6 Reasons Why A Sagittarius Man Will Love You Better Than Anyone Else

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Sagittarius is not typically seen as a ‘relationship’ type. He likes freedom so much that others believe that this makes him a subpar lover. This is simply not the case in my book! But wait, what is so special about the Sagittarius in love? Is he really not the Don Juan you’ve thought he was? And what are his positive traits in love?

Sagittarius is not typically seen as a ‘relationship’ type. He likes freedom so much that others believe that this makes him a subpar lover. This is simply not the case in my book! 

But wait, what is so special about the Sagittarius in love? Is he really not the Don Juan you’ve thought he was? And what are his positive traits in love?

You’ve come to the right page, because I’d like to show you exactly why the Sagittarius is actually an amazing lover! He can help you progress in so many ways in a relationship, and I can’t believe that no one talks about it! 

If you’re prepared to see why the Sagittarius is a total dreamboat who will love you like you’ve never been loved before then keep reading on.

6 Reasons Why A Sagittarius Man Will Love You Better Than Anyone Else

1. His Natural Generosity

Sagittarius is ruled by the Santa Clause of the Solar System, Jupiter. Jupiter spends his days tossing blessings at anyone who asks, just like Sagittarius! 

Sagittarius loves to make it rain all over his loved ones. If not with cash, then with helpfulness and kind deeds. He loves spoiling his lovers because in his mind, he has nothing to lose. Money is everywhere and not hard to come by in the mind of the Sagittarius – and you’re the one who benefits! 

Sagittarians love to make their partner feel special by spoiling them like it’s their job. They hate to see their loved ones (or anyone) struggle, and so you can expect a wildly generous partnership where you feel fully supported in all ways!

2. He’ll Make You Laugh

Sagittarius Man Making You Laugh

Jupiter is the Sagittarian mentor, and Jupiter’s Golden Rule is “have fun!” As a result, Sagittarius embodies everything happy, light hearted, and funny. It should be no surprise that Sagittarius is the comedian of the Zodiac!

If you like a funny guy (and who doesn’t, honestly?) then Sagittarius is your dude! He’s going to find the bright side in every situation and will be able to reframe your circumstances so that your life feels like a breeze. 

He will be making you laugh even when you originally didn’t feel like you could. He’s truly the gift who keeps on giving, and you’ll be wondering why you ever dated anyone but Sagittarians! Having a smile on your face is really the whole reason we get into relationships, right?

3. He’s Never Boring

Sagittarians are zippy fire signs who like to go, go, go! He likes to expand his horizons and keep learning, no matter what. He’s the type who would be up early in the day and not stop exploring until he falls into bed if he had it his way. 

The best part is, he wants to bring you along with him. He likes to have someone to share his experiences seeing the world with. But that’s not all! Sagittarius loves to stay engaged in any way, not just exploration. So, you can bet that even on your nights in with your Sagittarius bae that you’ll be playing games, doing projects, and stay totally entertained, no matter what. 

The ability to have a good time and experience new things with your partner is an underrated, but extremely vital part of long-term relationships! Being able to try new things with your lover is important in more than one way, and I have no doubt that you’ll be feeling the love with your Sagittarius partner after he shows you the world!

4. Petty Bickering Isn’t Their Style

Why Sagittarius Man Will Love You Better Than Anyone Else

Sagittarians like to feel good and conflict isn’t their style (though it doesn’t scare them either). As a result of this you won’t find Sagittarians picking needless fights with you. Their philosophy is: why fight when you could laugh?

If you’ve been with a partner who liked to pick fights over things that never really mattered, you know how much of a drag it is on your overall mood and well-being. Sagittarius will only get confrontational if the situation genuinely calls for it. 

The Sagittarius will give you the benefit of the doubt and won’t try to make you feel small for little mistakes. He’ll lift you up instead of break you down over time. This is one way that the Sagittarius respects you and keeps you feeling the love. 

5. They’ll Love You For You

Sagittarius is likely the least judgmental sign of the Zodiac. They are accepting and open of all kinds of people, including those that most people find hard to accept. The Sagittarius doesn’t want anyone to be anything but what they are.

For these reasons, the Sagittarius is certainly not looking to make you be anything but who you are. They love your natural self with no facades. They certainly aren’t thinking poorly of you for being who you are or for demonstrating traits that other could scoff at. 

Sagittarius thinks you’re perfect just how you are, or at least, they have no desire for you to change because they can learn the most about the real you when you’re genuine. Isn’t that sweet?

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6. They’ll Never Lie To You

The Sagittarius does not actively seek out conflict, but if they do butt heads with anyone it will be because they tell the truths that no one else wants to talk about. Their honesty is very admirable and brave, but it can get them into trouble!

Though he may at times say things in an off-color way or bring up truths that you’d rather ignore, he won’t lie to you. Rather, he’ll be very likely to tell you what’s on his mind all the time. He doesn’t do it to trigger you, rather, he believes so fiercely in honesty that watering down the truth seems like a disservice to others in his view. 

This means a lot in a relationship, because a relationship that can’t discuss hard truths is doomed from the start. And this also means that every time he says ‘I love you,’ you can rest assured that he means it from the bottom of his heart. 

Are you dating a Sagittarius? Have you noticed any of the above positive traits in your partnership? Are there any that I forgot to mention? Fill us in down below in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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6 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why A Sagittarius Man Will Love You Better Than Anyone Else

  1. Everything you said is true except lying. He is very straightforward and blunt about telling you your truths . When it comes to telling you the truth about what he’s done he is not. I’ve never been with a person who lies and cheats like him and yes we are married. He isn’t good about expressing his feelings.

      1. Hi carole!

        I agree in asking @Mandy why she stays with him but they are married and it’s sometimes harder to leave than one would imagine. Also if she can get to the root of what his issues are, she may actually be able to help find a solution for him. It’s up to her whether she does stay or not ultimately. Sagittarius is absolutely capable of changing.

    1. Hi Mandy!

      Whether or not he tells you the truth will also depend on his Moon sign, Rising Sign, and his 3rd house of communications in his chart. Typically fully matured Sagittarius will be truthful and not tell lies because they’ve learned that it doesn’t get you anywhere. He cheats also? Oh my. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve gotten a complicated Sagittarius man. I think maybe it would help you to check out my books on Sagittarius Man Secrets to show you what they’re normally like. It would probably be worth it for you to find out also what is going on in his chart. He may have been born predispositioned to doing these things which makes it harder to not be that way. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  2. Yes, everything said is true, I keep hearing how Sagittarius lie and cheat, I have been dating him for 4 years and I have not caught him to lie. Maybe not tell me all but not lie. Lying and cheating is not acceptable to me so I’m always waiting to catch him! But he’s so understanding and real, exciting, loving and patient!

    1. Hi Melvina L Oliver!

      From what I know, Sagittarius is capable of lying and cheating if they are immature or if they have water signs that dominate their chart in the areas of love and sex. Their 3rd house in their chart is for communication and it matters what sign rules that house. This is why it’s a good idea to have your partner’s chart looked at so you know who they are. Their upbringing plays a role as well. I’m glad that your guy hasn’t shown any of those negative traits. I’m glad he makes you feel wonderful. Keep going with that but if you’d like to know more about my findings with Sagittarius man, check out my series Sagittarius Man Secrets.

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