6 Secret Signs That You’re A Sagittarius Man’s Plan B

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Imagine, you weren’t the only one all this time. Was your Sagittarius guy using you? Is he using you right now?? Do you feel less than the best in your Sagittarius man’s world? It is key that you are really clear on whether you are a priority, or if you’re his second choice. Keep reading to find out the six secret signs that you are a Sagittarius man’s plan B. 

Is Your Sagittarius Guy Using You?

Imagine, you weren’t the only one all this time. Was your Sagittarius guy using you? Is he using you right now?? Do you feel less than the best in your Sagittarius man’s world? 

It is key that you are really clear on whether you are a priority, or if you’re his second choice. Keep reading to find out the six secret signs that you are a Sagittarius man’s plan B. 

You Must Know That He Always Has Multiple Plans

What many people do not realize, is that the Sagittarius man is an optimist – but he is no fool. He will typically have multiple plans ready to go, so that if his original fails, he can move onto the next.

Sometimes this can include women and relationships. He’s the type that may have a “break glass just in case” woman. She’ll be a good friend to him, but he knows he can have more with her.

Are you that woman? It’s possible if the right signs are blinking at you. He doesn’t like failure, and it’s much easier to have a back up so that he can ensure himself a happy outcome. 

The signs below are that of which indicate you are not his first choice. It can also show that maybe you were once his top choice, but now someone else has moved into first place. 

At last, here are some answers for you so you can determine for yourself what your Sagittarius man relationship is worth:

6 Secret Signs That You’re A Sagittarius Man’s Plan B

1. He Keeps Telling You He Isn’t Ready To Commit

Sagittarius Man Telling You That He Isn’t Ready To Commit

Sagittarius man is one to move quickly when he’s found someone he can see a future with. If he isn’t doing that with you, then you are not his first choice. He agrees to “hang out” and makes it seem like he does like you.

He comes off as confusing, because while he has a good time with you when you are together, he will keep ending up saying that he’s not ready to be in a relationship with anyone. 

Not just you, anyone. That also leave it open for interpretation because when he is in this mode of dating other women but not telling you. Since he isn’t committed to you, then he’s not feeling he should tell you. 

You feel as though he’ll change his mind with time or patience but the truth is, if he’s giving you just enough but not his all, it’s because he has someone else in mind (or more than one woman on his mind, sadly).

Keeping you or anyone else around just long enough gives him the opportunity to have a plan A, B, and maybe even C if he’s fruitful. It also means that unless he’s spending the most time with you, you aren’t his “A.” 

2. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe

The Sagittarius man is adventurous and loves to have excitement. He also is very big on travelling or being out in nature. When he’s throwing the word “maybe” with you, it means you aren’t the first on his mind.

Even if he isn’t dating anyone, you could still be his plan B if being single isn’t working well for him. I know that sounds incredibly weird but, it’s absolutely the truth!

Sometimes Sagittarius makes himself the plan A. He loves being single, having fun, and being able to flit from one flower to another. He loves his independence and freedom more than a relationship.

If you are with a Sagittarius man and he keeps saying “maybe we’ll do this sometime,” it leaves it open for him to either do it, or not do it. This way you won’t be disappointed if it never happens.

Trust me when I tell you that when a Sagittarius is really excited about someone, he gives them a lot of his time and energy. If you aren’t getting this from him then you could very well be his second choice. 

3. He Goes On Trips And Doesn’t Invite You

Signs You Are Sagittarius Man Plan B

I mentioned previously that the Sagittarius man loves adventure. He takes lots of trips, as often as he can.  If you find the guy you really like isn’t inviting you to go with him on weekend adventures, you’re unfortunately just not his priority.

Either he wants time with his friends or he wants to spend time with someone else… Yes, he could be going solo, but it’s not as fun to do things alone as much as it is with someone else.

There is a variety of people you could choose from here as far as who he is going with, but the point is that he isn’t choosing you to go on these adventures with.

He may also decide to move to a new place, without mentioning wanting to you to move with him or even visit him. If he is keeping you as plan B, it’ll always be a “maybe” or a “possibility.” 

4. The Relationship Lacks Fun

What I can tell you about a Sagittarius man is that when you’re dating him, he will always show you a good time. He’s great at making you laugh, even when you least expect it.

The problem is, if he’s only doing this intermittingly, or he’s keeping you at arm’s distance, it’s because he’s not committed to you. This applies also when he’s pulling back from you because he met someone else.

Notice when you’re hanging out with him and he’s showing you a good time, is he talking to you about the future? If he isn’t, and instead he’s more living in the present, then he isn’t as into you as you’d like him to be.

The woman of his dreams or “the one” will take up all his attention. He’ll stop at nothing to make her happy. Plan B is simply a fill-in, or someone that is there just in case things don’t work with his main plan.

5. He Keeps Talking About A Female Friend

Look, I hate to tell you this, but when a Sagittarius man has placed you as his plan B, it may be because of the female friend or co-worker he keeps talking about. He paints her to seem like the best person he’s ever known.

He will talk her up without even realize he is telling you all about her. Then he tries to cover it up by saying “she’s only a friend, don’t worry about it.” The truth may be that she is dating someone else or that she’s rejecting him.

She’s clearly the one he wants because he won’t shut up about her. It will make you feel uncomfortable and it for sure will make you question who she really is to him. This is a huge red flag and a sign that you’re Sagittarius man’s plan B. 

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6. The Feeling Is Palpable When You’re Plan B

This is the most painful of all the signs for sure. Sagittarius man is normally a very affectionate type of guy. When he acts awkward when you go in for a hug or kiss, then you know that something is not right. 

You can literally feel him rejecting you, even if he doesn’t make it really obvious. You feel as though maybe you’re not good enough or that he’s repulsed by you. 

It isn’t true that he feels that way, but what is true is that he wants someone else and hoping he gets her but if he doesn’t, then you are already there to try to work it out with.

If you weren’t good enough to be his plan B then he wouldn’t even give you his time. The question is though; do you want to be his plan B?  If not, then you may want to tell him he needs to make you his priority or you can move on. 

It is hurtful when you figure out that your Sagittarius man crush is actually placing far more importance and desire in someone else. You will feel with your gut that you’re not the one for him.

Once you do have that feeling, it’s very important you accept what is and find your way forward. Find your own plan A that wants to make YOU his plan A as well. 

Are you feeling like your Sagittarius guy’s plan B? Tell me what he’s doing to make you feel less than number one in his life! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

And if you’re doubting that you and your Sagittarius guy are meant to be, then you have to see what the stars have to say! Try my free compatibility quiz here.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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