How to Please a Sagittarius Man – Be the Artist of Seduction!

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you doing your best to turn on a certain Sagittarius guy? You’re in luck! Keep on reading to learn how to please a Sagittarius man.

Are you doing your best to turn on a certain Sagittarius guy? You’re in luck! I’ve got some really useful information that may help you finally get what it is you want with the sexy adventurer. Keep on reading to learn how to please a Sagittarius man.

Learning All About Sagittarius Man

It’s always best to gather as much knowledge as you can about the guy you’re planning to be with or even seduce. It’s far more satisfying and fulfilling when you know what you’re doing and experience mutual pleasure.

Sagittarius man is a wild adventurer. He loves to try new things as often as possible and craves excitement. This holds true in life in general as well as when it comes to sex.

I would say in the bedroom but he’s so wild he likes to do it anywhere and everywhere he can. He really loves sex. He isn’t emotionally or spiritually invested in it but he has lots of fun and so it’s worth the investment of time.

This is one of the things you must truly understand about the Sagittarius man. Understand that he’s one that wants to explore and enjoy. As long as you aren’t expecting an emotional bond or deepening spiritual experience, you’ll enjoy him.

I’m not saying he’s not capable of cultivating both but that only tends to come later when he’s been with someone for a long time and is closer to them emotionally already.

When you’ve just begun to date him or are seeing him, he’s not connected on that level and therefore will stick with just having immense enjoyment if you are willing to explore sexually with him.

Pleasing a Sagittarius Man

What Sagittarius Man Really Likes

Now that you have the basics of how the Sagittarius man thinks in terms of sexuality and intimacy, we can move on to what he really likes in bed or elsewhere.

He loves to experience crazy, wild, and new techniques. He’s willing to try just about anything at least once. Whatever fantasies you have, this is the guy to talk to about them. He will want to help you fulfill them.

It doesn’t matter if its things just to do between the two of you or if it’s involving more people. He is up for just about anything. For him it’s a life experience and he’s very passionate about life.

Sagittarius man feels life should be lived to the fullest every single day. Don’t waste energy and time. Enjoy every moment you have. Sex is one of those ways to really fulfill your life.

If you have a fetish or two, tell him. He’d be happy to give it a try and see if it’s something he also likes. You never know. He may enjoy it so much upon trying it, he’s willing to do it more often with you.

Whatever you do with him intimately, you’ll need to understand that he wants it to be as fun as you can make it. If you’re the more serious type, that’s alright as long as you accept he’s not.

It doesn’t mean that there is no connection. It just means you two are on a different page but still enjoying the pleasure that can come from a man that will do just about anything with you sexually.

For a really exciting switch up, try having sex outdoors if you haven’t already. He’s really cool with it and you’ll find that he’s able to perform quite well upon feeling free. He’s truly himself when he is out in nature.

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Attention In and Attention Out

The Sagittarius man loves a woman who will give to him as much as he gives to her. Reciprocation is a must. You cannot be the type of woman that makes him do all the work and just lays there.

He wants you to get into it, give it your all, and give him your pleasure. He knows he can best please you and please himself when you’re getting what you need. Don’t be afraid to tell him what you want or what you need in bed.

Wear costumes, role play, or do anything that brings your fantasies to life. Be spontaneous, be open-minded, and really enjoy your sexual experience with the Sagittarius man.

Try wearing some sexy or kinky lingerie when you know you’re going to be with him. It gives that extra push of sensuality that will make him crazy. Also wearing an earthy scent of some kind will also make his hormones race.

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Romance and Activities

Romance and Activities

Part of turning the Sagittarius man on and seducing him includes being a really fun partner for him to be around. There is more to him than sex. He wants to do activities outdoors or that are competitive.

He also likes to be romanced believe it or not. If you’ve got a way of making him feel special and make him feel special then you’ll get whatever you want from him for the most part.

Write him poetry, write him a beautiful letter, send him a card, or do other things that are very thoughtful. You can spray your perfume on something and send it to him or leave it in his bed.

This way he’ll think of you when you’re away and possibly will turn him on as well. He really likes sexy photos as well so if you’re feeling adventurous yourself you can send him naughty photos via text.

Try to get him to go do fun things with you. While out, you can make out with him then turn it into a sexual session right where you are. Take him hiking and sneak off into an area where others aren’t likely to see easily and give him oral.

You can do anything with the Sagittarius man. He’s not one to turn down sensual times. Give him a chance and show him what you’ve got. He’ll let you know if there is something he’s not comfortable with otherwise get after it!

Do you know what turns a Sagittarius man on? Let me know what you’ve tried!

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