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6 Reasons Why A Sagittarius Man Acts Hot and Cold

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to get to know the free-spirited Sagittarius man, you would know that his love is one of a kind. 

Known for his optimistic and upbeat attitude, the Sagittarius man can often be found giving out radiant laughs and teeth-grinning smiles. No matter what environment you put this glorious man in, he knows how to work a crowd.

But like every human being, these truth-seeking men have a shadowy side. Just like everyone else, he has mood swings. He can be hot and cold too. 

The beautiful thing about Astrology is it helps us understand everyday behaviors of human nature. When used correctly, it can be a helpful tool, especially when it comes to gaining accurate and valuable info about your love life.

So, to help you in the roller coaster ride that sometimes comes with Sagittarius man, here are six reasons why the Sagittarius man acts hot and cold.

6 Reasons Why A Sagittarius Man Acts Hot and Cold

1. He’s In A Bad Mood

I know, I know, these charming and positive-thinking men are known for their signing optimism, but sometimes he is simply in a bad mood. 

Although Sagittarius men are often praised for their direct and confident communication skills, an off-balance Sagittarian man is a spiraling force of nature. Watching a Sagittarius man fly off the handle is like watching a volcano slowly erupt.

2. He’s Seeing Someone Else

Very much like his fellow fire signs Aries and Leo, Sagittarius men are most commonly known for their flirtatious and passionate nature. He is a master in bed.

However, sometimes it’s passionate and exciting nature can get the best of him, and he finds himself in a love affair. Because he is naturally eclectic, a go with the flow type of person, he is unable to maintain consistency in both situations, and this causes him to act hot and cold.

3. You’re Too Clingy

If you asked Sagittarius man his biggest turn off when dating, he would say someone overly emotional and clingy. He is turned off when a woman does not respect his personal space. 

A Sagittarius man craves independence. As a travel-oriented and expansive fire sign, for him to feel safe and be consistent with someone, he needs to know that you can stand on your own two feet. He finds a confident successful woman the most attractive.

4. You Aren’t Giving Him Enough Attention 

Woman Not Giving Sagittarius Man Enough Attention 

If you thought the first three reasons were accurate, the fourth reason why the Sagittarius man acts hot and cold will make your head spin. 

Because as much as the independent Sagittarius man loves his woman, he equally craves affection.

When he is in a relationship, he easily grows jealous or possessive if he feels that you were not paying him any attention, especially because you know how much he values his free time. 

But instead of being vocal and telling you how your actions have made him feel, he will borrow his emotions up and go cold.

5. He’s On A Mission

Born under the constellation (star) of the lucky archer, this Jupiter-ruled man is always shooting for the sky. 

With Jupiter, the planet a fortune and expansion, influencing him to always follow his dreams, his work schedule and current DIY projects will have a major effect on his mood.

For example, if he is in the middle of a project, he may come across more withdrawn and emotionally distant than usual. However, as soon as he finishes his commission he will be right back to normal.

6. He’s Bored 

Sagittarius Man Hot and Cold Feeling Bored

Almost there lastly, he’s bored. As a curious and thrill-seeking fire sign, this man would never be satisfied with normal. He wants to live a great life of luxury and some degree of influence or fame.

So naturally, if he is with someone who lacks a sense of humor, doesn’t want to go out, travel, or have a good time, he’s not going to be happy. And when the Sagittarius man is bored and unfulfilled, it shows!

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Final Thoughts

Next time you stop and ask yourself, why is a Sagittarius man being so inconsistent, so moody, and acting hot and cold?

Save this blog and come back to this list. 

See if this will help you understand him better, and smooth out any bumps in your relationship! 

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Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach 

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