Is A Sagittarius Man Testing Me? (7 Ways He Will Test You)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Wondering whether your Sagittarius man is testing you? It’s a common trait for him to play games, and now you want to find out if that’s what he’s doing with you...

Hello, ladies! Will a Sagittarius man test you? Well, knowing this sign, I can absolutely say that yes, a Sagittarius man may test you in several ways. This man is undoubtedly one of a kind.

He is passionate, brave, and independent. Adventure and exploration are of the utmost importance to this man. Because of his free spirit, he isn’t the typical guy to be in a relationship. (Sagittarius men are notoriously bad at commitment.)

You have no idea how many emails I get from women saying things like “There is a Sagittarius man testing me, what do I do?” Thanks to my years of expertise I have really come to understand this sign, and yes, I know how you can get him to commit, despite him testing you!

Do you want to be in a relationship with a Sagittarius man, but are tired of him testing you? Here are 7 signs a Sagittarius man is testing your love:

Will A Sagittarius Man Test You?

A Sagittarius man plays by his own rules. He is a troubadour at heart and follows the beat of his own drum. He lives very intuitively and in the moment, which can sometimes make it difficult to predict his actions or understand his motives.

But will a Sagittarius man test you? Well, the answer isn’t very straightforward. A Sagittarius man will test you, but perhaps not in the way that you think. You might sometimes get frustrated with his actions or behaviour, questioning if he is intentionally testing you or if this is just who he is…

However, it is essential to note that Sagittarius men are not usually known for intentionally testing their partners. But that doesn’t mean he won’t sometimes annoy or frustrate you.

This is because Sagittarius men value their freedom and independence above all else, and sometimes this can lead to them being inconsistent or unpredictable in relationships.

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How To Know If A Sagittarius Man Is Testing You

There are a couple of things you need to know if a Sagittarius man is testing you because some of these signs are not easy to spot. He might just be acting like himself without any intention of testing you.

He does have somewhat of a difficult personality to understand at times. So I can completely understand if it takes some time for you to figure out if he’s testing you or not.

How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You? 7 Ways

Understanding if a Sagittarius man is testing you requires some understanding of who he is as a person. Here are 7 ways a Sagittarius man will test you:

Your Honesty

Getting to know a Sagittarius man means needing to understand that they highly value honesty. Sometimes, it’s a bit too much because these guys can be quite tactless and blunt.

He might not always understand that his very sharp words can hurt your feelings. Because he is so honest, direct, and forthcoming, he expects everyone else in his life to act this way as well.

You’ll notice he might test you by asking you questions that will really test you and make you reveal certain things about yourself with complete honesty. He might also try to observe how you react to situations that call for transparency and truthfulness.

His Need For Freedom

Sagittarius men are known for their intense need for freedom and independence. This is simply something he cannot live without in his life. There will be many moments when he needs to go on an adventure and explore the world independently.

This can be pretty challenging for some women as they want their partner always to be around. But if you are this kind of woman, then your Sagittarius man is definitely not for you.

He will test your patience and understanding by pushing boundaries and seeing how you react to his need for freedom. He might intentionally create situations where he has to be away from you for a period of time or engage in activities that require him to be independent.

This is because he wants to see how you respond to his need for freedom and how you handle these periods when he is away from you. Asserting his independence is important to him, and he wants to make sure you can support and respect that aspect of his personality.

Spontaneous Action

You will quickly learn that this fire Zodiac sign really enjoys spontaneity. Routine and predictability really kill all excitement for him in his life. So, a Sagittarius man will test you to see how well you can keep up with his spontaneous nature.

Can you handle a go-with-the-flow lifestyle? And how do you deal with last-minute plans or adventures? You will need to be very open and flexible with your plans and able to adapt quickly to his spontaneous actions.

If you are unable to do this he will likely realize that you are not the one for him as he needs to be with a woman who can be quite adventurous and embrace the unexpected with enthusiasm.

You will notice him springing all kinds of surprises on you as a means to test your ability to go with the flow and embrace spontaneity. He might plan spontaneous trips or outings without giving you much notice, to see how you handle it. Are you up for the challenge?

Intellectual Stimulation

I have to say, all the Sagittarius men are known to be extremely smart and profound in their thinking. These guys are usually very smart and have opinions about pretty much everything. They enjoy engaging in intellectual conversations and debates, and they value a partner who can stimulate their minds.

He needs to know that the woman he is with is someone with whom he can spar intellectually. Can you challenge him intellectually and hold your own in a conversation? Well, he is going to test you by engaging in deep discussions.

He likes to debate and discuss various topics, so be prepared to express your opinions and ideas confidently. He is assessing if you can keep up with him mentally and provide him with the intellectual stimulation he craves.

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His Inconsistencies

Sagittarius men can be pretty inconsistent in their behavior and emotions. He is definitely known for being very unpredictable in his life. One minute he is here, the next he is nowhere to be seen.

He also struggles to follow up on what he says he is going to do. By nature, he is very non-committal and may change his plans or promises without warning. He knows this is a flaw of his, but he isn’t really willing to put in the effort to change it.

So, your Sagittarius man will test how you handle this about him and if you have patience for his bad behavior. He’ll quickly know if you can live with his inconsistencies or if you will get easily frustrated and give up on him.

One way he might test you is by canceling plans last minute or changing his mind about something he previously agreed to. Another way he might test you is by being hot and cold in his feelings towards you. In these situations, he is observing how you react and whether you are able to adapt to his ever-changing nature.

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Your Desire For Commitment

Most Sagittarius men have a reputation for fearing commitment and avoiding anything too serious or long-term. As soon as things become a bit too serious for them, they start to feel trapped and seek a way out.

He could be watching your reaction and seeing how much you actually want to be in a relationship and whether you are willing to wait and be patient for him to come around.

This is a tough one to balance because you also don’t want to sit around and wait for him forever because that might start gnawing away at your self-esteem and make you feel taken for granted. But you also want to show him you are patient and understand that committed relationships do not come naturally to him.

Do You Fit In

Sagittarius men usually have a very active social life and have many acquaintances and friends. He may test you to see how well you fit into his social circle and if you can keep up with his active lifestyle.

A Sagittarius man wants a woman who will get along with the people in his life and be able to join him on his adventures and social gatherings. He will test you and see how you respond to his gregarious nature.

If you are able to hold your own in social situations, make connections with his friends, and enjoy the excitement of his lifestyle, he will see that you are a compatible partner for him.

It’s part of finding a partner who can share in his adventures and fit into the broader picture of his life. His way of determining if you’re compatible with his lifestyle and whether you add to the enjoyment of these experiences together.

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