How to Keep a Sagittarius Man Enthusiastic and Strong – Help Him With These Key Tips!

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Sagittarius man is normally the one helping others but sometimes he needs a bit of a hand as well. How to keep a Sagittarius man enthusiastic and happy?

If you’re with a Sagittarius man who has lost his eternal optimism or is depressed, you really need to help him pull himself out of the rut.

He’s normally the one helping others but sometimes he needs a bit of a hand as well. Check out my article below for help on how to keep a Sagittarius man pumped up and happy.

Reasons Sagittarius Man Feels Down

The mighty Sagittarius is known for normally being quite upbeat and positive about his life as well as others. He’s inspirational and loves to be inspired by other people. However, sometimes he can sink down like everyone else.

What would make a Sagittarius who is normally optimistic sink to the depths of despair? One reason could be clinical depression. They spend so much of their lives helping others that they deplete their own supply of uplifting.

When this happens he may actually need to seek a therapist to talk to but having someone close by that he can vent to works pretty well also. If you’re his partner then this would be you!

Other reasons a Sagittarius man would be depressed or unenthusiastic are:

  • String of Misfortune Happens
  • Loses Someone Important To Him
  • Someone Close To His Heart Dies
  • He Gets Laid off or Fired
  • Loses His Identity By a Life Altering Event
  • Is Abused (Physically or Emotionally) By a Loved One
  • Isn’t on Proper Medication
  • Has Been Take Advantage of Too Much and Too Often
  • Feels Under Valued or Under Appreciated
  • Bad Self Esteem

These are all awful things that would rattle anyone’s cage to be honest. It takes something earth shattering though for a Sagittarius man to fall down into despair but it can and does happen.

He appears to always have it together and figured out but the truth is; behind closed doors he’s just as normal as most other people. He can let things get to him and if it builds too much, he can become sad and feel hopeless.

Ways to Help Sagittarius Man Feel Uplifted

Ways to Help Sagittarius Man Feel Uplifted

To get a Sagittarius man to regain his sense of confidence so that he is able to stand up and be the enthusiastic guy he was before, there are some things you can do that may make him feel more like his old self.

  • Remind Him of Optimism

Talk to him about the silver lining in what he’s been going through or how when you go through a tough time, you learn from it and become a better person. Any of this type of inspirational talk will help him regain his senses.

You may sit down and write affirmations with him that brings him back to who he was before as well. Basically any type of positive reinforcement to help him think differently will help him pull out of his dark place.

  • Laughter Is What The Doctor Ordered

It is said that laughter is a healing agent. That being said, you can try to do things that lifts his spirits by making him find humor again. Take him to a funny movie or bring a funny DVD to his place.

Perhaps you can drag him to a comedy club or some type of venue where there will be really funny things going on. Karaoke sometimes is very entertaining as well. A social scene with activity is a good thing for a Sagittarius.

  • Plan a Tranquil Trip

When the Sagittarius man is feeling blue, you may be able to make him feel good again by planning a trip that will help him to focus on his inner self and find peace again.

You can take him out in nature anywhere practically. He loves being outdoors with natural surroundings. You can take him camping, hiking, cycling, or doing something such as fishing, boating, or jet-skiing.

Trip With A Sagittarius Man

The more active he is, the more his endorphins or serotonin kick into his brain that brings back happiness and calm. These are all good things for him. Take him on a weekend getaway. He’ll really appreciate it.

  • Inspirational Workshops

If you’re able to find one, you can take your moping Sagittarius man to a workshop that covers inspirational training. Hearing what he knows to be true and remembering that he felt that way before, may make him go back to it.

He doesn’t typically stay depressed long unless he has a condition that he cannot work past without medication. Moderate depression may require medication and perhaps therapy.

When that’s the case you should inspire him to get some help. Remind him that he’s not weak for getting help. Tell him everyone needs it sometimes and to get back to the road of optimism, he should ask for a hand.

Workshops that teach inspiration and spiritual classes will work wonders. If there aren’t any available you can make your own with him one on one. You can get some books that you two can read together aloud.

He’ll feel close to you, he’ll gain more trust for you, and understand that he can rely on you in his dark times. This may actually win his love for life. Treat him well and you’ll bring him back up.

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In Conclusion

All in all, it shouldn’t be too hard to lift the Sagittarius man back up to a level of strength he’s capable of. He’s a good soul and is normally so optimistic that it’s hard for him to completely shake it.

He will bounce back if you follow the steps I’ve provided for you. Treat him well, give him lots of love, tell him wonderful things, make him laugh, and remind him how tremendous he is and it will help him get on the mend.

If he ends up having to go get medication, it’s alright. Be a positive driving force for him to talk to and turn to when he’s not feeling himself.

Have you been successful at bringing a Sagittarius back up? Tell me how you accomplished it!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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