11 Questions To Ask A Sagittarius Man To Make Him Fall In Love

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So, you’ve got a crush on a Sagittarius man! Here are my top 11 questions to ask a Sagittarius man to sit up and take notice of you —and hopefully give you his heart for good! 

Hello, my lovely ladies! When getting to know a Sagittarius man it is pretty clear how unique and interesting he is as a person. You might be wondering what questions to ask a Sagittarius man because you want to get closer to him and understand who he is.

Knowing what to talk about with a Sagittarius man is vital if you want to help your relationship along. This is a man who likes ideas and talking about philosophy and religion.

So having a mental connection with a Sagittarius man is imperative if you want to get closer to him. He is always going to prefer that connection over anything else. A woman with brains is very important to him.

Are you curious to know what deep questions to ask a Sagittarius man because you want to get to know him better? Then you have definitely come to the right place.

Keep on reading to find out 11 questions to ask a Sagittarius man to make him fall in love.

What To Talk About With A Sagittarius Man

When you first meet a Sagittarius man, it will become very clear to you that this man is highly intelligent and very opinionated. He always has something to say and is one of those guys who has very good general knowledge.

However, the Sagittarius man’s favourite topics have to be matters pertaining to spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics, travel, and other cultures. This is a man who has seen a lot in his life, as he has a keen sense of adventure.

He is a very curious person, and anything new and interesting tends to pique his interest. He is always open-minded and happy to learn new things. Whatever he doesn’t understand, he is happy to explore deeper.

What I am trying to say is that you can pretty much talk about anything with a Sagittarius man. He is always open to learning and also has a vast array of knowledge. He is a very good teacher and loves to share his knowledge with anyone who is open to listening.

If you are looking for cool, engaging, and sensual pillow talk questions to ask your Sagittarius man, keep reading the list below:

7 Good Questions To Ask A Sagittarius Man

1. Ask About His Travels

It’s well-known that Sagittarian men really love to travel. They would give anything to be on a plane right now, heading off to see the world. Many of them have traveled extensively, from remote places to big cities. 

Begin by asking him where he’s gone in the world (and share where you’ve been, too!). Ask him which were his favorite—and which were his worst places! Let him recall his travel stories to you; he’ll tell them with plenty of embellishment and make you laugh in the process. 

Ask him where he still wants to go. And maybe suggest that one day, the two of you can go together… This will secure in his mind the idea of a future with you, and give you both something wonderful to look forward to! 

2. Ask Him What He Likes To Do For Fun

This is one guy that loves to have a good time. Sagittarius men are often the very last on the dancefloor, the last to call it a night and give up the party! Fun for him may also mean getting active, physical, and sweaty, so scope out what he sees as a good time.

Feel free to add your idea of a good time – to be honest, most things are fun to the Sagittarius guy. When done with a good attitude and a positive approach, he’ll make cleaning the house seem like an adventure! 

Hopefully, you’ll connect on plenty of activities, at which time you can suggest doing a few of them together. Be prepared to take a risk – this man is not afraid of anything! 

3. Be Philosophical In Your Approach

Sagittarians are born philosophers! For them, everything always happens for a reason. They look on the bright side, and usually see the lesson in every life experience. They take a totally positive approach – nothing for them is ever a “terrible” or wasteful experience. 

Bring your own philosophy into the conversation – how do you see things? What makes up your bigger picture? Be prepared to be schooled – these guys can be a little, well, self-righteous at times, and they like to think they’re always correct (which they often are!). 

You could also combine a few spiritual questions with your philosophical beliefs, which will really get A Sagittarius man engine going! You may even find that your conversation keeps you up into the wee hours of the night – there’s nothing he’s not open to discussing! 

And, the best thing about this is that he’s flexible. He’s willing to hear your point and share his. 

4. Ask Him About His Spiritual Beliefs

Even if you may not see it right away, or if he’s still in his party phase, he may not show his spiritual side. However, Sagittarius men are often very attuned to the spiritual world, and are always searching for the truth. 

This may have led him down some interesting paths, such as plant medicine journeys, or visiting temples and shamans. Let yourself be regaled by his fantastic stories and insights! Don’t be afraid to learn something new, either. 

You may even make a suggestion or two to try a yoga class together or attend a singing bowls meditation or a drumming circle. Throw a few ideas out and see what lands! 

5. Make Plenty Of Jokes

This is one guy that loves a bit of good humor! He will probably be the one making you laugh your head off, and he can be amazingly witty! He talks fast, with passion, and is usually very direct and to the point. You may even wonder if he has a career in comedy. 

His laugh is also so infectious and his humor contagious, that you’ll feel confident enough to laugh along, and make jokes of your own. He will love a lady who can tickle his funny bone. This is the best time to whip out your joke repertoire and wrap him around your finger!

One thing is true – love equals laughter, and laughter equals love for this carefree sign. 

6. Keep Things Positive And Easy-Going

This is not the man to get heavy or too serious with. You can ask a Sagittarius man heavy questions about his past and his future, but he may avoid them or think that you’re getting too much too soon. 

Even if a difficult topic does come up – like divorce, or politics, or anything else that’s touchy – approach it with humor and philosophy. See the bigger picture and keep it easy-going. He’ll appreciate that you’re not putting that kind of pressure into the conversation between you. 

7. Be Completely Honest And To The Point

Whatever you’ve decided to bring up with him, make sure that you are being one hundred percent honest and open. Don’t play mind games with him – this is not the guy you want to hide things from or try to manipulate. 

When he sees how honest you are, he will just adore you. He wants a woman who he can talk to about anything without being worried about offending her. There’s nothing quite as freeing as having a partner who you can be open with, either. So, this is a win-win situation! 

More Things To Ask A Sagittarius Man (4 Pillow Talk Questions)

8. His Thoughts On Where You Have Travelled To

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and has a lot in common with the themes found in the ninth house of the Zodiac. That would mean they have a profound interest in journeys and other ways of life. 

They will more than likely really enjoy a good conversation about the places you have traveled to. Part of the reason why they are so open-minded to the ways of life of others is that they have a deep interest in actively experiencing new cultures! 

They want to hear about your takeaways from other countries and states. They love the idea of journeying around the globe and hearing your experiences will keep them attentive and listening to every word. 

If you haven’t done that much traveling, then you can tell them about any mental journeys you have been on. Sagittarius is linked to publishing through their ninth house connection, so you could just as easily entice with a conversation about books you have read. 

They love anything from other cultures, so talking about any heritage that you know about or about any cultural things you take an interest in will work as well. If you like cuisine from a certain area of the world, watch foreign films, or listen to foreign music, these are all things that a Sagittarius would find compelling. 

9. Ask Him About What Makes Him Laugh

Sagittarians are ruled by the jolly Jupiter, so they enjoy keeping things light. They are lovingly referred to as the clowns of the Zodiac by some astrologers. Telling them a funny story from your past is sure to keep them interested. Or perhaps you talk to them about a stand-up comedian you just discovered or even better, a satire you just read. 

This is sure to get them to lower any of their defenses, because this is territory that they feel right at home in. They will also likely follow up with their own funny stories, and believe me, these guys have a lot of neat stories that will have you on the floor laughing. Knowing what makes him laugh is going to help you creep deeply into his heart. 

Perhaps you could bring up any comedy movies you have seen recently as well. Or ask them for comedy recommendations, because I can almost guarantee they will be able to hook you up! A Sagittarius is really not a difficult beast to communicate with. Their interests are so broad and they are interested by nearly everything. 

Just keep the conversation jovial and they will be engaged. Sometimes the serious side of life dampens their bright spirit too much. As a result, the smart idea is to keep them engaged in happier topics. 

10. Ask Him What Sexual Fantasies Are

I have mentioned over and over that Sagittarius men are very open-minded and adventurous. They are willing to try anything at least once. But they also have big ideas and many fantasies they want to explore.

A Sagittarius man is interested in a woman who isn’t afraid of trying things out as this is the kind of partner he tends to be happiest with. He wants a woman who he can explore and experience life with. 

But trust me, his fantasies are very kinky, so when you ask him what he would like to do in the bedroom, don’t be too surprised if it is a little strange and out of your comfort zone. Try not to look shocked as he is likely going to keep a keen eye on your reaction. 

However, because you have shown a willingness and that you are clearly open-minded, your Sagittarius man is going to like this a lot. He could never be with a prude or a woman who isn’t at least willing to explore. He needs adventure and exploration in his day-to-day life but especially in the bedroom as well.

11. Ask Him His Thoughts On Religion

One of the Sagittarius man’s favourite topics is that of religion. He is usually quite fascinated by these concepts as they expand his mind and make him see life from another perspective. This is usually a topic he thinks quite deeply about.

A Sagittarius likes to go deep and to truly connect to someone else so talking about religion is one of the best ways to get closer to him. He will always have a fascinating take on religion and it usually explains quite a lot about why he is the way he is.

He isn’t usually very religious, but he definitely has a deep connection to some kind of higher power. A Sagittarius man would usually have had some interesting experiences in his life and some of the only ways to explain it is through the lens of God or a higher being.

Having these deep conversations with you will definitely get your Sagittarius man to feel deeply connected to you. This is very important for him to feel a bond. Not only does this create a mental connection, but a spiritual and emotional one as well.

What NOT To Say To A Sagittarius Man

Although the Sagittarius man is usually very open-minded, there are a few things that can possibly make him upset. Pressuring him or forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do is an example of what not to say to a Sagittarius man.

Anything that might sound like you are controlling him will make him want to flee to the mountains. This is a man who does not to well with having his freedom and independence taken away from him.

Ultimatums are also a no-go. Other than that, a Sagittarius man always has an open mind and is keen to learn about other perspectives. Not many things will upset him as he is always trying to see things from a different perspective.

FAQs On Questions To Ask A Sagittarius Man

How To Start A Conversation With A Sagittarius Man?

The Sagittarius man is free-spirited, and he thrives on going from one adventure to the next. He loves to travel, see new places, meet new people, and have new experiences as often as he possibly can.

He lives life to the fullest because he’s well aware that tomorrow isn’t something that can be promised. Even when a Sagittarius makes poor choices, he chalks them up to a learning experience and moves on from them. He’s very optimistic in this way.

Use this as inspiration for what to speak to her about. Mention your travels, tell him some of your big ideas and philosophies, and show him you are open-minded. This can start by simply saying hi. Take it easy.

How To Ask A Sagittarius Man On A Date?

When asking a Sagittarius man out on a date, keep things casual and say something along the lines of you wanting to try so and so out. Appeal to his adventurous senses and show him that you can come up with fun and exciting dates.

But keep it casual, don’t put too much pressure on the idea of it being like an official date. I have seen that it is usually a little bit better to start off as friends with your Sagittarius man. He doesn’t like commitment very much, so keeping it as casual as possible is better.

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How To Make A Sagittarius Man Fall In Love with You?

If you’ve been dating a Sagittarius man for awhile and want him to fall in love with you, show him that you’re also willing to go on adventures with him. You can even have adventures by trying new things in bed.

Just keep things new and exciting for him, and he’ll absolutely try to do the very same thing for you. Try to plan trips for the two of you, plan new places to eat, try different venues, take him places he’s never been, and try hot things in bed.

It’s pretty easy to get this guy hyped up. Give him plenty of reasons and show him why you’re the best match for him. Once you do, he’ll fall hard for you, and you’ll have his heart in your hands.

14 Words A Sagittarius Man Loves To Hear…

Have you ever heard of a 14-word elixir that can rejuvenate a relationship with a Sagittarius man?

Just as communication is the most important aspect of a relationship, one of the most important aspects of communication is knowing how to overcome disagreements and misunderstandings.

I know many women who have tragically failed with Sagittarius men simply because they underestimated the importance of conversation.

Some didn’t talk to them enough and some talked too much… Others talked just enough, but they said a few wrong things here and there that made their lovers pout and brood.

I’m telling you, you never want to make a Sagittarius guy pout over something you said.

It’s best to resolve such conflicts as soon as possible because his negativity might escalate until one day he just snaps and decides you’re not the one for him and it’s all over.

The worst part is that in 9 out of 10 cases women don’t even realize that they said something wrong… or didn’t say something he expected them to say.

He doesn’t send signals when he’s hurt or disappointed. Instead, he usually just goes quiet… but women never notice. And even if they do notice, they don’t know what to do in time.

That’s why whenever you have a disagreement, it’s best to defuse it with words that can save your relationship.

Click here and find out the 14 words your Sagittarius man needs to hear to melt his heart <<

xoxo, Anna

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