How To Keep A Sagittarius Man Interested In You For A Lifetime

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating a fidgety Sagittarius? Is his interest in other things making you doubt his engagement in the relationship? How do you compel the Sagittarius to stay interested in your love with him?

Are you dating a fidgety Sagittarius? Is his interest in other things making you doubt his engagement in the relationship? How do you compel the Sagittarius to stay interested in your love with him?

I’m Anna Kovach, a long-time Relationship Astrologer. I have a firm grasp of the nature of the Sagittarius in love. This is no easy task you’ve taken on, bestie! Creating a relationship stimulating enough for a Sagittarius is no easy feat! Despite this, I know that if you use my tips you will succeed in feigning his interest! 

I know you’re committed to keeping your Sagittarius man engaged and interested in your relationship with him. Because of this you must check out the following five tips I’ve presented. The difference it makes in your relationship with the Sagittarius will amaze you!

Are you ready to learn the foolproof techniques to keep a Sagittarius riveted by your love? Read on!

Give Him Space To Roam

The Sagittarius man is ruled by planet Jupiter. Jupiter expands everything it touches, and thus, Sagittarius needs a lot of everything. Jupiter sees no limits! As a result, Sagittarius needs room to move around. Wide-open spaces excite them! The importance of freedom for the Sagittarius cannot be oversold.

The Sagittarius man remains interested in you when you provide the freedom he seeks. Any feeling of containment will repel him. Instead, give him space to be who he is without limits.

Highlight how easy going you are to make clear that the two of you are two whole people, not two halves that make a whole. This is Sagittarius’ definition of a great relationship.

Avoid telling him that he can’t go somewhere, hang out with a specific person, or that he has to stay in his stable job. All these statements will have Sagittarius rebelling against your wishes to spite you. Remember, he will remain with you as long as he knows you will never limit him!

Keep Excitement High

Excited Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius is a mutable sign which means he is adaptable. He needs near-constant stimulation to stay happy. In a relationship, he needs to be entertained. He’s not willing to stagnate, even for the love of his life.

I recommend always having a thrilling plan on the horizon for you! Never leave him without something to look forward to. Booking vacation packages a year in advance is perfect since he adores travel. An adventure that awaits will keep him stimulated and excited for the future with you!

The Sagittarius must believe that your relationship is about to get ten times better! There must be an element of hope in your relationship. If it feels like things are leveling out, the Sagittarius will be out of there.

Be Authentic

Jupiter expands all that it touches but also creates honest people. Sagittarius won’t pull the wool over your eyes because he does not believe in deception. Sagittarius is a truth seeker and a truth-teller, period! While it can be abrasive to some types of people, it’s an admirable quality!

The Sagittarius doesn’t want anyone to feel they have to hide any part of themselves from him. He dreams of a world where there is no need to hide or be defensive. He’s undoubtedly one of the least judgmental signs of the Zodiac.

The Sagittarius could never stay with someone who is being ‘fake.’ His beliefs directly oppose this. You’ll keep him by your side forever if you work on showing your most authentic self.

One way to tell if you’re hiding part of yourself is to track how much shame you feel about aspects of yourself. Where you feel ashamed is usually the parts that you keep hidden. Work on loving these parts of you enough to expose them to the world! The Sagittarius will support you 100%. He’s committed to see your journey to self-actualization to the end!

Be Philosophical With Him

Philosophical With A Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius is associated with the ninth house, which rules philosophy. He loves to talk about the meaning of life, ethics, and morals. He’s got a lot to say on how he feels the world should be! He’s always interested in chatting about the ‘bigger picture.’

Since Sagittarius is a macro guy, he’ll appreciate it when you’re the same way! Having a partner who gets his viewpoints on life, in general, will be inspiring to him. He wants to stay forever with the person who consistently challenges his mindset and point of view. This energizes his vitality and keeps him mentally preoccupied with you!

Don’t shy away from explaining your take on the world. It’s impossible to offend a Sagittarius, after all! He’s going to listen with an open mind to your interpretation of the world. You’ll keep him forever because it is so rare to find anyone honest about their opinions. This is the Sagittarius’ bread and butter… he knows he’d be a fool to walk away!

Be A Pioneer

As I have mentioned, the Sagittarius is unafraid to venture out and find something new to explore. He loves to be the first one to do something. The idea of navigating unknown territory is thrilling to him! He’s the type of guy who will always go where no one else has gone before.

In the context of a relationship, the Sagittarius man likes to push the boundaries. He needs something fresh that he’s never done before. Crossing new relationship boundaries often will keep the Sagittarius invigorated and invested!

For example, if he’s never lived with a partner before, then make that a priority. If he’s used to sharing a bedroom with his partner, try having your own bedrooms that you take turns in. If other partners haven’t been up for certain things in the bedroom, then experiment to your comfort level.

Sagittarius is compelled to stay where the action is. If new possibilities for your relationship are constantly creeping up, then he’s got no problem sticking with you for the long haul.

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Wrapping Up

Keeping the Sagittarius interested forever is a lot of work! You must always be coming up with new things to do and finding new experiences. That’s what makes loving a Sagittarius a blast, though!

Keeping yourself authentic is challenging to do, but loving the Sagittarius requires it. I am positive that you’ll find that loving the Sagittarius is the greatest thing you’ve ever done for your self-confidence.

New experiences with the Sagittarius will capture his attention for the foreseeable future. Never let the relationship go stale. Always speak your truth and have faith that the Sagittarius is yours. Follow these tips, and you’ll find that his interest in you never wavers!

What can you be more authentic about with your Sagittarius? Does the thought of being genuine scare you or excite you? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’re looking for more ways to grow your love with Sagittarius guy to greater heights, then check out my guide Forever Love With A Sagittarius Man to find out how to sustain your love with him for all time!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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5 thoughts on “How To Keep A Sagittarius Man Interested In You For A Lifetime

  1. Hi Anna, I’ve read that Sagittarius are usually players, is this true? My instincts tell me one thing, but he swears he doesn’t know where it’s coming from, cause he’s with me,
    and he loves me! He’s been my best friend for over 10 yrs, so I thought I knew him pretty well, am I just scared he’s too good to be true or could my instincts be correct?

    1. Hi Ivy!

      Not all Sagittarius are players so the answer is no. It’s not true. All signs have the capability of doing so, Sagittarius is no exception but you should never assume that they are all this way. When they are ready to settle down, they absolutely will do it. I can understand why you would think he’s too good to be true but your ego speaking isn’t the same as your inner voice speaking. Your inner voice speaks with love while your inner ego wants you to remain skeptical and miserable. Try boosting up your intuition via mediation and then ask yourself if it’s too good or not. Don’t buy into if it seems to good to be true it’s because it is… that’s not exactly true.

      1. Hi anna, So I guess I did leave out a little history. The first 6 months we were together I found a posting he put on craigs list looking for an older woman, too be discreet with etc.. also about a year in, I found a picture of his, well you know, along with another posting saying he was super respectful, complete gentleman and very discreet. He apologized profusely for it, said that he never planned on doing anything and that he was completely stupid for 5 min and it would never happen again. I don’t think he has cheated on me, but I just can’t stop questioning his every move, which I know is bound to push a Sagittarius man away. I’ve always trusted him more than anyone in my life, he knows things my lifelong best friend doesn’t even know. I don’t know how to move past this betrayal I feel, and trust him again. I know he needs his freedom and his own life outside of our relationship, I’ve never been one to be insecure, or jealous at all. I just don’t know how to trust him again when I can’t shake these feelings. They go away once in awhile but always seem to come back out of nowhere. I’ve always had very good intuition, I just don’t want to believe this could be true after everything I have up to be with him.

  2. I am totally in love with a Sagittarius man. Fell in love on sight he is everything you explain him to be. I a Taurus. And I can admit the Sagittarius man is unique in every way. I love everything about him he funny non judgmental intelligent caring always learning new things and willing to teach and as far as sex wow I could not a better man than a Sagittarius man to satisfy my sexaual appetite it’s always an adventure never boring the crazy the better

    1. Hi Anita!

      I am so very happy to hear that you’re with a Sagittarius man and it’s going well. I do find that these two can make quite a wonderful mixture provided they keep up with communication in the proper way. Yes, they are wonderful and adventurous. Just make sure that if anything is bothering you, you talk to him about it instead of bottling it up. If you bottle it up, you’ll end up unloading on him later and that will catch him off guard and could cause damage between you. Always talk to each other! I wish you all the best!

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