Sagittarius Man Horoscope For March 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Hope you are juicy and powered up for this month’s predictions! I know why you’re here, so without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Hello, hello there, my wildlings! How are you? Juicy and powered up for this month’s predictions, I hope! I know why you’re here, so without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

The beginning of the month brings New Moon blessings to the Sagittarius man’s home and family life, but that’s about it. Other areas bring sore restrictions to the Sagittarius man’s optimistic eyes, this is where your role comes in – make your move through lighting up his mood and helping bring even a small smile to his frowny face.

The first Half-Moon brings a lighter and more romantic atmosphere thanks to the Moon conjunction with Lilith in Gemini, and Mars and Venus moving to Aquarius and away from Pluto. It’s time for some light-hearted and playful dates that include a taste of freedom and speed.

The Full Moon activates his fourth and tenth houses, as well as his seventh and third houses respectively. It’s a good moment to watch heartwarming and adventurous movies, to spend time in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, and to avoid big statements or tempers running high.

The end of the month brings a nice culmination in the form of new beginnings and fresh venues in his romantic life! It’s a perfect moment for short-distance travel, optimism, and lighthearted dates. His romantic life is in full bloom, as well as his family business. To find out more, continue reading and keep optimism close to your heart. Good vibes spread blessings.

Fighting Against The Chains

Right at the start of the month, we have a very nice and crispy New Moon conjunction with Jupiter (his ruler) and the Sun in Pisces, in the Sagittarius man’s fourth house. This means that blessings will be showering his home and family life.

He’s a man of long-distance travel, and he loves to think big and in general terms, but Jupiter definitely makes it easier for him to take this COVID-plagued situation with a grain of sugar. This is good, as it’ll put him in a good mood for locally-focused romance.

Mars, the ruler of his fifth house of romance and pleasures, is in a tight embrace with Venus, Vesta, and Pluto in Capricorn, his second house. This is not so good news, as this means drastic and dark changes in his finances.

This will not put him in a festive or good mood – at all. The Sagittarius man hates it when he has to be responsible and cautious with money, on top of all these social restrictions and lockdowns – he won’t be able to relax his mind and let loose as he’s used to.

Even his short-distance travel is plagued by Saturn’s influence. Mercury is conjunct Saturn on the same degree in Aquarius, in his third house, so if he wanted to provide himself with a short-term escape from stress and worries, then he won’t be able to do so, at least not during this New Moon.

So, with all these restrictive transits and piled-up frustration, the Sagittarius man has no other choice than to settle down for what the situation is, and to make his peace with it. Now, this is where you come into play with your light-hearted and optimistic attitude.

Whether you cheer him up through texts and funny memes sent online, or you manage to talk him into binge-watching some zombie dramas on Netflix, you will manage to be a bright point in his daily life and he won’t forget it when some more favorable transit comes to be.

Conquer My Heart

The first Half-Moon on the 10th of March activates the Sagittarius man’s seventh house of love and marriage via a Moon-Lilith conjunction. What’s more, his second house pressure is declining as Mars and Venus move their conjunction to his third house of communication and short-distance travel.

Mercury has made its move to Pisces and adds an additional aspect to his home and family life. But the focus here is on his third and seventh houses. It’s a great time to go for a ride together while jamming to sweet rock hits of the 70s and 80s.

Going to a sports game, or going out for ice skating is a very good idea as well. The Sagittarius man needs a taste of freedom right now, and to get his mind off the previous stressful weeks.

By being lighthearted, witty, and quirky at this point in time, you can ensure his long-lasting affection and admiration. Be a positive influence on him and help him clear the gray clouds that loom over his head. His heart will not forget you and his mind will keep asking for more of your humor.

To The Rescue!

The Full Moon on the 18th of March activates his tenth house of career and the fourth house of home and family matters. Lilith and Ceres join hands in the Sagittarius man’s seventh house of love and serious relationships, and Mercury, the ruler of his seventh house, conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces.

This can mean two things: either a misunderstanding of sorts will arise thanks to the pressure from his family and career life, or he will be super fly and romantic and he’ll want to introduce you to his inner circle of important people.

If it goes sour, fear not – it’s not for long, just give it a rest and give each other space for this lunation to pass and tempers to cool down. If it goes well, then just be careful what you say due to Mercury’s volatile nature at this moment.

Either way, something big related to his family and career will happen during this time. He will continue daydreaming about getting away and going on an adventure, which is why it’s a good idea to make a home movie theater and to watch the Hobbit movies together with his family or close friends.

It’s A Good Time For A Good Time

The end of the month brings a much-needed release – the Moon, Mercury, and the Sun have moved to Aries and completely activated his fifth house of romance and fun! The Sagittarius man will be positive, flirty, and ready to play.

Going out on dates, having fun, booking an Escape Room, going horseback riding, or taking on a mechanical bull ride are all very valid and good options for this transit! Watching scary movies and scary movie parodies is a great pastime as well.

His third house is also very active during this time as Mars, Saturn, Juno, and Venus make tight-knitted conjunction in Aquarius. This means that it’s a great moment for a short trip or travel that was in the making for some time now.

Executing short-trip plans right now is a very good idea and can prove to be a romantic springboard that will catapult your relationship to the stars.

If he has a family-owned business, it will flourish during these transits. What a great time for new beginnings and blessings! From the looks of it, April looks very promising for the Sagittarius man.

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Final Word

Wow, what a month and the beginning of spring – right, my wildlings? A piece of advice: keep it light and positive during this month, as some days will be challenging but others will be quite rewarding.

Stay safe, have fun, and be positive; March is a promising month and it brings good things to those who have done good in the past. And to those who haven’t… well, it’s never too late to start fighting for the higher cause.

I write these articles so that they apply to everyone who is with a Sagittarius man. While generally correct, you could be feeling as if your specific situation was overlooked. I won’t have my dear readers left feeling this way without guidance.

I pride myself on my connection with my audience. I never want you to finish here feeling like you didn’t receive enough help in your relationship.

I created the VIP Consultation services in order to find those that need my one on one, personalized attention. It’s a way for me to get to know you and for you to gain personalized insight into your relationship.

Wishing you love and light on your journey this month with your loved one.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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