5 Ways To Blossom A Relationship With A Sagittarius Man Into A Full-Fledged Love

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you been dating your Sagittarius partner for a while but now are wondering how you can further progress? Want to know all the ways that you can expand your love to new heights? As a Relationship Astrologer, I know that getting a Sagittarius to stay still long enough to create something of substance is tough. However, I have five great tactics that will guarantee a full-fledged love with your Sagittarius! 

Have you been dating your Sagittarius partner for a while but now are wondering how you can further progress? Want to know all the ways that you can expand your love to new heights? 

As a Relationship Astrologer, I know that getting a Sagittarius to stay still long enough to create something of substance is tough. However, I have five great tactics that will guarantee a full-fledged love with your Sagittarius! 

If you’re ready and prepared to take your love and commitment to the next level then keep reading to find the secret ways to do so with your Sagittarius lover.

5 Ways To Blossom A Relationship With A Sagittarius Man Into A Full-Fledged Love

1. Look On The Bright Side

How To Improve A Relationship With A Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius will try a relationship out with almost anyone, but the type of woman he wants to keep near him will have a smile on her face even when the clouds begin rolling in. This is because Sagittarius is so naturally optimistic, that they really won’t relate to a Debbie Downer. He needs someone who can easily match his chipper spirit.

Sagittarians won’t change their naturally happy nature for anyone, and so if you are unintentionally bringing them down, they won’t fall any deeper in love with you and may in fact leave if it persists. This is concerning, but easily remedied by you expressing your gratitude and zest for life as frequently as you can. 

This will lead a Sagittarius to wonder if they didn’t just find someone to date, but perhaps the love of their life as well! A woman who is on their optimistic wavelength is going to activate a committed side that the Sagittarius didn’t even know existed within him. 

A Sagittarius will follow the Sunshine, perhaps why he is such a notorious wanderer. If you can keep your bright side showing as much as possible when near the Sagittarius then you will find him following you! 

2. Have An Adventurous Love

Adventurous Love With Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius perceives no limits and laughs in the face of danger. His assuredness that everything will work out for the best will keep him feeling as if he can go anywhere and do anything with no consequences. This is such an admirable quality, but you must ensure that you can be the type of person who is just as ready to venture into the unknown. 

You don’t have to go on long trips every other week to scratch this itch (though the Sagittarius would appreciate this more than anyone else in the Zodiac!). Just keeping circumstances fresh and new will assist in this basic need that lives within the Sagittarius. 

Think trying out new foreign restaurants in your area, going rock climbing, trying out some day-cation destinations around you, or going to shows and concerts. This is going to keep the new experiences rolling in, and if you love this just as much as the Sagittarius man does then he soon will be thinking to himself that he’s found his lifelong one-and-only. 

3. Show Him You Will Fit Into His Future

Improving A Relationship With A Sagittarius Man

More than any other sign, the Sagittarius is thinking about his future and where those around him fit into it. Sagittarius likes the company of others, but it isn’t totally necessary, per se. He’s independent enough to build his own life ahead of him if others tap out. 

What I advise here is to offer him something he can’t see getting from anyone else in the future. Whether that’s the depth of your love, your willingness to go on adventures, or your great sense of humor, show that part of you off to him. He’ll begin pondering the many long and joyful years where your unique talents and gifts are a natural part of his existence. 

Soon enough, he won’t be able to imagine where else he could possibly get your one-of-a-kind personality. He’s going to learn to lean on and value what you have to offer and he’ll begin to allow himself to create that once in a lifetime love that you bother are dreaming about!

4. Nix The Manipulation

A Sagittarius sees the world with glittering eyes that never cease to stop seeing the good in people. He is the type to donate $100 to the homeless person on the street because he simply can’t imagine that they’d abuse his trust! He believes that others usually have intentions as good as his own, which can be his downfall. 

A Sagittarius will never stay with someone once he realizes he is being taken advantage of or manipulated. It could take him a while to recognize, but once he does, he will simply leave. This is why it’s so important to respect his trust and to just say no to attempting to stoop down in order to keep him by your side. 

If you want the Sagittarius to consider staying with you for the long haul so the two of you can experience that storybook romance you’ve always dreamed of, then it’s important to say what you mean and mean what you say. Head games will surely drive away the Sagittarius forever since he’s independent enough to not continue to subject himself to that sort of treatment. 

Open, honest communication is the bread and butter of the Sagittarius. He will be so open that he hurts feelings unintentionally at times, and that’s exactly how honest he expects you to be. No burying the truth, or diverting attention, or any other manipulative tactic. Only honesty will win the heart of your Sagittarian lover forever! 

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5. If You Love Him Set Him Free

Perhaps this is one of the hardest parts of dating a Sagittarius for most women, but he needs to have copious amounts of freedom in order to stay in one spot with you. Sound like a contradiction? To most of us it is, but this is precisely what the Sagittarius needs from you. 

He won’t be the type to want you to come absolutely everywhere with him. He will like you to come along for the ride sometimes, but a large part of him needs to stand on his own two feet. He doesn’t typically crave constant interaction, and instead craves the feeling of the wind in his hair. 

It’s a hard truth to come to for some women, but he needs a much longer leash (or no leash at all) than all other Zodiac signs. If he sees that he can have the relationship he wants with you as well as the freedom he needs, then you’ve got yourself a long-term partner who will never let the smile fade from your face!

Have you been head over heels in love with a Sagittarius for the long haul? What kept the romance alive between the two of you? Let us know down below in the comments!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Blossom A Relationship With A Sagittarius Man Into A Full-Fledged Love

  1. Where to start?
    He pursued me after being infatuated with me for close to two years. From the get good he was wanting sex but when I said I wouldn’t do FWB or be a rebound he said okay.
    He was hot and cold the entire time and so afraid to get “caught” as we work together. I was and am still more professional with him. I made the mistake of believing him when he said he wanted long term.
    But he’d say things that indicated he saw himself alone in the future and when I said that hurt he’d apologize ….
    The biggest turning point was after his trip with his kids because his son freaked out saying it was “weird” if he started dating. Seems his daughter was a little more accepting but that issue and his having an anxiety attack led him to tell me he was “pulling back” after two months.
    I was crushed because I had fallen in love as after two weeks he had asked to be exclusive.
    Now he has days where he just ignores me and treats me like I don’t exist. I’ve done nothing wrong. I have not been clingy and gave him space …. Our connection and chemistry was amazing and I still desire him.
    What to do? I feel like I should have a talk and let him know he needs to treat me better at work. A guy friend says to ignore him and he may come back….
    Heart broken
    (I also bought your books on what to do… but still stuck)

    1. Hi Chris!

      It takes kids a while to adjust to their parent with someone new. That’s pretty normal. If he’s making a huge ordeal out of that then he may just be using it as an excuse to pull back. It sounds like he is unsure if he should keep pursuing this or if he should give it up. His confusion is what is making him go hot and cold. I’m not sure there is anything you can do that you’re not already doing. Well he could go either way with ignoring him. Either he will decide you’ve moved on or he’ll miss you and come running back. It’s a toss up really. You absolutely should have a talk with him and be very honest with him. Yes, he does need to treat you better at work as that’s professional. Talk to him. It’s the only way you can clear the air or try to mend things.

  2. Been with my Sag for 9 months now. I’ve know from the past that Leo and Sag get along. But when I met ‘Him’ I consulted info again. He needs a very long leash! I support him in his career. I tell him I care about him. (He says he knows this). I tell him I want to be a peaceful place for him with no drama. I tell him I miss him but I don’t demand anything and tell him he is always welcome! I do challenge him from time to time with a relationship question but it is NOT about marriage. It’s more about how we interact with each other. He tells me about his days at work and issues he has. I don’t give solutions (that’s too masculine). I just listen and support. Just 3 months ago he requested me as a ‘friend’ on Facebook. He has stayed over early in the relationship but just this weekend he came over, I cooked for him and he stayed over. He has a very labor intensive job and I know he is exhausted so he needs rest during the week. But he did warn me that Summer was his most busy time of the year. I’ve met him at his work for different functions so he is inclusive. He says I can come anytime. He’s has an BIG heart and that is one of the most important things that I admire about him.

    1. Hi Pammaler!

      Well it sounds like you’ve got something blossoming between you two and that’s great. Take it nice and easy. If you two are going to be together, he will appreciate your approach to the relationship. Brave sweetheart! I’m proud to hear how well you are doing this. Keep up the momentum! If you need more Sagittarius help, check out my books on Sagittarius Man Secrets!

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