Secrets to Understanding Your Moon in Sagittarius Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating a man whose Moon is in Sagittarius? Is he really adventurous, exciting, open, and romantic? Keep reading for more details about him.

Are you dating a man whose Moon is in Sagittarius? Is he really adventurous, exciting, open, and romantic? These are a few signs he may have a Moon in Sagittarius. Keep reading for more traits of a man who bears the Moon in Sagittarius as it may help you better understand who he can be.

Traveler & Adventurer

The man who has Sagittarius moon may have a tendency to want to get out of his normal comfort zone and travel. He wants to go see new places, experience new things, and meet new people.

He may also have a risk it all type of attitude. Sagittarius man is a risk taker so when your guy has this type of moon, he may throw caution to the wind even if he’s sun sign is one that indicates stability or routine.

Many signs are not risk takers and can be rather stuck in their ways. However, if they have Sagittarius moon, they may be more outgoing and willing to be more spontaneous in their lives and with love.

Again, he’s more willing to take a risk instead of relying on what he knows is right. He may throw caution to the wind just for the sake of the thrill of going somewhere where he can be free.

Sagittarius moon is one that feels the world is his oyster and he wants to enjoy it while he possibly can because he knows it won’t last forever. The man with the Sagittarius moon may work in the travel industry.

He may also have a career that allows him to travel once in awhile even if only short term. He will seek out new adventures whenever possible as well. He’s far from boring and won’t allow himself to get bored.

Moves Quicker With Love

Moon in Sagittarius Man

Some of the zodiac signs are very slow movers that like to build a relationship over time. Sagittarius moon may make these slow movers up the ante and move a bit faster.

Sagittarius moon is carefree and doesn’t care too much for rules or regulations. This may make the slow moving signs such as Taurus, Virgo, or Gemini move a bit faster. It can also make them a bit more indecisive.

The “routine” signs are confused with why they’re moving quicker and may cause them to pull back once they figured out that they went far too fast. This is what makes a stable sign do the hot and cold thing as well.

Sagittarius is all about taking a risk for true love. He wastes no time in diving right in if he feels its right. When a man has a Sagittarius moon, he will have these traits and either will cause him conflict or he’ll dive in full heartedly.

The man with Moon in Sagittarius will tend to push his life and love to the limits because he feels that he needs to go for it and live in present as tomorrow is never promised.

The most stable of signs may struggle with their Moon being in Sagittarius as it goes against their typical grain. This can make them confused when it comes to love and how to properly deal with relationships.

Complications with Relationships

Where the Sagittarius man knows what he wants, a Sagittarius moon man may not fully know what he’s looking at or dealing with. This could cause some men to be too confused or unsure about their relationships.

If he becomes unsure or feeling that something is missing, he may then stray and start to see other women on the side to feel more validated in what he feels or thinks about his relationship.

Sadly, in some relationships, the man with a Sagittarius moon could become flaky, arrogant, and selfish. It may make him want to cheat as he’s not really ready to be with just one person.

The thing about it though is that Sagittarius moon will make him tell the truth about it after the fact. He may step out and then feel so guilty about it that he tells his partner what he’s done or he just breaks it off if he feels it’s not going to work.

This can affect friendships as well. If he hangs out with a certain crowd regularly, Sagittarius moon could make him get bored with the routine and go out to meet new people thus alienating his old friends and causing issues.

Sagittarius moon can be very positive but it can also cause the most sure of men to second guess themselves, be unsatisfied with what they have, need more adventure, and will do what they have to in order to achieve it.

Inquisitive and Educated

Moon in Sagittarius Man

The man with a Sagittarius moon will often be very smart and a bit of a sponge when it comes to knowledge. He can often be found reading books, attending workshops, or reading stuff on the internet.

He loves to broaden his knowledge of the world, how it works, and how he can succeed with his goals. He asks lots of questions from many people so that he can get a better understanding.

In relationships, he also asks lots of questions. In fact, he asks so many questions that he can come off as annoying, untrusting, or critical depending on who is on the receiving end.

He may legitimately not know the answer the other person is going to give and is really curious. The person answers but they may get angry that he asked in the first place. They may say to him “you knew that already”.

They may also say to him “why are you grilling me so much”. It’s not his intention. He’s just a very inquisitive person and wants to know the answers to everything. He doesn’t mean to sound as though he is untrusting of the person he’s asking.

Sadly this can cause many argument and misunderstandings. He’s analytical by nature and no matter what sign your guy is, if he has Sagittarius moon, he may in fact, ask you lots of questions you don’t want asked.

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