagittarius ex about the guys you have been dating since your breakup. If he comes across as jealous and possessive then chances are good that he still harbors feelings for you and there is a chance the two of you could get back together.

He Still Flirts With You

A Sagittarius man is quite the charmer. He knows how to flirt and make women putty in his hands, this is just his talent as a man. However, he wouldn’t do this with just anyone.

If he is still flirting with you after you have broken up, then chances are good that he still has feelings for you and might want to get back together with you. He knows what he’s doing and that flirting might open pandora’s box between the two of you.

Check it out, if your Sagittarius man still flirts with you now that you are broken up then you might be in luck to have a second chance with him. Flirt back and see where this goes.

He Hasn’t Moved On

One thing I have noticed in my years as an Astrologer is that Sagittarius men tend to move on as quickly as the speed of light. When a relationship is done, it is truly done for them and they will just go on to the next person they can find.

It is quite easy for these guys to detach and be with someone else, and then someone else, and so the pattern continues. But, when a Sagittarius man truly loves a woman then it can be difficult for him to move on.

If you notice that your Sagittarius man hasn’t started dating after the two of you have broken up, then it is possible that his feelings for you were quite strong and he just isn’t ready to make the jump to being with someone else yet.

There is definitely a chance that he wants you back. Read more on when a Sagittarius man disappears and reappears, what’s the real reason?

He Asks Your Friends About You

One of the biggest signs your Sagittarius man wants you back is if you hear from your friends that he is asking out about you. This means that you are still on his mind and that he is thinking of you.

He obviously knows that your friends are going to report back and tell you that he asked out about you. This is his way of showing you that there is still interest there. He wouldn’t do this for any other reason.

When A Sagittarius Man Is Done With You: What To Do NEXT

You might be broken up with your Sagittarius man, but do you feel still being pulled towards him? It is possible that you still want him. My suggestion is to give yourself some space to see if you miss him or if you’re missing the idea of being in a relationship. Take some time to assess this first.

Space will do you both a world of good and give you time to reflect on the relationship. But the chances are very good that the space will make your Sagittarius man realize how much he misses you.

Here is my warning, do not chase your Sagittarius man because you’re just going to push him away even further. Just be chill and give the situation as much space as you possibly can.

If you are looking for ways to get back your Sagittarius ex, watch this video:

4 Surefire Signs Your Sagittarius Ex Does NOT Want You Back

1. He Moved On Very Fast

If a Sagittarius man is truly done, he will not linger and hold onto the relationship. A Sagittarius moves on very quickly.

By nature, the Sagittarius wants to experience new things. It isn’t their fault; it’s just how they’re wired. They see another opportunity to expand their horizons, and they take it pretty quickly.

Some other Zodiac signs might be more likely to linger and cling on once the relationship label has been taken off. A Sagittarius moves towards the future and does not stay in the past. 

In his mind, the past is the past. A Sagittarius is an optimist as well, so more than likely he is okay with being single because he is expecting the best from it.

2. You’re Not Getting Any Texts

Oh sure, he might still text you. But you aren’t going to be getting any of those post-break-up texts that test the waters to search for a door back into the relationship.

You won’t be seeing any “I miss you” texts, no links to old songs you both liked and no reminiscing about the past. He may not even be attempting to comfort you through it.

You may get some references to some inside jokes and some talk about non-emotional issues. But that is likely where it will end. He just doesn’t like to pretend like something might come out of it if he knows that nothing will.

If you text him saying anything sentimental or sad regarding the breakup, he might even be able to hit you with: “I’m sorry you’re feeling that way.” Yeah, Sagittarius men just aren’t going to involve themselves emotionally in anything they aren’t invested in.

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3. He Asks For Space

A Sagittarius getting into a serious, long-term relationship in the first place is hardly short of miraculous. So, when he is all done with one, he tends to be truly finished.

He will punctuate this by telling you that he isn’t interested in keeping up contact for a while.

This is largely because Sagittarius are freedom-seeking beings, and they like to live life on their terms. When they end a relationship, they need to process it by regaining their independence.

A Sagittarius might even take a social media break after a split. Anything to clear their head of any codependency that they were involved in – since a Sagittarius would rather forget any time that they weren’t totally independent!

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4. He’s Already With Someone New

This is a really painful one for me to talk about with you, but it must be said. A Sagittarius man who is completely over his last relationship is likely testing the waters with someone new.

Sagittarius’ live in the moment. They aren’t lingering on what has already happened. In fact, they would rather let it go. As a result, the next person who seems like they could add something to their life may be their next fascination.

They don’t do this to be cruel to you, or to hurt your feelings. Sagittarius are mutable Zodiac signs, so they do not hold onto things, and their attention flits from person to person as they catch his attention. 

Please don’t read this as him having never valued you, because he likely did. However, he has determined that he has learned all from you that he can and so he must move on to his next subject.

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How To Make a Sagittarius Man Regret Losing You? (3 Easy Ways)

Sagittarius men are probably the most difficult men to get back after a breakup. It is so easy for them to detach and move on that you might think this is completely impossible at first. But I promise, just follow these steps and he’ll regret his decision in no time.

Be Mysterious And Distant

If there is one thing that drives a Sagittarius man crazy then it is mystery and intrigue. If he can’t figure out what you are thinking then it is going to make him question everything.

You don’t want to be obvious about anything. Be super vague when you speak to him and don’t give anything away. Get his mind racing by being distant and aloof. Basically, you want to mirror his behavior. Lean back and watch him become weak to his knees.

Give Him Space And Don’t Chase Him

A Sagittarius man can quickly feel crowded and like there is pressure on him, especially when a woman chases him and wants to check in and spend all her free time with him. And this is especially true after a breakup.

You want to give him as much space as possible to wonder what you are doing and miss you. If you’re always available to him it shows that you aren’t moving on and that you are fixated on him.

Just focus on yourself for a while. He won’t understand why you’re not obsessing over him and this will definitely make him regret leaving you.

Get Out On The Dating Game

Even if you really want to get back with your Sagittarius ex, then it would be worthwhile for you to get back on the dating scene. This way you can see that there are many other fish in the sea and it might open your world up.

This should help you to move on and if your Sagittarius ex hears about this it might drive him to jealousy and realize what he is missing out on. Just have fun for a bit and see where it leads you. It might be worth the try to help you move on.

How To Get A Sagittarius Man Back (4 Ways To Win Him Over Again)

Remember the most important thing to focus on now that you and your Sagittarius ex have broken up is to focus on yourself and to put as much energy into self-improvement as possible. But if you’re still keen to get him back then these pointers should be able to help:

1. Remember What Happened

Sagittarius man normally wants to learn from the mistakes he made. He will analyze his relationships once they have ended to figure out why he chose that person, what happened, and why it ended.

There is always something to be learned when things don’t go as well as expected. Despite the blow of a relationship ending, he will remain optimistic and ready to move on.

That being said, whether or not he’ll even talk to you will depend greatly on what happened that caused it to end or for him to leave. Did you leave him? What exactly went on between you? That’s what will wager what he does next.

If the break was due to rather petty disagreements, there may still be some hope. If there was a misunderstanding, there is still hope. However, if you cheated or betrayed him, he may not be as forgiving.

He doesn’t like to be lied to and if he catches you doing it multiple times, there is a chance he won’t want to ever re-kindle things. He is a truth-teller and expects everyone else to do the same.

So before you actually try to take steps toward getting him back, you need to make sure that why you parted ways was something that can be worked past or not. If it is then by all means, continue reading.

2. Why Did You Fall In Love With Sagittarius Man?

Better yet, if you two were together for a while, why did he fall in love with you? What were the qualities that brought you two into a great relationship in the first place? You need to recall why you two really were into each other.

When you know that, you can try to bring that back alive for the two of you. It’s easier to fall in love again or recapture a love lost when the love is regenerated by the same means it was first around.

You are far from helpless darling. You can get your Sagittarius man back if you have the finesse that made him want to be with you before. Sagittarius man loves a certain type of woman and clearly, you ARE that woman otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered.

Remember who you are and why he really fell for you or really liked you. If you remind him of this, he’s going to think again about why things ended and why you shouldn’t have parted ways. He’s optimistic and open which is good for you!

3. What Can Be Different

If things went wrong with the Sagittarius man, you’ll need to understand it and you’ll need to show him you’ve grown from it. Whether he was in the wrong or you were, he needs to know it won’t happen again.

Sagittarius man is open to healing and working things through when he still cares deeply for someone. He is willing to start out as a friend so that you can get to talking again and it would be wise for you to open up fully to him.

He needs your truth and honesty. If you messed up, tell him you understand why it happened and how you intend to change this process. When it’s him that messed up, tell him you get it and you’d like to try again.

You both need to go ahead with the promise of things not going down the same road it went down before that caused the failure. It’s basically a learning experience and if you both learn, you can move forward.

4. Show Your Sagittarius Man That You Want Him Back

As I mentioned, you should try to be friends with him again as that opens up a door for communication. Once it’s open, you’re doing to need to make it very clear to him that you’d like to show him how you feel and that you want him back.

He may not give in very quickly but if you give it a little time and keep doing things that prove to him how much you care and want to work it out, he may very well give it another shot. Here’s how to show a Sagittarius man that you love him.

Don’t pressure him though when you’re trying to get him back. Use tact and finesse to work him. If you try to push him or lean on him to get him to run back to you, he may say forget it.

This is why patience is very important as is giving him proof that you care rather than constantly bombarding him with begging, whining, or asking him when he will come back. Trust me, these don’t work.

Have you ever been in a situation in which you were trying to get a Sagittarius man back?

Well, if you have broken up with a Sagittarius man but now you miss him and want him in your life again, then you may want to connect with me…

Leave your question or share your situation in the comment section, and I’ll try my best to respond to your comment.

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