5 Signs A Sagittarius Man Misses You (And How To Make Him Miss You)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you totally smitten with a steamy Sagittarius man but you want to make sure that he misses you? Signs a Sagittarius man misses you are not hard to notice. Keep reading for more...

Are you dating a Sagittarius man and wondering how to know if a Sagittarius man misses you? Well, signs a Sagittarius man misses you are not hard to notice, but first you need to be aware of his positive traits!

The Sagittarius man is brilliant, funny, charming, adventurous, a traveler, and someone who wants a partner that can keep up with his desires to live life to the fullest.

He’s someone who is absolutely capable of making his dreams come true. He is also amazing at any work he puts his mind to. Sagittarius is a quick learner and has no problem taking on new projects if they involve a bit of risk.

A Sagittarius man is one who takes life by the horns and bends it to his will. He knows that tomorrow may not come, so it’s important to live for today and do it the best way you can.

I have some ways that you can get this hot and heavy guy to yearn for you when he’s away from you. Keep reading to learn about situations when a Sagittarius man misses you.

When A Sagittarius Man Says He Misses You — Should You Trust Him?

Yes, by all means! Sagittarius men are direct, honest, and straightforward. So, when a Sagittarius man says he misses you, he is telling you the truth.

He values his freedom and independence and doesn’t like his woman to be needy, but if time elapses and even if you keep your distance, he might tell you he misses you, and it is likely that he genuinely does.

He’s loving; he’s someone everyone loves to get advice from; and he’s a dreamer. Each day is a new adventure for this man. He seeks out a partner who will be able to keep up with him and live this exciting existence together.

Pay attention to his actions because they will be synchronized with his words. A Sagittarius man’s needs and wants are usually the same. There is nothing to talk about here except for his good traits.

Ladies, a Sagittarius man always says what he means. No point in second-guessing! What you hear is what you will get!

How To Know If A Sagittarius Man Misses You

Is it possible to tell if a Sagittarius man really misses you? Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Every man has different signs that are specific to his Zodiac sign. Sagittarius men are not an exemption. Here are some telltale signs a Sagittarius man misses you:

5 Obvious Signs A Sagittarius Man Misses You

1. When A Sagittarius Man Initiates Contact

A Sagittarius man who misses you will frequently text or call. He wants to see how you are and how things are going. This is one of the most important signs to pay attention to.

When a Sagittarius man likes a woman, he’s going to want to spend copious amounts of time with her so he can get to know her. He will ask lots of questions. He’s the curious type, and if he likes a woman, he wants to ask important life-situational questions to see what her values and goals are.

If he calls you a lot, asks you to spend time with him, and makes time for you even when he’s busy, then your Sagittarius man is obviously into you, which should be a very significant sign he misses you.

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2. He Is More Affectionate

When a Sagittarius man shows his affection, he adores how absolutely delicious you are. If he says you are gorgeous and the physical chemistry is unbelievable, he may feel for an instant that you are a good fit for him, and he will not hesitate to prove it to you. He will touch you more often and express his admiration frequently.

Attentiveness to your needs goes without saying. He will express his feelings openly and will compliment you a lot.

This guy is truly forthcoming when it comes to liking someone. He’ll step up and let her know somehow. Spending time together and getting to know each other helps build a better foundation.

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3. He Includes You In His Plans

If he talks about the future and pictures you with him, if he talks about the trips he wants to take together or ideas that could work between you, this is an obvious sign that he misses you a lot and wants your relationship to become something more.

If he decides that his love for you is deep enough, he may have to settle down in order to get you to want to commit to him.

His future is so important to him since this is the lens through which he sees the world. If he’s including you in his future plans, then it’s obvious that he sees a future with you.

If he even mentions you a week or two down the line and says “we” or “our”, he is including you, and that means he’s into you and believes that the two of you are heading somewhere.

4. He Remembers Small Things About You

By paying attention to what you talk about and what you talked about in the past, a Sagittarius man makes you realize that he is interested in you.

Not only does he have a good memory when he wants to, but he also knows how to blend in and talk himself out of different situations. Memorizing your secrets, interests, and things you like indicates your Sagittarius has feelings for you.

When he is curious about your life and seems like he really remembers things you are saying. This is why when he asks for information about your background, your hopes, your dreams, etc., you can tell he has a genuine interest in you.

5. He Wants To Make You Happy

A Sagittarius man who misses you makes an effort to put a smile on your face and make you happy. Sagittarians love finding people who match their sense of humor.

He will make you laugh, give you compliments, show affection, and express that he cares about you. All this is to make you happy, which is an obvious sign of his interest in you.

He will also listen to you talk and show interest in your passions and hobbies. Sagittarius is not a stranger to buying gifts or showing gestures of kindness. He is also very romantic, so he will be the kind of guy who sends you sweet texts and says sweet things on the phone.

How To Make A Sagittarius Man Miss You — 5 Must-Follow Tricks

Insist On Personal Time

A Sagittarius man loves personal freedom and is willing to sacrifice it for the right woman. However, when you’re first starting out, you need to allow him to have the freedom.

You will need to insist on having your own personal freedom as well. If he starts to assume your time together, tell him you want to go spend a little time with your friends or family.

It shows him there is a boundary there that is healthy but the key is, he will miss you because he’s used to getting his way in being with you when he wants. Make yourself less available.

You don’t want to cool off too much because he’ll think you’re not into him enough and will just give up on you. He doesn’t chase women. You can make him miss you though by making sure that there are times that you don’t get together.

Don’t dodge him or decide not to take his calls because he will just move on. Answer his calls but when he asks to spend time, every now and then you will want to say “I have plans that night”.  It makes him miss you!

Leave Something At His Place

Sagittarius men love to think of their lady when she’s not around. If he finds something of yours left behind at his place, he’s going to smile and start missing you.

This can be anything from a toothbrush, t-shirt, panties, etc. Anything you leave that he’ll find will remind him of you and it will effectively make him miss you. He will get a big grin on his face and may reach out right at that moment.

Anything that reminds him of you will be something that will make him feel good about you and make him look forward to your time with him again. It’s that simple.

I really suggest an article of clothing that he can sniff and hug. I know that sounds kind of weird but Sagittarius men love the smell of his lady. Smelling you while you’re not there puts his thoughts into gear.

Men love it when women leave their panties behind. It makes them feel manly and will also make them sexually stimulated thus looking forward to their next date with you.

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Be A Bit Mysterious

Sagittarius men love getting to know someone over time rather than all up front. If you don’t tell him everything all at once, he’ll really enjoy asking you lots of questions about yourself.

He wants to spend his life getting to know you rather than knowing you instantly. So when you talk to him, keep some of your story a mystery until later on. Leave out bits here and there.

All the puzzle pieces will excite him. He does love a good mystery or puzzle. The more you give him to chew on when you leave him, the more he’ll think of you and thus will miss you until he sees or talks to you again.

Sagittarius is pretty simple in terms of missing you. He WILL miss you whether you do anything or not. Once he really digs someone, he will be all about them until something tells him otherwise.

You won’t have to work hard at all to make him miss your presence. If he is into you, he will miss you when he’s not with you. That’s just how he rolls. Trust it and go with it.

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Send Him Sweet Messages

The Sagittarius man is a romantic. He loves his lady to also be this way. When you’re not with him due to work or other plans, send him messages. Even when you’re doing “girls night” like I mentioned before, you’ll want to reach out.

Send him photos of the good time you’re having and tell him you’re thinking of him. That will make him ache for you. He will be happy that you’re having a good time but he’ll also want to push for when he can hold you again.

I can almost guarantee that when he’s not around you, he’s already missing you. He’s one that has no trouble admitting this. You’ll probably hear him tell you that he misses you or looks forward to seeing you again.

When he says these things, he’s not just being nice. He means it! So don’t fret ladies, Sagittarius man WILL miss you unless he’s just not that into you. If that’s the case, he’ll probably seem more dead in the water.

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Tell Him You Miss Him

Simplicity at its best… tell him you miss him! Once you do, he’ll definitely reciprocate and tell you he misses you as well. He’ll mean it too. He won’t say it if he doesn’t.

Be honest that you cannot wait until you’re with him again. He’ll love it and he’ll let you know that he feels virtually the same way. He’s not one that you have to play games with to get him to do things.

Sagittarius is a lover and once he’s into someone, he will absolutely want to spend as much time as he can with her therefore missing her when she’s not around. You should never have to wonder if he does miss you or not.

If he’s not showing signs of missing you, he may not be as into you as you think he may have been. Normally he’s all over it with texts, calls, photos, or whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

He’s one that likes to send you or bring you gifts as well. He’s very thoughtful and kind. Enjoy him ladies, he’s a rare breed!

Things To Say If A Sagittarius Man Says He Misses You

If you are wondering what to say if a Sagittarius man says he misses you, I might have something up my sleeve that you can use in such situations.

A Sagittarius man won’t miss an opportunity to speak his mind. If he’s reaching out to you to say he misses you, rest assured that this Sagittarius man is very much into you and wants to see what’s there. You simply have to give him your hand!

Ask yourself, “Do I feel the same way about him?”. Consider your own feelings. Don’t rush into anything. Telling him that you appreciate his honesty, something that he takes pride in!

Let him know how you feel about him and remind him of the positive effect he has on you. He will be thrilled to know that you can open up around him!

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  1. Hi I don’t think I’m dating the typical Sagittarius guy, he never tells me he misses me, I have to ask him and then I get a flippant answer back like I might have done.
    Why are they so confusing, sometimes I get lots of messages from him and meet up regularly and then other times it’s like he’s disappeared. I just find him extremely confusing, does he like me or doesn’t he?
    He will be 50 this year so not a teenager but I really don’t know what to do any more, I just wish he could be more open and actually express his feelings but not with humour for once.

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