How To Read And Decode A Sagittarius Man’s Texts To Find Out What He Really Means

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So, what kind of texts should you be looking for from the Sagittarius? And even more so, what is it that he’s really trying to say with a text message?You’re in the right place because the I have a lot of knowledge to offer to you to better decode the real meaning of the Sagittarius texts! 

The Sagittarius man is one type of guy who is usually easy to figure out. He is never trying to dupe people or keep them in the dark, so it’s typically a breeze to know what the Sagittarius is trying to say. However, over text message, even the clearest and most honest person can be misread! 

So, what kind of texts should you be looking for from the Sagittarius? And even more so, what is it that he’s really trying to say with a text message?

You’re in the right place because the I have a lot of knowledge to offer to you to better decode the real meaning of the Sagittarius texts!

“Hey!” Over And Over

Decoding Sagittarius Man's Text Messages

This can be a potentially annoying habit that some Sagittarians take up! They are limitless people who want what they want and are unafraid to pursue it. This means that if they want something, they don’t see why they can’t have it!

So, when you get texts like “hey,” “heyyyy,” or “ANSWER ME” (usually sent in a playful way) then you know that you are their top priority right now! They just want your attention and if you’re interested in them too, then I am positive that giving them a little love won’t be a problem for you!

Now, if he has only sent you one or two texts to get your attention then think about waiting him out just a liiiittle bit longer. This is going to drive him insane and further prompt him to text again. Keep him interested by torturing… just a bit.

Drunk Texts

Sagittarians love a good time so it’s totally natural that they gravitate to parties and drinking. They have a total blast when they’re with people they like sharing a few cold ones. If the Sagittarius likes you, then you might just get some happy drunk texts.

Maybe you feel drunk texts are annoying, but I can promise you that it’s a great sign if he’s texting you while drunk! This means that in the midst of all of his fun you are the one who is coming to his mind. This means that he also thinks you’re fun and he’s wishing you were there with him.

Accommodate his drunk texts for as long as you’re comfortable. He’ll be happy to have your company and maybe you’ll get something sappy and romantic – a total rarity for the Sagittarius! 

Drunk texts can lead to some really fun times if you’re up for it. Maybe he’ll even ask you to come out and meet him and then be prepared for some real adventures! 

“I just took a poop, thought you should know”

Okay, maybe you don’t get this exact text, but I can promise you that if a Sagittarius likes you then you’ll be getting some ultra-silly texts like this. Sagittarians are top tier jokesters. You won’t find a jollier sign in the Zodiac… I am positive Santa himself was a Sag! This constant joy makes them apt to joke around and send the funniest texts.

When a Sagittarius wants to get silly with you, embrace that. He is attempting to show you his true colors when he does this. If he has a great time joking with you then you can bet that he’s at least interested in keeping you around. 

Think of some silly texts to get back at him! For example, for this text you could play along and say, “I was just waiting for you to tell me, thank you!” Maybe you’re a funnier person than I am, and if so, then embrace that! You’ll be right in the pocket of the Sagittarius if you can banter with him.

“Be there in five, we’re going on an adventure”

How To Read Sagittarius Man's Texts

Sagittarians are free flowing, totally at the mercy of their sudden whims. If a Sagittarius thinks of something fun to do, he’ll be diving in headfirst before he can think differently! He’s a man who doesn’t believe in limits, after all.

When the Sagittarius thinks of something fun to do then he’s usually just going to do it! He doesn’t always need someone to go with him since he is so independent. So, when he’s asking you to go with him it is a very high honor. Take advantage of this opportunity because he obviously adores you.

If you answer his call to jump into something fun and new then you’re showing him that you’re just the kind of girl he’s looking to keep around. He’s going to be thrilled to have someone he can rely on for last minute adventuring. 

“Can I call/video chat you?”

This is one that you should totally expect since Sagittarians are really not huge texters. Look to their sister sign Gemini if you’re into texting for hours! Sagittarius is in the moment and is experiencing life as it comes. He considers anything that takes him away from the wonderful now to be a waste.

So instead of texting, he might just want to bring you into his now (which is much more romantic anyhow). If he wants to call you, then it could mean that he has so much to excitedly say to you that he doesn’t even feel he can text. This is a great sign since he is wanting very badly to bring you into his world right here, right now. 

I’d totally take him up on the offer to have a phone call! He won’t languish for hours on the phone, so don’t worry about that. Get on the phone and hear him out and he’s going to appreciate that you took the time to get on a level that he’s more comfortable in.

A call on the phone feels far more personal anyways. He’s looking for that one on one connection if he’s seeking to call you and that’s a sign that what he’s really asking for is to get closer to you and to be more involved with one another than an impersonal text.

“Open the door, I’m outside!”

How To Read Sagittarius Man's Text Messages

Sagittarians don’t think that anything has to be separate and that boundaries are boring. They could very well think that texting is a drag. What kind of shenanigans can you get into over text anyways? Nothing fun enough for the Sag! 

This means that the Sagittarius is one of the most likely signs to appreciate in person communication. He needs to know that if the two of you concoct a plan together that you can do it right then without having to arrange anything. 

This is just a side effect of having a Sagittarius in your life! You’ll realize that they don’t really ‘get’ boundaries. And you should make any boundaries that you have clear, because they’ll respect it if they know it bothers you, but they need it laid out in black and white sometimes. 

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Wrapping Up

The Sagittarius is going to surprise you in your texts and in life! He’s a great time and he will always spice up your day to day. Just play into the silliness, and remember that if he’s reaching out via text then you should know that he must really like you cause texting isn’t usually Sagittarius style! 

Are you texting a Sagittarius? What do you notice when he texts? If you have juicy details then you have to share with the rest of us down below in the comments!

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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