How To Become A Priority For Your Sagittarius Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How can you get a Sagittarius to make you his priority? Read more to find out some helpful tips and tricks on how to become a priority for Sagittarius man.

Dating a Sagittarius guy can really feel like a rollercoaster. This optimistic gentleman is full of energy and has a keen sense of adventure. He’s willing to try anything at least once and doesn’t sit around waiting for something exciting to happen to him, this guy makes his own opportunities and will never let it pass him by. 

He really is a go-getter! But this can sometimes present as a problem when it comes to his romantic life. Because he is always off on some type of adventure it can be hard to pin him down to get him to commit to a relationship. 

He doesn’t always understand that his non-committal attitude can be quite hurtful, especially when there are feelings involved from your side. So how exactly can you get a Sagittarius to make you his priority?

Continue reading to find out some helpful tips and tricks to make this adventurous man yours! I am sure this will be fascinating to hear!

Embrace The Spontaneous Side Of Your Personality

Becoming A Priority For A Sagittarius Man

One thing a Sagittarius man does not like is rigidity, conformity, and routine. This guy is all about adventure. He is a seeker and wants to experience everything life has to offer and this means that he cannot live a life that is expected of him. 

He’s not interested in a life full of tradition and stereotypes. He wants to break the mold and set himself free from any type of expectations anyone else has set out for him. This is why he needs to be with a woman who can be adventurous and won’t put any societal pressure on him. 

You need to be spontaneous and show that you are okay with going with the flow. He’s really the type of guy who would say something like: “Let’s not put a label on it, babe.” And you will need to accept this or find someone else because a Sagittarius isn’t going to conform for anyone but himself. 

So, if you’re happy to live the life of a nomad and go on constant adventures, then your Sagittarius guy is likely a really good bet for you! But just be very aware of what you’re in for because it is best for you not to have any expectations of him. 

Be Open-Minded & Social

How To Become Sagittarius Man'a Priority

Sagittarius men often have the reputation of being the wild party animals of the Zodiac. These guys definitely know how to have a good time and won’t let anyone rain on their parade. When a Sagittarius man wants a good time, he is without a doubt going to get it. 

This guy is often more attracted to women who are outgoing and know how to have fun. It just wouldn’t work for him to be with someone who is the quiet, introverted type. The two of them would just clash personalities way too much. 

He needs to be with a woman who knows how to let her hair down, live in the moment, and be extremely social. This guy has a massive group of friends and every weekend he’s got some kind of event going on, that is guaranteed!

So, if you’re the type of woman who enjoys a good party and a social calendar full of events then this is definitely the guy for you. But you’re going to have to show him how spontaneous and full of energy you are, or else he might become bored quite quickly.

Be Open With Your Opinions About Culture And Current Events

How To Become Sagittarius Man's Priority

Your Sagittarius might be a party boy, but trust me, he is no idiot. This man is incredibly smart and very interested in current events and has quite a few opinions on what is going on in the world. 

He loves to be able to discuss these things with the woman he is dating and he definitely has an opinion about everything from religion, to politics and any social issues. He’s also usually quite clued up on new books and films. 

He enjoys talking about these topics, and if the woman he is dating takes an interest in his opinions, then it is even better! He is really eager to share his ideas and is open to listening to the opinions of others, but he secretly thinks he is always right… 

An intellectual connection is of utmost importance to this guy. If he doesn’t feel that mental bond with a woman, he is unlikely to see a future for the relationship moving forward. If you can establish a mental connection with a Sagittarius, then you stand the chance of getting to know him better on an emotional level.

Just Be Honest And Straightforward With Him

One of the best qualities about a Sagittarius is his honest nature. This guy doesn’t care to spare people’s feelings, he’s more concerned with being honest and open. Lies only create bigger problems and drama. 

So, they really appreciate it when other people can be honest and direct with them as well. They don’t like drama and would much rather know where they stand with a person than play any silly mind games. 

You can always depend on a Sagittarius man to shoot straight from the hip, but he expects you to do the same. If you have something to say to him, then you need to be honest and open with him. He’ll really appreciate your honest communication and know that you’re a worthy woman. 

Share Your Spiritual Side With Him

A Sagittarius man usually has quite a deep and personal spiritual side to his personality. It is really important for him to connect that sacred space within himself, and this is where he can find his ultimate freedom and happiness. 

This isn’t a part of himself that he is too open about and he prefers to keep it to himself because it is something really special for him. But if he does meet a woman who is also on a spiritual journey, he is more than capable of being open about this. 

In fact, he desires a deep spiritual union with a partner, so being with a woman who devotes her time to something greater than herself is usually the best for a Sagittarius male. You will often find him on his yoga mat, at a retreat, or spending time in nature.

There is something really beautiful and intimate about sharing this part of himself with someone. A spiritual connection isn’t something a Sagittarius will turn his back on. He secretly craves this depth and intimacy. 

It just doesn’t cross his path too often, so please make it known to him that you have a thriving spiritual side and have a deep yearning to heal and understand yourself better. This is something your Sagittarius man will really be able to relate to. 

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My Final Thoughts

A Sagittarius man is like no other man. He is an exceptional human being and there is so much he has to offer the world. He often gets the bad reputation of being a bit of a party animal who lives a wild lifestyle. 

Yes, this can sometimes be true, but he is also extremely compassionate, enthusiastic, and just excited to be alive. He wants to experience as much about life as he possibly can and for him the possibilities are endless. 

He will always see the glass as half full and is incredibly enthusiastic and optimistic about being alive. If you ever want your spirits to be lifted then go spend time with a Sagittarius man, he will instill so much optimism and excitement into your life. You will leave believing that everything is possible! 

The most important thing to remember if you want to be with a Sagittarius man is that you just need to be yourself, and no one else. This guy loves authenticity and honesty. He wants something that is true and real. To him, nothing else matters. 

Are you currently dating or interested in a Sagittarius man? What has your experience been with him thus far? I bet he has taken you on quite an adventure! Please let me know what crazy things he has made you do by leaving a comment in the section below. I am so curious to hear about his shenanigans!

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Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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