Sagittarius Man Horoscope For March 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
March 2024 horoscope for your Sagittarius man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is March going to treat your Sagittarius man?

Hello sweethearts, and welcome to the revealing and intriguing March horoscope for a Sagittarius man. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is in the air, suddenly the new shoots are coming through, the weather’s beginning to improve, and the days begin to get lighter.

Additionally, March is a very important month because, whether you are in the Southern Hemisphere heading into the cooler months, which can be a kind of relief, or in the Northern Hemisphere heading for warmth, it’s still the equinox, which is a seminal moment in the year when a New Year is born.

So while technically January is the beginning of our calendar year, astrologically, March, as the sun goes across the Taurus point, is the beginning of a New Year. So it’s a fantastic time, whether you are going into spring or autumn, to set brand new intentions and new relationship resolutions.

Keep reading for a Sagittarius man March horoscope:

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Sagittarius Man this March…

New Moon in Capricorn on March 10th, 2024

This particular transit represents a time when a Sagittarius man likes his own space and his own company, and he’s slightly more sensitive. So it’s very important to take his feelings into account, and that means not pushing him on any issues which are sore points or bring back bad memories.

However, if you are in a committed relationship with a Sagittarius man, this New Moon represents a good time for some housekeeping, so you may need to get closure on any recent events, and if there are any emotional matters that still feel like open wounds, this is a good time to have a discussion about that. Take the cues from him as to how ready he is, but certainly brace for relevant issues.

If you are recently in a relationship with a Sagittarius man, this is a wonderful time to get to know his family and get more familiar with the things that are most important to him in life, so that you understand where his priorities are and what kind of person he is at heart when all the pretences are stripped away.

Mercury enters Aries on March 11th, 2024

This is a really good time for romance with a Sagittarius man, but the sort of romance it’s conducive to is long-distance relationships, chatting online, or, if you are married, date nights. These should involve things that are very mentally and intellectually stimulating or involve a lot of people’s contact.

He’s very restless now; he’s curious, and the key to stimulating your romantic life is not so much through showing affection but in terms of capturing his interest, generating ideas, and being a couple who go with the flow and roll with the punches. The key to romance is adaptability. He is extremely changeable at the minute, so things only satisfy him for a short time, so variety is absolutely essential in all relationships.

On March 12th, Venus enters Pisces

This is a very interesting transit; it can be quite healing, so it’s a time when harmony is really important. At his core, he needs a safe space right now, so the more that you can provide a consistent, loving, and understanding response to his concerns and issues, the better your love is. On a trivial or mundane level, it’s a good time for family events, for planning family events, and for hosting people in your home.

This is a marvelous month to have more communication with close family members and for him to improve the bonds with his family. It’s important for you to embrace his family, welcome them, and work hard at being diplomatic with them because that’s a great way to win his heart.

For you guys who live together, it may be a good time for buying furniture, restoring things around the home, or generally just improving your environment and getting rid of things that interfere with your well-being as a couple.

On March 21st, Sun enters Aries

Now this shines a spotlight on romance and fun, so if you have been friends or friends with benefits with a Sagittarius man, this is a great time to encourage him to take the next step, to get more involved romantically, and to try out a relationship.

This should be a time of optimism and faith about the direction of your relationship, putting more effort into having fun and doing new things within your joint social life, and experiencing joy in life.

Sagittarius is a competitive man; he wants to live life, and if he’s feeling at all frustrated or bogged down, this is definitely the month to address that, because that’s where discontent can begin to grow in a relationship, so encourage his free-spirited nature and the child within.

Mars enters Pisces on March 23rd, 2024

Now, this is not always the easiest time to judge him emotionally, as he can be very unpredictable and a little bit moody. What’s vital right now is for you to retain a level head and not overreact to any of his sudden changes of mood.

Sometimes he wants space and to be alone, and sometimes he needs to go and let off steam by doing some high-energy exercise, a workout, or, if he’s interested in it, DIY, because it helps him to detach and relax.

The issue for him right now is dealing with any recent angers, frustrations, or disappointments, so try not to overwhelm him with advice but definitely give him positive feedback that can help him readjust to any recently changed circumstances.

Themes for a Sagittarius Man this March 2024

This month there are two themes: romance and an element of fun and excitement in your life; and the second theme is his emotional well-being. On the one hand, this is a competitive, energetic time when he likes to try new things and needs a lot of new experiences to keep his mind occupied.

There is a sense in which he also needs to release some pent-up frustration and deal with some issues, and in that case, you need to be patient and just respect any red lines.

Magic Motto: “Life is a dynamic of opening and closing doors, and we embrace both in the context of each other.”

Magic Text: “I love not only you, but our precious moments together.”


The moon waxes from the 10th to the 25th of March, and during this New Moon phase, it’s ideal for him to embark on new activities and new initiatives, and it’s great for being proactive and planning changes and initiatives.

A good waxing phase for romantic activities and date nights. Double dating and social events are successful. Great for his competitive and sporting ventures. Perfect for careers involving creativity and problem solving. Good for activities with young people and children. It’s a good time to get pregnant or talk about having more children.

This is an excellent time for new investment, financial planning, and analysis. It was a good time to make major purchases for his business. A positive waxing period for increasing trust and stability in relationships.


This may not be the best time for a brand new sales initiative, launching a website, or short-distance travel. It’s important for him to understand the fine print and details and to ensure other people are all on the same page. Internet-based romance and using dating apps are problematic.

This is not a great time for him to be negotiating or making deals. Educational or new writing projects are not favored. This is not the best phase for debate on serious issues.

March 2024 Horoscope for a Sagittarius Man

Week 1: Kinship and Forgiveness

This is a great week for discussions. As a family, it’s pretty good for having brainstorming sessions and for developing some new plans to improve things to do with your home, the way you interact as a family, or achieving closure on certain issues. Forgiveness and family cohesion is very important right now, so everything should be out on the open.

This is not a good time for any members of the family to be bottling up, and if there is a pending issue regarding his parents or your children together, it’s important not to put it on the back burner but to deal with it now.

This is a great time for expanding your social life and trying new things together as a couple, because he’s very curious, and you guys should be on the lookout for different ways to enhance your life.

Week 2: The Velvet Glove

Now that this is a week when he’s likely to be more sensitive and quite nostalgic, he may need time alone to think or to work through some issues that he’s not yet comfortable talking about.

Sometimes he’s a little bit evasive, and what you need as a partner is to be very compassionate, have a light touch, try to be sensitive to his moods, and definitely avoid confrontation.

What can really upset him right now is someone who is aggressive and who likes to argue or come on strong, as he could just go into his shell. It’s also not a good time for ultimatums because he’s very indecisive right now.

Week 3: Topsy Turvy

This is a great week for family activities, so if you’ve recently got to know Sagittarius Man, get involved with any family events that he’s got going on, and it’s also a good time for planning ahead. So if you guys are a couple and you need to get organised for anything coming up this summer, i.e., a family occasion or event, now is the time to do it.

This is also a time where he can be quite private and reflective; sometimes he feels a little bit vulnerable or insecure. If he is behaving in a way that seems really egotistical or arrogant, he could be covering up for some doubts and some questions he has, so often you need to excuse some of his behavior and understand that emotionally, things are rather conflicted; he’s very ambivalent, and that can mean his behavior is sometimes inconsistent.

Week 4: Holistic

Fun, laughter, and spontaneity is key this week. This is a wonderful time for traveling, particularly long-distance travel or, alternatively, to places you have never been before.

This is also a really good time for trips that involve improving your health, such as going away to a spa together, travelling in order to take part in a sporting event, or using this particular week to address health issues. So there’s a holistic element, where it should be lighthearted and fun, but this should also feed back into your well-being as a whole.

In terms of relationships, this is a very positive time for improvement in communication, cooperation, and a general feeling of affection and harmony in relationships. So while the rest of the month was particularly physically exciting, romantically, this week is much more physically satisfying.


Overall, March is an excellent time to get to know your Sagittarius man better. The relationship can deepen, but that doesn’t mean it’s all serious because, while there is a serious side in terms of understanding him emotionally, there’s definitely lots of opportunity to meet new people and do fun things both as a family and as a couple.

This can be a great time for relationships to move forward and for brand new relationships to get well and truly off the starting blocks and to first base.

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