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How To Turn A Summer Flirt With A Sagittarius Man Into A Strong Relationship

If you are in a summer flirtationship with a Sagittarius, you may be wondering how to upgrade it to a full-fledged romance! I don’t blame you, because the optimism and joy that exudes from the Sagittarius is totally infectious! 

The Sagittarius is someone who always keeps their face towards the Sun, and this sometimes leads them to miss what is happening down here on Earth! So how can you show a Sagittarius the goodness (AKA: you!) that is right under their nose? 

Luckily, Astrology can lend us a hand in understanding what language you have to speak to make the Sagittarius realize that the love they long for is you! 

Be Crystal Clear

Sagittarians… we love them, right? They are so generous and willing to help. They assume the best of people and take people for what they see. And they’re ever so dense when it comes to picking up on people’s motivations! 

Sagittarians are naïve, point blank! They don’t always realize when people are flirting because they are so unpresumptuous. So, it’s important to lay it on the line since Sagittarians aren’t great with subtext.

Go ahead and say something like: “I could picture us doing this forever!” or “I think I am beginning to fall for you.” These phrases will at least tip the Sagittarius off to your feelings about them, and then they can begin envisioning what something longer than a summer fling with you would feel like!

Go On Summer Adventures!

Summer Adventures With A Sagittarius Man

This is a great way to connect with your Sagittarius since Sagittarians are famous explorers! On his own time, he just loves to go out and find something shiny and new that no one else has laid eyes on. He has no fear and no concept of limitations!

So, if you’d like to connect with your Sagittarius this summer, show him your adventurous side and how you can open your mind to new possibilities! Get the attention of the Sagittarius by being brave and bold! 

You are the one that can show him everything you have to offer in this realm. Set up a mystery date to somewhere wonderfully obscure and new. Try to tie in other cultures as well since Sagittarius loves learning about all kinds of people. 

Consider trying out new foreign food restaurants, going a different state or two over for a weekend vacation, or keep things fresh by showing up to the airport and buying a ticket to anywhere! 

Keep It Real

One of the best ways to get Sagittarius to fall in love with you for the long haul is to keep your needs simple. Are you there for love and affection? Cool! Let the Sagittarius know that so he can provide that. 

As I have mentioned, Sagittarius’ are naïve and really don’t read into things. They assume people mean what they say. This is why head games won’t work for the Sagittarius. He either won’t know that you have an agenda he’s supposed to subscribe to, or he will realize it and lose a lot of respect for you from your lack of honesty. 

This is why the best approach to make the Sagittarius come to deeply desire you is honesty about your emotions and expectations. Just go ahead and say what you need to say… Sagittarius won’t be offended and they won’t mind hearing you out! There is nothing to fear with the Sagittarius. 

Your honesty and straightforward behavior will stay on the mind of the Sagittarius. He will find himself falling for someone who can keep it real, and if that’s you then all the better! 

Ease The Pressure

From Summer Flirt Into A Strong Relationship With A Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius is a free spirit who goes where the wind takes him. He’s got no roots and he feels limitless. So, when someone attempts to reign him in or direct him a certain way, then he can become a little ornery and may just buck you right out of his life!

The Sagittarius sees nothing sexy about a controlling person. He needs someone to respect him just the way he is, warts and all. 

The phrase “if you love something set it free and if it returns then it’s yours” surely must have been created with a Sagittarius in mind, because that’s essentially what you have to do in order to keep a Sagittarius around. 

Loving a Sagittarius is an exercise in faith… faith that they’ll stay, and faith that if they don’t that they will return. If you can exercise this technique this summer and the Sagittarius returns to you then you know that he is open to a full-fledged love, and this is all thanks to the freedom you gave him!

Leave Negativity At The Door

Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive Jupiter, the planet that rules happy good times, travel, and learning. Sagittarius looks to the future with glittering eyes, ready to accept whatever comes his way with open arms. He has faith that everything is going to turn out just fine. 

So, it should be obvious that the Sagittarius will be diametrically opposed to a Negative Nelly. He isn’t going to appreciate feeling bummed when he’d prefer to feel carefree. 

It’s okay to express your concerns to a Sagittarius, but make sure you are assuming the best of him as well as the best of other people. He doesn’t like to talk crap on someone he barely knows. He’s not the type to critique the waitress that takes too long or to throw a tantrum over the guy who just cut him off. 

You’d do well to work in phrases like “I’m sure they mean well,” and “even though when you do this it bothers me, I know that you can improve and I look forward to seeing your progress.” Phrases with this energy of faith and expansion are going to attract the Sagittarian like no other. 

This summer, keep the vibe light and happy and let him know that you can keep this up for a long time! He will be thrilled to keep someone so optimistic around him and he might just consider you to be his one and only well after the summer nights are over.

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Wrapping Up

The Sagittarius is a simple guy with simple needs, and somehow, he can be very challenging at the same time. Just remember to keep your intentions pure and your brightest energy out for all to see and the Sagittarius will be totally charmed well after the summer has passed!

Did you turn a summer fling with a Sagittarius into a long-lasting love? Tell us all how you did it down below in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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