7 Surefire Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Fighting His Feelings For You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do you suspect that a Sagittarius man likes you, but is hiding it? Keep reading to find out signs a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you.

A Sagittarius man fighting his feelings is one of the most common complaints I receive from my readers. These men certainly have a reputation for hiding their feelings and pretending like they don’t care.

When it comes to love and relationships, the Sagittarius man can be a bit elusive. He may struggle with acknowledging and expressing his true feelings. He is always on some kind of adventure, and he really struggles to sit still in one place for too long.

This makes it so difficult to sustain a deep emotional connection with a Sagittarius man. You never know if he is coming or going, and it can leave you feeling unsure of his true feelings for you.

However, there are certain signs that can indicate that a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you. Trust me, I’ve got you covered and yes, it is totally possible for a Sagittarius man to have feelings for you despite his evasiveness.

Are you curious to know if a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you? Look out for these surefire signs:

Do Sagittarius Men Hide Their Feelings?

Sagittarius men are ruled by the planet Jupiter. This planet in Astrology represents expansion, optimism, and freedom. These men live large lives filled with adventure and exploration. And this might come as a surprise to you, but these guys will often wear their hearts on their sleeve.

They tend to share whatever it is they’re feeling in the moment, whether it’s excitement, frustration, or love. They aren’t really scaly or dodgy characters who hide their feelings intentionally.

Sagittarius men tend to be very open and honest, and they will never pretend to be something they’re not. They live very honest lives, and they are usually quite clear about what they desire and what their expectations are in a relationship.

However, most women think that they can change a Sagittarius man’s nature and make him into something he is not. He is not a traditional kind of guy and if anyone is looking for that with a Sagittarius man, they are going to get disappointed.

It is not that a Sagittarius man is really hiding his feelings, he doesn’t have time for that, it is just that romantic relationships aren’t always his top priority.

4 Surefire Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Fighting His Feelings For You

Although Sagittarius men are known for their freedom-loving natures, they too fall in love and experience deep emotions, but they might feel the need to hide this. Here are some signs that a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you:

He Suddenly Becomes Jealous

One surefire sign that a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you is when he suddenly becomes jealous. This is unusual behaviour for a Sagittarius man who typically values independence and freedom. 

If a Sagittarius man starts showing signs of possessiveness or becomes jealous when you spend time with other people, it could mean that he has developed strong feelings for you but is trying to hide or suppress them. 

He isn’t usually possessive or jealous at all, but when he realizes he might lose you, these emotions can come to the surface as a defense mechanism. It might be difficult for him to understand why he feels this way, but it’s a clear indication that his feelings for you are deeper than he wants to admit.

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He’s Suddenly Distant

If you have been spending a lot of time with your Sagittarius man and suddenly he starts becoming distant, it could be a sign that he is fighting his feelings for you. A Sagittarius man may start to pull away and create some distance as a way to protect himself from getting too attached.

His independent nature often prohibits him from getting too emotionally invested in a relationship, but if he starts creating distance between you, it could indicate that he is starting to develop deeper feelings for you.

This is a sign of him running away from his emotions and trying to maintain his sense of freedom, despite his growing affection for you. He is not used to feeling this way about someone and will do whatever he can to protect his heart from potential hurt or loss.

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He Becomes More Affectionate

Another way to tell if a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you is if he becomes more affectionate towards you. This is totally opposite of the previous sign, but it can happen. When a Sagittarius man starts to show increased affection, such as holding your hand, cuddling, or showering you with compliments, it could mean that he is battling his own emotions. 

He may be trying to compensate for his growing feelings by expressing them through physical affection or by showering you with compliments. He might not be able to help himself, as his true feelings for you are slipping through the cracks despite his attempts to hide them. 

The more he feels for you, the closer he will want to be, even if he is trying to fight those feelings off. When he is more affectionate, it shows that he is struggling to resist the urge to be close to you and that his feelings for you are becoming stronger.

He Makes Excuses To Spend Time With You

A Sagittarius man who is fighting his feelings for you may start making excuses to spend more time with you. He may want to hang out casually and drop the “friend” word to make it seem like it’s not a romantic encounter, but deep down, he wants to be around you as much as possible. 

It isn’t very common for a Sagittarius man to solely want to spend time with someone unless they have some level of attraction or interest. When he makes these excuses to spend time with you, it is a clear indicator that he is fighting his feelings and trying to justify his desire to be in your presence. 

He might think that if he spends more time with you he will lose his feelings for you because your presence will become too familiar to him, and this is usually something that works for him. However, in this case, he is using it as a defense mechanism to mask his true emotions and protect himself from potential heartbreak.

3 More Signs A Sagittarius Man Likes You, But Is Hiding It

If that doesn’t satisfy you, here are three more signs that a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you:

He Brags And Shows Off

I wouldn’t call a Sagittarius man humble, exactly. However, when he really likes a woman and wants her attention he will do absolutely anything to get it. And often this means that he will resort to showing off or bragging about his achievements.

He may come across as really arrogant and full of himself because of this, but I also think this may be somewhat of a defense mechanism in this case. He wants you to admire him, and he may feel the only way he can achieve that is if you know all about his accomplishments.

You’ll notice that he wants you attention, but when you start to talk about feelings he just shuts it down. This can be so confusing! You may not really understand where you stand with him, but I can tell you, this is simply a sign that he has the hots for you.

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You Become A Focus In His Life

When a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you, you may notice that you become a central focus in his life. He may start prioritizing you over other activities or people. If you know your Sagittarius man, you know how strange this is because he is usually very self-serving.

But when he starts putting your needs and desires above his own, it’s a clear indication that he has strong feelings for you. You really must’ve wormed your way into his heart because he really doesn’t do this for just anyone.

By being a focus in his life, he is trying to create more opportunities to be around you and deepen the connection between you two. He obviously likes you a lot, but is struggling to fully express it. However, this sign is very significant!

Mixed Signals & Hot/Cold Behavior

A Sagittarius man who is fighting his feelings for you may give off mixed signals and display hot and cold behaviour. One moment, he may be incredibly affectionate and attentive towards you, showering you with compliments and affection. 

The next moment, he may withdraw and become distant, seemingly losing interest. This inconsistency in his behaviour is a result of his battling against his emotions. He may be afraid of getting hurt or rejected, so he retreats and puts up walls to protect himself. 

When he gives mixed signals and displays hot/cold behaviour, it’s a sign that his feelings for you are causing inner conflict. He may not know how to act because he’s torn between wanting to pursue a deeper connection with you and fearing the potential consequences of expressing his true feelings. His independence and freedom are at risk after all.

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When A Sagittarius Man Is Scared Of Falling In Love — Here’s What To Do

I can say with full honesty that most Sagittarius men are truly afraid of falling in love. It means taking a leap into the unknown, opening themselves up to vulnerability, and potentially losing their freedom and independence. 

This is something that absolutely terrifies them. As a result, if a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you, it’s important to give him space and time to process his emotions. This is a really tough process for him to go through as it may feel like he is losing his identity and losing control over his own life. 

It can be very uncomfortable for him to experience such vulnerability and fear. He may live a life of freedom with his vagabond lifestyle, but the truth is, he is always in control, and that is the way he likes it. 

He is the one making the decisions and setting the pace in his life, and falling in love means surrendering some of that control. What you can do is to be patient and understanding with him. Understand that his fear of falling in love is not a reflection of his feelings towards you, but rather a reflection of his own internal struggles. 

Just give him some space to process his emotions and let him come to you when he’s ready. Allow yourself to surrender to the process, remember that everything that is meant for you won’t pass you by.

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