Sagittarius Man Horoscope for December 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Sagittarius man. Things to know about your Sagittarius man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello sweethearts and a warm welcome to this festive seasonal prediction for Sagittarius Man.

Step into the enchanting realm of December festivities with open hearts. ‘Tis the season of merriment and celebration, where the world seems to slow down, inviting us to unwind and revel in joy. Amidst the twinkling lights and the warmth of crackling fires, the spotlight turns to relationships.

With more time spent with our partners, expectations soar. For those flying solo, the potential for loneliness exists, yet it’s also a splendid opportunity to encounter new souls. Picture the mistletoe as a symbol of magic, ready to weave spells of good cheer, aromatic delights, and snug affection into our lives this December.

He is ambitious, but he’s incredibly restless as well, which means he’s up for romance, for socializing and he’s also hard at work. In December, he really is burning the candle at both ends, which makes him quite exhausting to be with.

His need for power and deeper understanding this month bring adventure – he will keep digging away to gain more from any given situation. Understanding is power and so he will be paying attention to little details, observing situations and watching who the key players are and what their strengths and weakness are.

Mercury enters Capricorn – 2nd December

If you’re already in a relationship with Sagittarians Man, you will find that the two of you are enjoying a stable, creative and prosperous time in your life together. In this case, you guys can certainly afford to indulge a little and reward yourselves.

In stable relationships, it’s a good time to talk about matters to do with finances, but it can also be a good time to reestablish affection. The way to establish meaningful affection right now is body language, sometimes he hasn’t got a lot of energy for much conversation, but it’s important to show that you support and understand him by making eye contact and being positive in terms of giving him lots of hugs and just being there for him.

He is particularly in need of reassurance right now so don’t do anything to undermine him or make him feel small.

It’s definitely an ambitious time, but it’s hard work as things to do with his job are quite demanding. There may be a lot of responsibility and high levels of concentration are acquired. This is not a good time to arrange a hectic social schedule, he’ll feel far less likely to want to hang out with friends and be frivolous.

Venus enters Scorpio – 5th December

Your Sagittarius Man can lack sexual confidence at times and that’s definitely the case right now, so he definitely needs you to be telling him that he’s doing well, that he’s nailing it and to help him maintain a positive frame of mind.

He’s highly likely to have doubts about things within work or his relationships, but this is particularly to do with his own performance, he has quite high standards for himself which are not always realistic. He can have low emotional intelligence so he needs you to help him be more aware of the reality of any situation, or he could see the glass as half full.

This quite a colorful period, he tends to be a lot more emotional and this brings a lot of intensity but also mystery to the relationship. It’s a time, in both new and older relationships, when he can be a little bit confusing, he’s carrying a lot in terms of anxiety and stress, but at the same time he’s also wanting to live life to the full, in his inimitable style. So his answer to having a lot on his plate, is to dish himself up even more, and in this way he can take on too much.

New Moon Sagittarius – 13th December

He’s quite ambitious right now, and as I said he’s taking on a lot this month, so while he’s busy with career, he’s also eager to take on things to do with home and family. So he may be pressing go on many new projects without really understanding what he’s letting himself in for.

This can be a New Moon phase of smoke and mirrors with Sagittarius Man, he’s saying one thing but his heart may not be agreeing with his head. He’s in quite a sociable mood, but he’s also people-pleasing as he is extremely cautious of any conflict. Right now his mode is to go with the flow and seek harmony and cooperation with others, however, sometimes this means that he’s not entirely sincere. He can agree to go along with things even if he has reservations, as he always tends to think that these reservations will go away, but sometimes they cause nagging doubts which subconsciously affect his best intentions.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn – 13th December

He’s very focused right now and this is a good time to talk to him about more serious subjects because he’s likely to have better concentration and he will take a harder line on things. He can be a little bit critical right now and snappy, he tends to have less tolerance for things that cross his red lines. He’s not aggressive but he can be quite quiet, he may even be hard to reach it’s almost like there’s a lot on his mind. He feels under a lot of pressure, but a lot of it is pressure that he’s putting on himself to reach higher standards and perform better.

This retrograde Sagittarius Man is experiencing more intense emotions than he normally would. Sometimes he is bothered by worry and anxiety. Now you know that he likes to pontificate and seek to find out the meaning in everything, but sometimes his mind goes round and round like a carousel and he doesn’t end up coming to any conclusions.

So right now his analysis of situations is presenting more questions than answers, and this is really frustrating him. He can become a little bit paranoid and this can lead to him being easily triggered or a little bit sensitive.

Theme: Two thirds of Sagittarius Men are celebrating their birthday month and he should be all set to party, but he’s actually in quite a serious frame of mind this month. He’s more likely to feel ambitious and to be concerned about the progress he’s making at work, however in relationships it can be quite a good thing because he’s less likely to be flirtatious and silly and more likely to want to explore the deeper aspects of relationships. He’s more emotional and sensitive, however, so be gentle and reassuring.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 12th of December to the 26th of December this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

This is an excellent time for improving his health through positive thinking and physical therapy. Sporting activities and competitive events are favored. An excellent time for him to meet new people in business and in terms of romance and make a good impression.

A good time to network, join new groups and organizations and make new friends. Scientific research and social media marketing are successful. An excellent time to attend large events.

A suitable time to get a new pet. Work and business involving animals is favored. Excellent for holistic health remedies and better nutrition. A good period to outsource and for recruitment. A new job, within his current employment, may present itself with greater scope for fulfillment.

Avoid: The waxing phase is not great for large scale financial reorganization, publishing or international trade. Negotiations about money can be fruitless.

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn indicating that caution is needed in significant purchases as he could be disappointed or change his mind. Often contracts or proposals are not quite what he imagined and he may have to backtrack.

It’s not the best time for investing or expanding his business. He needs to be financially flexible.

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Week 1 – You are his secret success weapon

What he’s looking for now in his partner, or in a new partner, is someone who is pragmatic, who can ground him and who has lots of good advice. He needs to draw security from his relationships so he’s less likely to enjoy the frivolous side of romance and he’s more likely to feel satisfied from receiving affection, support and encouragement.

He may achieve leadership roles within his career or work and this is likely to be quite demanding.

It’s a time when it’s important for you to give him a lot of encouragement, let him know you’re in his corner, but at the same time remember that he can be a little bit secretive, so don’t be obtrusive just let him know that it’s all good and he can do what he needs to do. Sometimes the buck stops with you in terms of family affairs, simply because he is spread thin over quite a number of activities.

Week 2 – Sweet Little Mystery

This week of chance meetings, twists of fate and sudden events that can give him pause for thought. It’s also likely that he’ll want to travel spontaneously for work or just to cut loose and escape.

It’s a mixed bag of heightened activity then sudden U-turns and retreats. It’s hard to keep a handle on what’s going on in his head and he’s super confusing. However, despite everything there are moments of pure delight and excitement.

He seeks interactions with people who can provide refreshing experiences and in dating he tends to attract women who have a different perspective which is quite appealing.

Week 3 – You are his special star

This week he’s more direct with his words and can surprise you and himself with his perceptions as they often come out of nowhere when you least expect them.

Dating may not be a whirlwind of major excitement and adventure right now but if you guys are focused, you should be in a wonderful position to embark on something truly significant and romantic in a spiritual sense. He’s got high standards in love and if he’s chosen you, you must be special.

He is looking for someone who has the same level of dedication, commitment and ambition as he does. He’s likely to enjoy relationships with colleagues or even his boss because his work matters to him and he gravitates to women with ambition.

Week 4 – Pastures New

In marriage and committed relationships, this can be a period of greater optimism and also stability as you seek answers together and recommit to each other. There is a greater acknowledgment of the imperfections in the relationship, but not in a negative way as there is a feeling of you and Sagittarius Man succeeding against the odds which adds a unique flavor to the relationship.

This is an excellent time for him to reflect on the past, and the barriers that prevented him from achieving what he set out to. Things change, the lay of the land changes and thus past behavior or events are not always a good indication of the future and the message this week, is that a new pasture with new rules and new challenges are opening up for him, so it’s time to encourage him to let go of the hang ups or doubts linked to the past.

In Closing

Sagittarius Man is likely to seek distractions and in that he can be quite obsessive. So it’s not always easy to understand what’s going on with him right now, but encourage him to relax, chill out and to understand that not everything has an immediate answer and that the passage of time is often the key to solving problems.

The transits are quite invigorating bringing about creative, emotional and spontaneous phase for him and he is likely to be outgoing and quite vivacious.

This is a time when he can also be quite opinionated and talkative, as when he’s got an idea he tends to want to run with it, and he’s quite hot-headed. He doesn’t always ask for advice, as this is a time where he’s a lot more decisive, which can be good because often he’s indecisive.

Now this is an ideal time for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to thank you for all your support throughout the year.

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