When A Sagittarius Man Goes Cold — Here’s Why

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Why is a Sagittarius man being so inconsistent, so moody, and acting hot and cold? Find out here possible reasons why Sagittarius goes cold.

When a Sagittarius man goes cold, you can try these tips, and I am sure this will help you get your Sagittarius man to stop blowing hot and cold. It might just take a little bit of elbow grease to get you where you want to be!

If you are wondering what happens when a Sagittarius man goes cold, please note that these truth-seeking men have a shadowy side. Sagittarius man hot and cold is something you should not make a fuss about.

The beautiful thing about Astrology is that it helps us understand the everyday behaviors of human nature. When used correctly, it can be a helpful tool, especially when it comes to gaining accurate and valuable information about your love life.

So, why are Sagittarius so hot and then suddenly so cold? To help you with the roller coaster ride that sometimes comes with a Sagittarius man, here are possible reasons why is a Sagittarius man hot and cold.

When A Sagittarius Man Goes Cold — Does That Mean He Is Playing Mind Games?

So, your Sagittarius man suddenly becomes distant, and now you are wondering if he is playing with you. Well, it will very much depend on his reasons for playing mind games with you.

You should pretty much be able to figure it out, but if you can’t, you’ll have to flat-out ask him to be honest with you. He should tell you the truth at that point.

Usually, when a Sagittarius man plays a mind game, that could mean that he will blow cold for a while. If it’s a small thing and he’s willing to work through it, then the game he is playing will come to an end and the two of you can talk again.

It will take him a while to stop playing mind games, but that doesn’t mean he will want to move on without you.

Just wait a bit, and he will come around. Blowing cold may make your Sagittarius miss you even more. It won’t take him long to get over it and get back to normal.

Why Is My Sagittarius Man Hot And Cold? 6 Possible Reasons

1. Your Sagittarius Man Is In A Bad Mood

I know, I know, these charming and positive-thinking men are known for their signing optimism, but sometimes he is simply in a bad mood. 

Although Sagittarius men are often praised for their direct and confident communication skills, an off-balance Sagittarian man is a spiraling force of nature. Watching a Sagittarius man fly off the handle is like watching a volcano slowly erupt.

2. When A Sagittarius Man Is Seeing Someone Else

Very much like his fellow fire signs Aries and Leo, Sagittarius men are most commonly known for their flirtatious and passionate nature. He is a master in bed.

However, sometimes his passionate and exciting nature can get the best of him, and he finds himself in a love affair. Because he is naturally eclectic, a go with the flow type of person, he cannot maintain consistency in both situations, and this causes a Sagittarius man act hot and cold.

3. You’re Too Clingy

If you asked a Sagittarius man his biggest turn off when dating, he would say someone overly emotional and clingy. He is turned off when a woman does not respect his personal space. 

A Sagittarius man craves independence. As a travel-oriented and expansive fire sign, for him to feel safe and be consistent with someone, he needs to know that you can stand on your own two feet. He finds a confident successful woman the most attractive.

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4. You Aren’t Giving Him Enough Attention 

If you thought the first three reasons were accurate, the fourth reason why the Sagittarius man acts hot and cold will make your head spin. 

Because as much as the independent Sagittarius man loves his woman, he equally craves affection. When in a relationship, a Sagittarius man quickly grows jealous or possessive if he feels that you’re not paying him any attention.

But instead of being vocal and telling you how your actions have made him feel, your Sagittarius will borrow his emotions up and go cold.

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5. When A Sagittarius Man Is Busy

Born under the constellation (star) of the lucky archer, this Jupiter-ruled man is always shooting for the sky. With Jupiter, the planet a fortune and expansion, influencing him to always follow his dreams, his work schedule will have a major effect on his mood.

For example, if a Sagittarius man is in the middle of a project, he may come across as more withdrawn and emotionally distant than usual. However, as soon as he finishes his commission, he will return to normal.

6. When A Sagittarius Man Gets Bored

Almost there lastly, he gets bored. As a curious and thrill-seeking fire sign, a Sagittarius man would never be satisfied with normal. He wants to live a great life of luxury and some degree of influence or fame.

So naturally, if he is with someone who lacks a sense of humor, doesn’t want to go out, travel, or have a good time, he’s not going to be happy. And when the Sagittarius man is bored and unfulfilled, it shows!

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Here’s What To Do When A Sagittarius Man Goes Cold

One of the best things to do when a Sagittarius man blows cold is to give him freedom and he’ll be happy!

Be patient with your Sagittarius man while you figure out what is the reason for his moody behavior. The most important thing is to focus on yourself for a while. Maybe you’ve been putting too much emphasis on this relationship anyway. 

Give him some time and space to cool down and figure things out and take this as an opportunity to work on yourself and your own flaws that might be coming up in the relationship. 

Also, he might be scared to commit for fear of getting hurt, so if you try to suggest or push it, he’ll clam up and become silent. This man doesn’t do very well with relationship pressures. This is why he is always a bit of a bachelor.

How To Deal With A Sagittarius Man Mood Swings

Identifying what caused a Sagittarius man mood swings will allow you to determine what to do next. Whether you talk it through, give him space, or let him go, you’ll have the answer. There will be a solution or closure.

Perhaps you have said something, or maybe your investment in the relationship has become a bit much for him.

Don’t force him to talk to you and make things right, he needs to get there on his own without you pushing him. Your actions must be fully under your control. Do not be needy and clingy, and not act in a desperate manner.

There are so many ways to get a Sagittarius man’s attention. Luckily, this guy believes in forgiveness and forgetting, so it definitely isn’t impossible. Let him chill and come back to you!

How To Reconnect With A Sagittarius Man Who Is Blowing Hot And Cold

So, when a Sagittarius man goes cold and distant, show him you are positive and open-minded. This will mean a hell of a lot to your Sagittarius man as it shows that you have the willingness to grow. A Sagittarius man needs a woman who can keep up with his pace.

Remember, a Sagittarius man blowing hot and cold is not a rarity. It is actually very common and expected. So, having this in mind, do something fun and exciting together!

This should help to remove any negativity the two of you might have had as fun always takes the bitterness away for a Sagittarius man. This should be a great stress reliever and help the two of you to connect again. 

Don’t worry about whether the two of you will get along instead of focusing on the things you can change. It’s meant to be, if it does, if it doesn’t, it’s not. You need to be as chilled as possible.

So, if you want to emotionally connect with a Sagittarius man, remind him why you fell in love with him in the first place.

FAQ On Sagittarius Man Blowing Hot And Cold

Are you struggling to figure out what to do about your Sagittarius hot and cold man? Well, luckily for you I have compiled questions that might come up in your relationship.

What To Do When A Sagittarius Man Stops Texting?

When a Sagittarius man stops texting, he might be doing anything from simply being too busy to leaving his phone unattended because he isn’t in the mood to communicate with anyone.

Perhaps you have said something, or maybe your investment in the relationship has become a bit much for him.

If texting isn’t really your thing, you should really check my Sagittarius Man Tex Magic Guide if you want to learn how to play him at his own game.

Why Do Sagittarius Run From Their Feelings?

Sagittarius men are generally emotionally reserved. This helps them avoid commitments. They would rather meet new people, explore, and travel the world.

They are not prone to drama and intense emotions. Sagittarians are more likely to go with the flow, wherever this may take them. Their principle is simplicity, and they really do not overcomplicate things, including emotions.

What Happens When You Ignore A Sagittarius Man?

If you ignore your Sagittarius man, he won’t pay much attention to it, but if this continues, it may backfire.

He would certainly like to know the reason why you are icing him out, and if he doesn’t find one, your Sagittarius man may ignore you back or find someone else. Ignoring a Sagittarius man is never a good strategy for this zodiac sign.

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