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11 Clear Signs A Sagittarius Man Likes You

Being into a Sagittarius man is an overwhelming feeling, as I am sure you would agree. These guys will walk into your life and certainly rock the boat in ways you could never imagine. Having a Sagittarius man in your life is completely life-changing, but how can you tell if a Sagittarius man likes you with all these mixed signals he keeps giving you?

You might be wondering if he likes you back if a Sagittarius man keeps contacting you. Does this mean he wants more? Or is he just bored and looking for entertainment?

Well, luckily for you I have some very clear signs on what to look out for to know if a Sagittarius man likes you through text and in person. Are you looking for more answers and want to be clear about his feelings for you?

Then keep on reading to find out more.

How To Know If A Sagittarius Man Likes You Through Text

Sagittarius men are notoriously hard to text, but there are some clear signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you. Perhaps more than other signs, you can find out how the Sagittarius feels about you relatively quickly with a little help and understanding.

I’ve got a slew of ways that you can tell the Sagittarius guy is all yours via text. Read on to find out all of the things I know about how to tell if a Sagittarius man likes you! 

5 Clear Signs A Sagittarius Man Likes You Through Text

1. He texts often and replies quickly 

Sagittarians typically roll on their own time system. They don’t like being controlled – even by a clock. They do what they want when they want, largely. As a result, Sagittarius men often ignore texts since they don’t like feeling like they HAVE to respond. 

He simply won’t text you if he believes you’re not compatible. But if he starts initiating the conversation, especially multiple times in a short period, then he could be very interested. Discover more on how to get a Sagittarius man to text and call you first.

Also, if he’s quickly texting you back, not only does he not see you as a restrictive force (which repels the Sagittarius), he actually wants to be talking to you and wants to encourage the conversation.

This is a sign that the Sagittarius man likes you a lot. 

2. He checks in throughout the day

A Sagittarius man might have a lot on his plate. He’s one of the busiest men in the Zodiac, always heading from one thing to the next. They don’t typically feel an obligation to anyone or anything, as I touched on.

He knows he has one life and that he shouldn’t waste it doing what he doesn’t want to do. So, when he is taking the time to text you, this is without a doubt a very bright sign a Sagittarius man has a crush on you! You’re a lucky girl.

3. He is engaged and seems interested

Sagittarius’ are probably the most authentic sign. He can’t act like anything that he isn’t. This is why it’s pretty easy to read him. If he’s showing interest, he’s into you. If he’s not he’s not. 

The Sagittarius only asks questions he genuinely wants the answer to. This is why when he asks for information about your background, your hopes, your dreams, etc., then you can tell he has a genuine interest in you.

When the Sag is curious about your life and seems like he really cares about what you have to say, this is a clear sign that he’s into you.

Sagittarius men have one of the most specific love languages of all zodiac signs. I have covered his entire Astrology love profile in my Sagittarius Love Language guide. I suggest you get your copy if you really want to master his love language and finally connect with him in the right way.

4. He makes you laugh and sends you lots of memes

Does he make an effort to put a smile on your face and make you a happy girl? Or he send you funny jokes or videos? While this one sounds basic, the Sagittarians love finding people who match their sense of humor.

If you can laugh together, then the Sagittarius might just want to wife you!

If he blasts you with memes, Tiktoks, or anything similar, then he may believe your sense of humor matches his own. This is a big green flag for him because he loves to laugh with people. 

Being open to his silly side helps. If he’s sending you a lot of funny content or generally joking around a lot, then chances are looking good that a Sagittarius man likes you through text. He wouldn’t just do this with anyone as he has much better things to do!

5. He keeps his phone on him

As I alluded to above, Sagittarians are not fans of being held down or having a lot of expectations placed on him. The Sagittarius might even feel like his phone in general is a bit of a chain linking him to the societal expectations of others which is reinforced on social media. 

As a result, he might not think that it’s important or good for him to be attached to his phone. 

If the Sagittarius really likes you, he may actually keep his phone on him to have access to you. His being attached to his phone just to wait for a text is a definite sign that he has feelings of some variety for you.

6 Signs A Sagittarius Man Likes You More Than Friends

1. He talks in terms of both of you

Honestly, Sagittarians tend to be a sign that doesn’t strictly need a partner in order to be happy a lot of the time. Many do enjoy committed relationships but often that’s not their main priority in life. 

This is why him alluding to partnering with you is very, very significant. If he’s using words like “us,” “we,” and “ours,” then you’ve unlocked a rare level of the Sagittarius! 

Since he’s so authentic, if he’s talking like this you can rest assured that this is actually what he wants. He would like to be partnered with you if he used terms like the above. 

So, when he starts referring to you as ‘we’, this is without a doubt a very bright sign a Sagittarius man has feelings for you.

2. He enjoys spending time together

When a Sagittarius man likes you, he will want to spend time with you. Whether it’s talking on the phone, texting, social media messaging, or getting together, he will try to take up much of your time.

He’s one that wants to dive in and live for today instead of putting it off for tomorrow. He’s one that is in the present moment and doesn’t want to waste a minute if he can spend it with a woman he’s interested in.

This guy is truly forthcoming when it comes to liking someone. He’ll step up and let her know somehow. Spending time together and getting to know each other helps build a better foundation.

If the Sagittarius guy you’re into keeps asking you out for lunch, dinner, or to hang out otherwise, it’s very likely he’s interested in you. He does have friends he likes to spend time with also but his mate always takes precedence.

He has a bad rep for being non-committal or flaky but the truth is, once he feels he’s found the right person, he will settle down. Don’t let all the bad rumors fool you.

If you’re spending lots of time with this guy in person, on the phone, texting, or talking via social media; it’s likely he’s into you and wants to get to know you more.

3. He is enthusiastic and talkative around you

Couple at coffee shop spending time together - Signs a Sagittarius man likes you

When a Sagittarius man likes you, he will want to talk to you as much as possible. Whether you’re on a phone or in person, he wants to talk about anything and everything with you.

This is the type of guy will talk on the phone for hours at a stretch. He loves hearing your voice, he loves learning new things about you, and he loves to share his own life experiences with you.

He wants to connect. He’s typically very optimistic and enthralling when you talk to him. He is never bored because he always has something going on. That means you’ll never be bored when you’re with him or talking to him.

He will talk about anything under the sun. He’ll talk about his past, he will listen to you about your past, and he’ll be a great advisor whenever you need some help with any situation.

He’s there for you and tends to be someone that everyone wants to turn to when they have problems. Sagittarius man is gifted and talented with helping people.

This makes him a fantastic humanitarian.

4. He is straightforward, sweet, and extra romantic

If Sagittarius man likes you, he’ll likely tell you flat out what he thinks of you and what he wants with you. That means saying “I like you and would like to spend some more time with you” or something similar.

He’s also a romantic so he’ll be the kind of guy sending you sweet text messages, saying sweet things on the phone, or brings you gifts. Even if you two haven’t actually gone on a date yet, he’ll be present.

Basically if a Sagittarius man is spending lots of time around you in person, online, or via the phone, you can bet that he likes you and wants to find out what there is between you.

He’ll take the time, he’ll negate his own personal freedom, and he’ll want to do things that make you feel happy. Sagittarius men love making other people feel really good.

While he may come across as cold or uncaring at times, it’s because his mind is likely full of other things going on. He never means to be callous. His heart is big and he just wants to share it.

Watch his actions and you’ll be quite aware of what he wants with you. When he wants to be just friends, he’s not as forthcoming and doesn’t reach out quite as much.

5. He talks about the future

Happy young couple talking and drinking coffee near the window in cafe - Signs a Sagittarius man likes you

Sagittarians are a present sign, but they also live for the future. More than other signs, they’re not worried about the present moment because they know that something better is on the way to them. Their optimism has them looking to the future whenever they can.

His future is so important to him since this is the lens through which he sees the world. If he’s including you in his future plans then it’s obvious: he sees a future with you. 

If he even mentions a week or two down the line and says “we” or “our”, he is including you and that means he’s into you and believes that the two of you are heading somewhere.

He’s not a slow mover; he may come across as shy but once he gets to know you, all bets are off. He will not have any trouble telling you what is what and where he sees things heading with the two of you.

He may way for you to tell him what you want or that you’re really into him but when you do, he’ll tell you “I feel the same way”. Then you can carry on with the relationship you want with him.

6. He Shares Important Details With You

When a Sagittarius man digs you, he’s going to tell you everything that is important to him in his life. He’ll share with you his goals, ideals, and that which means a lot in his world.

He will want to take you to places that hold spiritual significance in his life as well. Since he’s an adventurer, you can expect that he will absolutely want to take you travelling. Including you is his way of saying you’re in his world now.

If you find that he’s talking about future plans that include you or indicate you in some way, he likes you and he wants to see how deep this relationship can actually go forward.

He doesn’t often talk about his life’s desires with just anyone. He saves that for someone with whom he feels a closeness with. When he opens up, he’s all yours for the taking.

Remember that Sagittarius man will go all out for the woman he’s got feelings for and wants to build a future relationship with. Even if you’re only talking online, he’ll open up to you.

Truly when he feels a connection, he tends to go for it and doesn’t wait for things to get deeper. He will start pushing for it to become deeper. You’re not imagining it if he’s already begun to do this with you.

Sagittarius man isn’t a game player. If he’s begun adoring you with everything he has, it’s real and he means it. He’s trying to get closer to you and this is his way of doing things.

How To Know If A Sagittarius Man Likes You — Final Thoughts

Unlike many other men in the Zodiac, the Sagittarius man likes to seize the moment rather than let it pass him by. He will do this when he really sees someone as a woman he could spend his future with.

He may also be very wrong but he’s a risk taker who is willing to find out what the truth of it is. He’s willing to put his heart out there and see where things land. He’ll make sure that you KNOW he likes you.

He won’t miss an opportunity where it presents itself. If he’s reaching out to you quite often then you can rest assured that this Sagittarius man is very much into you and wants to see what is there. You simply have to give him your hand!

Making a Sagittarius man fall in love with you isn’t so easy because he is such an independent guy. He is a straightforward guy who loves a wild woman in the bedroom.

This man speaks to your soul, and you feel such a deep connection with him, but are you the only one?

If your Sagittarius is doing multiple things on the list I provided, it’s a good sign that the Sagittarius is crushing on you too. 

Normal Dating Advice Can Backfire With A Sagittarius Man

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of my clients send me advice they got from dating coaches.

They wanted to know if it would work with their Sagittarius man.

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You see, Sagittarius men are VERY different than men of other signs. They are one of the most desirable in the whole Zodiac.

They are sexy, smart, and incredibly exciting. So it makes so much sense why you are so drawn to your Sagittarius man.

He makes you feel like the most amazing woman in the world and his positivity gives you all the confidence you need

But if you use standard dating advice with a Sagittarius, it can backfire.

He might disappear forever and you’ll never hear from him again.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

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Because your wonderful Sagittarius is NOT like other men… at ALL.

So go here now to find out the specific things your Sagittarius man needs to hear to melt his heart.



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