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7 Tips to Move on From a Breakup with A Sagittarius Man

Lost the Sagittarius Man in your life? Whether it was you or him that called things off, it’s never easy, right? You may be missing all the good things about your relationship, and about him – and forgetting all the reasons why you split! How can you move on, let go, and open your heart to new possibilities of love? 

The Sagittarius man, in my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, is sometimes the sign with the least ability to commit. These men just like to have a good time, and they can be reckless, irresponsible and hard to pin down. 

That doesn’t take away from their charm. This sign is one of the most fun to be around, and it’s likely he made you laugh a million times a day! But you have to ask yourself – was he really willing to go the extra mile with you? And, do you really feel as if he’s mourning over you as much as you are pining after him? 

The hard truth is that a Sagittarius moves on really fast. Maybe you’re feeling like you can’t keep up with him and perhaps you’re even a little envious that he can get over your relationship so quickly! 

Here’s the thing though – your pace is your pace. Comparing yourself to him is never going to get you anywhere, no matter how much you rush the process. However, it’s always helpful to have some tips and tools to help you pick up the pace so you can focus on finding someone better for you, once you have healed. 

These are my top seven tips for moving on from a breakup with a Sagittarius man: 

7 Tips to Move on From A Breakup with A Sagittarius Man

1. Realize That He Has Let You Go

This can be the hardest thing to hear. But sometimes, hearing the hard truth is the best thing for healing. Ladies, Sagittarius men move on and let go really fast. They are mutable fire signs, which means they adjust to change very easily and find new passions. 

In fact, he may be ready for friendship already, and if he sees you at a party or get-together, he’s likely to be very buddy-buddy! Ouch, right? However, knowing he’s let you go may help you to move on that much faster. Seeing his devil-may-care attitude could be just the thing that you need! Don’t hold onto a man who isn’t holding onto you. 

2. Go Travelling

Girl Going Traveling - Tips To Move On From A Breakup With A Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius is the sign of travel. It’s likely that whilst you were together, you either spoke of travelling often or you actually did go travelling together. However, did you ever go somewhere that you really, really wanted to go? 

Maybe you didn’t because you wanted to compromise and enjoy exploring together. But what about you? Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? This is a time where you can throw caution to the wind and follow your own heart! 

3. Develop Your Spiritual Side

Sometimes, all the Sagittarius man wants is fun, fun, fun! And whilst it’s great to have a good time, when it’s all the time, it can take away from the other aspects of life. To move one faster, tap into your spiritual side again. What did you neglect whilst with him? Did you forget to nurture your meditation practice? Your yoga? This is the perfect time to pick that all up again, and it will also give you comfort when your heart is feeling sore! 

You might even pick up and explore a few things that your Sagittarius ex suggested during your relationship – these men do have a spiritual side, sometimes very strong! 

4. Find Someone More Committed To You

Moving On From A Breakup With A Sagittarius Man - Found A New Love

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, which means that they love change, and can struggle to commit. They love their freedom, and hate feeling suffocated in any way. Even if you weren’t the possessive, clinging type, your Sagittarius ex may have felt as if they had shackles around them. 

Now is the time to realize that you deserve someone far more committed to you. Someone consistent, reliable, and stable. This may come as a revelation to you, and help to empower you to open up your heart to brand-new possibilities of love in the future! 

5. Just Go And Have Some Fun!

Girl Moving On After A Breakup With A Sagittarius Man

You know what? The best thing you can sometimes do for your heart is just to go out there and have a bit of fun! Go dancing, take an art course, see your girlfriends and join a dating app. Flirt, laugh more and watch comedies. 

It’s healthy to process emotions like grief and sadness, but there comes a time where you have to lift your chin up and face the world again. Your Sagittarius ex is not the only one who knows how to have a good time, you know. you may even find that your idea of fun was always different form theirs. Maybe you’re not in bars – maybe you prefer a music concert, for example. 

Don’t be afraid to take some risks and feel energized and excited by life again! 

6. Explore Your Own Passions

What are you passionate about? Is it something artistic? Your career? Your pets? Park runs? Staying in and reading a book? A breakup is a perfect time to explore and rediscover the things you used to love. 

After all, the truth is that you probably had to take part in the passions of your Sagittarius ex, which could have had you neglect your own. That’s normal – we all do it. But now, it’s your time, and you can be as selfish as you like! 

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7. Don’t Think Too Hard About Him

It’s easy to get really obsessed with thinking why things ended, where you went wrong, where he went wrong. And ladies, the truth is that he’s not thinking as much about you as you are of him. Yes, that’s the honest truth, and it will hurt you to hear it. 

However, Sagittarius men are known for bouncing back from breakups, and they may even pick up a new relationship or career quite quickly. They may even want to be friends with you quite soon after the breakup. That’s how fast they let go!

It’s time to think to yourself – are you willing to waste so much emotional energy on him? Do you really want to be sitting around crying over a man who may not be crying over you? As they say, the best revenge is being happy

So – have you been through a breakup with a Sagittarius man before? How was it for you? Were you able to move on easily, or was it a challenge for you? Can you share any tips on what helped you to let go of him, and open up your heart to new love? 

Your stories are important to me, and I’d love to hear them! Your comments will stay totally anonymous, so don’t worry. 

If you’re going through a tough patch and want to know you’re compatible with your Sagittarius fella, try my free compatibility quiz right here! 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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