Your Match: Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
These two have many difficulties that are hard to overcome. Can these two make it? Keep reading about the Sagittarius man and Virgo woman relationship.

Between the Sagittarius man who is ruled by Fire, the Virgo woman who is ruled by Earth, there are some tremendous storms that occur. These two have many difficulties that are hard to overcome. They can but the question becomes, do they really want to?

They may be initially attracted to one another and Virgo woman will find Sagittarius man to be intriguing, she’s not going to appreciate him being such a free spirit. He will not like her critical comments either. Can these two make it? Keep reading for more information on the Sagittarius man and Virgo woman relationship.


When these two meet, Virgo woman is sparked by the Sagittarius man’s demeanor. He’s a breath of fresh air than what she’s used to and he’s physically quite sexy.

The Sagittarius man will find the Virgo woman quite delicious and will love that she has plenty to talk about. The two are likely to have many interesting and in depth conversations.

Their intellectual side is definitely something that helps them connect. However, the other problems they have between them will be harder to work at overcoming.

When these two can respect each other on a mental and physical level, they are able to be intimately close and enjoy each other sexually. Virgo woman won’t be willing to give up the goods as quickly as a Sagittarius man may want though.

He’s used to taking risks and going after what he wants. Virgo woman is more familiar with taking her time and making sure that what she is doing is the right thing as she has morals she lives up to.

The chemistry between these two doesn’t score very high on the happy ever ending scale. They can make it happen but it will take a whole lot of compromise that neither may be willing to put in. Sagittarius man and Virgo woman soul mate connection is very low on the scale.

Virgo Woman, Who She Is

Virgo zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is beautiful, honest, trustworthy, ambitious, and knows what she will and will not put up with. She may fall victim to fraudulent people but will typically see through them quicker than they expect.

Though she’s a busy lady and takes her life and work seriously, she wants a romance that will sweep her off her feet and give her something to look forward to in the coming years.

She’s often highly intelligent, she knows how to get what she wants out of life, and will live it to the fullest. She’s not too big of a risk taker though, she wants to stick with what she knows.

If she does take a risk, she will have played out all the pros and cons of the scenario. When the Virgo woman meets the Sagittarius man, she feels rather dreamy and finds it hard to keep her firmly planted feet on the ground.

He’ll sweep her up for sure but then he’ll bring her back to reality when she figures out that he’s a bit too “free” and isn’t the stay at home type and has flirty tendencies.

She will be baffled by his need to take off so often and take risks blindly. She thinks he should think things through as she does but he doesn’t. This will bother her as will other habits of his. Her critical nature will chalk him up to being imperfect.

Sagittarius Man, Who He Is

The Sagittarius man is someone who really enjoys his independence. He loves to find the next adventure, excitement, and a career that fulfills his desire to do things his way.

He is painted on most sites as a guy who is flaky or doesn’t like to commit. This isn’t entirely the truth. He may be somewhat flighty but it’s because he knows what he’s looking for and when he doesn’t feel he’s found it, he wants out.

He knows that life is short and wants to live each day for what it is instead of wasting it on planning or worrying. He’s optimistic, he’s idealistic, and he wants life to be as well lived as possible.

When Sagittarius man meets the Virgo woman, he finds her to be beautiful, smart, witty, and loves her independence. She would seem as though she’s a perfect fit. They talk for hours and have interesting conversations.

However, at some point, she starts to see what she perceives as flaws and this trickles down to the most important facets of a love relationship. She will start nitpicking him and he will begin to resent her.

Once he realizes that she expects him to live up to her standards, he will decide that she’s not the one for him and he’ll likely go ahead and call it quits. There are rare situations where it works out if he can understand her nature otherwise this is a messy mix.

What Works Between Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman

These two are so different but have enough in common that this could go either way. The things they have in common are quite simple. They’re both intelligent people who love problem solving.

They love talking about all sorts of intellectual pursuits. When it comes to discussing their personal lives and feelings however, they seem to falter. Sex may be something that could be fulfilling but they have to open up to each other.

Virgo woman is known to be a bit kinky in the bedroom and this will excite the Sagittarius man as he’s the adventurer that will highly dive into the Virgo woman’s sexual prowess.

Sagittarius man will not appreciate having to wait for her to be ready to get into the bedroom though. This is where things may fall short if they try to start a sexual relationship without having developed the other parts first.

Virgo woman often holds out. If she gives her Sagittarius man what he really wants however, sex will be quite delightful for them both. Their values in life are likely rather similar as well.

Though they may have some fundamental differences, they may be able to think things through and find common ground in which to work from. This is if they truly want to be together and have begun falling for each other.

What Sagittarius Man Thinks of Virgo Woman, Especially in Bed

The Sagittarius man thinks that the Virgo woman is quite beautiful, brainy, and strong. He’ll appreciate her candor as he also lives by the same moral code. They both are truthful with each other. Trust is an issue, however.

He still wants to live an exciting life in which he takes some great risks. Virgo woman will not agree with this and try to convince him to really weigh the pros and cons like she does.

He wants to be more open to taking life as it comes and doesn’t like to plan. This puts them at odds much of the time. He feels she doesn’t “get” him and doesn’t understand his passion for life.

They see things very differently in some very important ways. He thinks that in bed, she’s rather pleasing, when she actually does give him some intimacy. If she’s holding off, he will be quite flustered with her lack of trust for him.

He will feel as though he’s under a microscope with her and this will absolutely cause some ripples between them. He loves how forthcoming she is with her thoughts and feelings but sometimes her words to tend to hurt.

He knows she doesn’t mean how it comes out but at the same time, she doesn’t seem to do much to talk to him any differently. He feels she needs to live a little, open up to risk, and enjoy what life can bring them.

Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman Problems

Virgo Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman

The number one problem that the Sagittarius man and Virgo woman face is the lack of trust between them. Sagittarius man is rather mystical and can be seen as secretive. Virgo woman doesn’t like this about him.

She will try to call him out on his life habits which could turn to into some powerful arguments between them. Sagittarius loves to be optimistic and think the best in everyone but Virgo woman can surely test him.

He will want to take off and do his thing often via his independence. She understands this but thinks he should settle down a little bit at the same time. She will suspect him for things he may not be doing and accuse him.

Neither of them trust each other nor the relationship overall. They both have many doubts due to arguments and the inability to come to middle ground which makes them both rather pull back and walk on eggshells at times.

Communication is great when it comes to things outside of their relationship but when they try to communicate one on one about their relationship, they do not seem to know how to connect very well.

Emotionally, they really don’t understand each other. Virgo is rather standoffish and can seem cold when she doesn’t want to talk. Sagittarius man is forthcoming in his feelings but when they aren’t well received, he also backs down.

They may actually find it quite difficult for them to communicate properly which will definitely break their relationship down. If they cannot figure out how to be open with each other and find trust, they won’t find it easy to make it.

Sagittarius man and Virgo woman marriage is highly unlikely. There are rare situations where they can find a way if they can get past the hurdles they face but usually, they get tired of each other and decide to move on.

Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman Breakup

It’s sad to say but this is typically inevitable, unless they are both matured and have worked on their individual issues. Otherwise, they’re not likely to make it work and are probably quite flustered with each other.

The initial attraction isn’t enough to keep the love they began alive and thus they decide it’s time to part ways. Virgo woman will be very blunt about it and will tell her Sagittarius man it’s time to hit the road.

If she doesn’t then the Sagittarius man may slip out of sight and never be heard from again. If he manages to tell her he’s done, he will pack all his things first and be ready to get on the road. He doesn’t want her to stop him.

There may be some very hurt words that come from the Virgo woman. As critical as she can be, she will read the Sagittarius man the riot act before they part ways to make sure he understands his shortcomings (the ones she perceives).

Sagittarius man may not have a whole lot to say. He will defend himself but then he’ll realize the argument really isn’t worth it and will silently exit. Can they be friends? Probably not as there will be too much burnt ground.

Getting back together isn’t all that likely either as they will be quite raw after a break up and will find it hard to reunite and find a better way.

Final Score

These two are pretty together and may care for each other but it’s rare that they end up in a committed relationship that will last a lifetime. They have too many hurdles to get over and aren’t willing to work at it.

As such, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this couple a chilly 3. Circumstances may be different according to other aspects of their charts but in most cases, their sun signs are just not a match made in heaven.

If these two manage to work it out, they will struggle on how to raise children together should they decide to have any. It’s a tough match and not very likely to succeed. Again, nothing is impossible but this won’t be an easy union for either of them.

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