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Is Your Sagittarius Man Jealous? Calm Him down by Using These Tips

As rare as it is for a Sagittarius man to be jealous, it’s not totally unheard of. If he has a Scorpio Moon for example, this would definitely open up the jealousy door for him. He isn’t built that way but the Scorpio side would add in things he wouldn’t ordinarily do. Is your Sagittarius man jealous? Well, keep reading for some great tips to help soothe the situation.

What Makes Sagittarius Man Jealous?

To understand how to help him to feel calmer, you’ve got to understand what may be causing him to be jealous in the first place. One of those things is if your relationship has made him feel insecure.

Sagittarius is normally very optimistic so it’s hard for him to notice too much negativity. However, if you’ve been particularly negative around him, it could mind scramble him.

Once he’s disoriented about what his life is, he will feel less secure and thus feelings like jealousy may come through. If you’ve stifled his life in any way, he will also feel less secure.

Sagittarius is a free spirit and if someone is holding them back or making them feel as though they cannot go do what they want, they will resent it and they will start taking on doubts.

These doubts can very much lead to jealousy. When he starts getting jealous of your friends you go out with, you need to ask yourself why. Have you actually let him spend time with his friends? If not, this may be the reason.

Another thing that can cause jealousy is if you are a huge flirt. Normally he wouldn’t feel threatened by any other guy but if you’re constantly flirting to get his attention or just because, he’s going to start altering his own behavior.

He may very well start becoming a jealous boyfriend. It’s not a good thing to try to make your Sagittarius man jealous on purpose. He will start to feel like you’re not treating him well thus he will start reacting by emotions such as jealousy.

How Can You Make Him Lose the Jealousy?

Is Your Sagittarius Man Jealous

While the Sagittarius is a fire sign, he’s not really that hot tempered. He’s too logical to allow too much emotion get to him but he’s not infallible. Again, if he has a moon sign or rising sign that is a bit hot or jealous, he’ll possibly take it on.

First you need to look at why he started feeling jealous in the first place and then start to rectify the situation. If you kept him from having his own personal freedom or denied him of being with friends, change your own behavior.

Allow him to start having more friend time. Encourage him to go do things on his own. He may resist at first because he’s afraid you’ll be upset but once he starts going and you give him confidence in it, he’ll be happy and will drop the jealousy.

When the jealousy comes from you flirting with other guys or giving up too much attention to male friends, you’ve got to work with him to build a trust. Perhaps you should stop flirting around so much. Flirt with HIM more.

Let him know that he’s the one for you and you have zero interest in any others. Tell him that you talking to others is harmless and you’re not crossing any lines so he should trust you.

He won’t like it at first but after awhile of paying more attention and knowing your intention, he may start loosening up a bit. I still believe that the more you push him to go out with his own friends or time alone, he will resolve all this anyway.

When Sagittarius man is unhappy in any form, he will start acting different which can include jealousy. Help him re-direct his energy and get him to a happy place. He’ll appreciate you as his partner and he’ll become happier again.

It may take a bit of work and finesse but if you really love him, you’ll do what it takes. Besides you surely want him to be happy anyway right? Show him how much you care by helping him rise back up. He needs inspiration from you!

Do Not Compete With Sagittarius Man

What I mean by this is, he wants a partner whom he can be a team with not someone that wants to compete with him. If his partner always tries to compete and one up him, he will inevitably become jealous.

Stop trying to one up him. He hates it, trust me on this. Notice that if you two talk and he says something and you say something “yeah but” and add in your own story, that’s a “one up” type of thing. Doing too much of this behavior will get on his nerves.

Try to catch yourself and if he tells you something that happened in his life when talking about life experiences. Sympathize a little bit and you can say “I had a similar experience with this” and that would make it all acceptable.

When you use “yeah but”, that means you’re brushing what he said aside to make yours more important. Remember that partnership is important to him. Be on his team, not his competitor.

This is also true with playing sports or doing anything that requires you two to be a team. Always try to be on the same team as him. He hates playing games where he’s playing opposite to you.

He’d rather play with you and kick the world’s butt together than fight each other. Many don’t understand this about him but he truly loves doing things together instead of against each other.

Try to find ways to keep his security intact. Tell him how much he means to you; tell him how he’s the only guy for you and that you love being his partner. You don’t need to compliment him constantly but now and then is good.

Have a jealous Sagittarius guy? How do you deal with him? Tell me more!

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