Sagittarius Man Personality Facts: What Is He Really Like?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Sagittarius man is quite mystical. You never truly know who he is. Here are some of the Sagittarius man personality facts.

The Sagittarius man is quite mystical. You never truly know who he is. It’s this not knowing that makes him so incredibly irresistible. The Sagittarius man’s personality is very different than other men. Keep reading for some very revealing information about this steamy and mysterious guy and learn everything about Sagittarius man personality.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The Sagittarius man is always seeking excitement, adventure, and ways to make his life feel very fulfilling. He isn’t one that tolerates boredom very well. In fact, he normally keeps himself so busy that he doesn’t get bored in the first place.

This guy is someone who you could definitely find being under the influence of videos, cameras, and doing things that puts him in the lime light. Many are actors, singers, artists, and something that allows them to show who they are to the world.

When you’re around a Sagittarius man, you’ve got to show your interest in whatever he talks about, shares with you, or shows you. He’s super enthusiastic and positive about life.

He will always want to laugh and have the world laugh with him. This is the class clown, the guy that makes everyone laugh at the party, and the guy that will draw lots of people in without trying.

He is highly charismatic and it’s not unusual for people to turn to him for advice either. In fact, most Sagittarius men and women are prone to have lots of people coming to them for various forms of advice as though they are sage.

Typically, they actually ARE fantastic listeners and will give even more amazing advice even if it’s not something they’ve ever experienced. They seem to know the right thing to say to bring comfort to those in need.

Loves the Outdoors

Sagittarius Man Personality

When you embrace the Sagittarius man, you’re going to realize that to be with him, you will spend lots of time doing things outdoors. This will be anything from camping, hiking, cycling, walking, or anything else that allows him to be outside.

He may not necessarily be into sports but then again, he may be if the sport is outdoors. He may be a sailor, car racer, mountain biker, or runner. The possibilities are endless.

He loves being out in nature and loves embracing fresh air, animals, and all that comes from being outside. As his woman, you’re going to have to be into these things or at least make an effort with them.

He isn’t one to get involved with someone who wants to be a couch potato. It’s alright to relax sometimes but the Sagittarius man is a very busy man. If he’s not outdoors, he’ll be busy with something indoors.

He may be a writer, gamer, or anything that he can do to keep his mind stimulated while being inside. He loves movies and television but they’re not the basis of his life.

If he is watching these, he’s likely doing something else with his hands so he can hyper-task. He may be working on an art project, playing guitar, or doing something he perceives as productive while watching the television.

Going out to movies are absolutely fun for him, especially if it’s in IMAX. That’s an adventure in itself because he gets to feel like he’s in the movie which is exciting and makes him feel alive.

Optimistic and Idealist

The Sagittarius man always wants to see the positive side of life. No matter how bad things may seem, he’ll have something really positive to say to make it suck less.

He will always do his best to keep a better view for tomorrow because he knows that you cannot live in the past, the future is unknown, and only the present is something to behold.

Thought tomorrow isn’t ever promised, he’ll make the best of today and he’ll hold out hope for what the next day may bring. This is the guy you want around when you’re going through hard times.

As a woman trying to win a Sagittarius man, you will need to be as positive as you can be as well. He won’t do well with someone who is constantly negative, judgmental, or critical.

Everyone complains once and a while but he won’t like anyone who does it habitually. It brings him down and knocks him off his positive vibe. He won’t appreciate that in the least.

He’s likely to walk away from people who are too negative or aren’t receptive to the optimism he tries to provide with each day. He will always look for the silver lining.

If he cannot find a silver lining and things seem to be very bleak, he’ll look for new options and if the negativity is coming from his partner, he may opt to leave the relationship.

No Filter for His Honesty

Sagittarius Man Personality

The Sagittarius man is one that is brutally truthful. He doesn’t understand that most people cannot take hearing the truth in a raw fashion. He himself thinks that it’s important to be honest.

When he tells you what you don’t want to hear because it’s the truth, you should remember that it’s better than the alternative which would be him lying. You never have to worry about Sagittarius man being a liar.

He will tell you things that you probably never even wanted to know. My suggestion to you is don’t ask him something that you don’t really want the answer to or you’ll regret it.

Asking him how many sexual partners he’s had isn’t something you really want to know is it? You may think differently of him if you were to find out or if he were to openly discuss his sexual techniques he learned from other women.

There are just some things you really don’t want to know and so it’s best not to ask him because he doesn’t want to lie to you. Though he may find it odd you asked, he will spill the beans.

Be very careful what you ask him ladies. Only ask what you for sure want to know. Hopefully this helps give you more insight into the Sagittarius mind.

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