7 Reasons Why Women Fall In Love With A Sagittarius Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Loving a Sagittarius man comes with adventure, distance, and a twist, when you learn that you depend on his trust, even when you don’t know if you trust him.

Loving a Sagittarius man comes with adventure, distance, and a twist, when you learn that you depend on his trust, even when you don’t know if you trust him.

His charming smile, warm arms and a hug of a loving teddy bear will make your heart melt, but don’t fly after him just yet, as he could flee in a heartbeat.

A Sagittarius man, with a warm look in his eyes and humor for every situation, will easily sweep you off your feet. I must admit that mine swept me in a matter of minutes. He was loyal, protective and cared for me with dignity and respect for my deepest wounds. 

At the same time, this man always kept a sense of mystery to his own emotional world and intimate desires, making me curious and invested in understanding him better. Showing a wide variety of masculine attributes and charm, he was truthful and openminded, yet complex and intriguing when he was supposed to make a lasting bond and commit.

Questions I receive on men born in this Sun sign spin around his seductive charm and fidelity. I hope these seven traits might help you understand why you love him dearly, and what you can do to give him the freedom he desires while staying in touch with his, at times distant, heart. 

7 Reasons Why Women Fall In Love With A Sagittarius Man

1. You Must Love His Smile

Reasons Why Women Fall In Love With A Sagittarius

It may not be the perfect smile you see in celebrities or on dental commercials, but as he shares it with you in close contact, his eyes will light up as if his warm soul was peeking out. 

Not only is this childlike smile one of his greatest traits, but he knows that it is, and he will use it to charm you even when he does something wrong or something he regrets. It gives you a glimpse at his openness for the world and the love for human interaction, one on one, as he engages in warmth of contact and positive emotions shared. 

Let’s be honest! This kind of smile is sometimes impossible to resist even when it is obvious that he is trying to cover something up or hide from a problem. 

2. Loyal Beyond Compromise

One of his most seductive qualities is his firm loyalty to people he loves. He will not let you down or betray your respectful bond, at least not intentionally. 

A Sagittarius man does not feel the need to speak behind another’s back and has a talent of minding his own business with a rational twist to it all. This gives him a stable figure, centered and dignified in all relationships, even with people who dislike him or judge his ways. 

This is where you must be careful! You do not want to make him choose between being loyal to you and being loyal to his own beliefs and decisions. He knows what he wants and how to give respect by finding middle grounds, but he will not compromise his freedom to use his own logic for you, or anyone else. 

He may lack flexibility, but you can always sense his boundaries and personal space, with freedom to choose for yourself as well. This is a man who doesn’t hold a grudge, owning up to his own commitment to any person, including his ex-lovers and friends he is not in touch with anymore.

3. Ah! That Sense Of Humor!

Sagittarius Man Sense Of Humor!

He will laugh at you and laugh at himself as well. He knows how to break the tension and make everything simpler and funny when you would typically feel ashamed. He owns his humor and it comes naturally and suddenly, anytime, anywhere, even between the bed sheets. Don’t rack your brain around it, there is nothing personal to his jokes. In fact, they give you insight to his vulnerabilities and insecurities, and show you how tender he truly is. 

Humor is one of the things he teaches with ease, giving you width for your approach to seriousness of life and your own failures. What is not to love about that? 

In my case, this led to some awkward moments at serious situations, family gatherings and places where I wanted to make a professional or strict impression. Try not to get annoyed, knowing that his actions don’t define who you are, and only speak of his own nature. It is his healthiest defense mechanism that allows him to bring joy to the world and share his own light with others.

4. Silver Linings And Optimism

In the toughest of times, your Sagittarius man will show that there is a silver lining and a glimpse of hope to hold on to. His perspective always allows optimism to prevail and while this is mostly supportive, it is bound to drive you mad from time to time. 

It is the core of his passion – his belief that the world is beautiful and filled with adventure and surprise, even when this means running away from a problem and hardship at hand. If you try to follow in his footsteps, you might discover how easy life can get with a simple attitude shift. 

His deep calling to seek what is living, breathing and colorful in every single moment, is something no one can resist. This isn’t always productive in the middle of burning problems and circumstances that require a deep emotional process, but he has no intention to stop you from following the path you believe in. 

5. Freedom As A Way Of Life

Thoughts of every man born with his Sun in this sign revolve around being free to simply – be. He must hold on to his inner child and his authenticity at any cost. When you meet him, this is a thrilling rollercoaster ride, something to drive you away from your routine, especially if you are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out. 

I experienced his nature as if he knew exactly how to get out of anything at all, expecting the same thing from me, but I felt a strong need to stay put when he would swirl away. This is exactly what brings him to focus, puts him up in the skies, on the pedestal, where he becomes this figure of self-preservation that will not bow down to human ways that take his energy away. 

Idealization comes in quickly, turns you to exhilarating new perspectives, drives you away from your stagnant beliefs, and finally gets you somewhere where you have never been before. This can create an obsession of sorts if you expect him to get back down to Earth. What I had to realize is that he was never on this Earth to begin with. 

This man knows how to handle being lost, distant, in new and strange places, and won’t return you safely to the ground after he pulled you away. Not because he wouldn’t want to, but because he does not understand where or why, nor does he see this as his responsibility. Choose your steps wisely and only let go to his ways to the point where you are still comfortable. You will be respected, nonetheless. 

6. His Giving Heart

Sagittrarius Man And His Giving Heart

When this man gets truly invested in a relationship, he becomes a child with open hands, ready to give away everything that he owns, expecting nothing in return. Past the point of personal freedom, boundaries, and rationality that keeps him distant, there is a heart pushing to give love and affection, attention and care, wealth of all sorts, and all things that the one he loves needs. 

His selflessness is not as attractive as it is mesmerizing, and once you become the center of his heart, you will have trouble untangling and moving on to any other man. 

If you love your Sagittarius man, make room for him to investigate, build trust, and see what he is prepared to do for love once he sees your romance as the sole purpose of his heart. 

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7. Out Of Reach

The red flag to keep an eye on is the lack of practical closeness in your interaction with a Sagittarius man. He is, in all paradox, extremely lovable and attractive when he remains distant, however hard you try. 

This is where the chase begins – the more you run towards him, the further he drifts away, tying your heart and making you feel like you cannot win no matter what you do. Remember that chasing him doesn’t help for what he needs most is trust, and it cannot be imposed on him if he does not carry it within. 

Instead of running after him, send your love from a distance that is safe for you as well. You may love him for his free spirit, but you are not bound to be the one to heal wounds that make him run away. Decide now if you want to wait for him to build trust or let go. 

If his unavailability sparks curiosity and desire, pushing you over the edge, just remember that when a Sagittarius wants you in his life every day, he will be there every day, just as he makes way for all those things that he knows he wants. Everything else is an image that he might try to preserve out of commitment and loyalty.

Thanks to Astrology, I managed to keep myself safe while in this rollercoaster of a relationship. Do you think you are up for the challenge? Check out my compatibility calculator to see if he is your best fit.  

I would love to hear your opinions on this boyishly charming man. Did he run or did he stay? Tell me about it in the comments.

Sending you love, light, and all the luck in the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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