Sagittarius Man Horoscope For September 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
In order to see exactly what kind of hurdles and obstacles may arise during September for the Sagittarius man, keep on reading! But rest assured, there are plenty of positive things to be read in this month’s horoscope prediction. 

The September overlay for a Sagittarius man is on the positive side. Although there are going to be some karmic lessons and release from the past programs, the Sagittarius man has it easy during September compared to other signs!

Nothing can put a damper on a Sagittarius man’s free spirit, and he is ready to take the karmic train that will take him for a ride through the past. He will have many happy transits and moments to share, and most of them will be romantic and affectionate. 

Going on dates, enjoying life, and seeing everything that comes his way in a positive light promises great vibes and times with Sagittarius man during the beginning of autumn. 

In order to see exactly what kind of hurdles and obstacles may arise during September for the Sagittarius man, keep on reading! But rest assured, there are plenty of positive things to be read in this month’s horoscope prediction. 

Love Is In The Air

Sagittarius Man Love Horoscope September 2021

Sag’s ruler is Jupiter, which is currently Retrograde (Rx) in Aquarius, so Sagittarius is bound to be undergoing some karmic lessons and “cleaning up” the leftovers from last May when Jupiter was last seen in Aquarius before entering Pisces. 

The most prominent aspect Jupiter makes at beginning of September is a trine with Midheaven in Gemini. This brings positive development to romantic communication and in the sphere of long-term relationships for Sagittarius men. So, rejoice during this transit, because it is a good one for all things romance with the Sagittarius man!

Jupiter is also trining Venus and the Moon, and this makes for excellent emotional displays and romantic encounters. If you have your eye on a Sagittarius man, now is the time to make your move, he won’t be able to resist you! 

There’s also going to be some positive focus on his career, so the good vibes will get transferred from his professional to his personal life. Make sure to catch this train while it’s still hot and passing through your station! All in all, the Sagittarius man is off to a good start of September. 

A Burning Desire

On the 6th of September, we have a very potent New Moon for Sagittarius and his romantic life. Jupiter is trining Venus, and this aspect is enhanced by the energies of the New Moon, which makes for an excellent start of a relationship that is filled with passion and romance. 

Jupiter also happens to trine MC (Midheaven) in his 7th house, which means that this period is an excellent moment in time to hit it off in a long-term manner. A serious relationship with a fleeting Sagittarius, is it possible? Why, yes! He’ll be more open for commitment and the development of the deep emotions at this time. 

Your Sagittarius man will also experience good luck and positive changes in his career field, which will then in turn, make a positive influence on his overall mood. This is great news (trust me!), because he’ll be ready to take you to the seventh heaven by this time of the month. 

And his finances will receive a sudden influx of money, which he will be glad to spend on and with you! At this point, you (and your presence in his life) might seem like a lucky charm to him, and we all know how important luck is for a Sagittarius man. Exploit this good fortune to the fullest and go forth bravely into new romantic victories with your Sagittarius man!

Hang In There, It’s Only Half-Time

Sagittarius Man Horoscope September

In the middle of the month, Sagittarius will experience some changes in his career field. There’s probably going to be a change in management, so a new boss will come into the picture. This will mean increased working hours that will cause inner dissatisfaction with your Sagittarius man. 

There is also a possibility that he could encounter a verbal confrontation with a female coworker, which will cause further dissatisfaction and displeasure in him. He might even develop some sexual thoughts about that female coworker, so make sure to stay on his mind frequently. 

The good news is that he will have an increased desire to chat with you over social networks. This is a good moment to increase his desire for you, so whenever you get the chance remind him why he is so into you, and what is he missing at work while he’s away from you. It’s a good time for some flirting!

This strategy will improve his mood while at work, and keep his thoughts focused on you. You’ve got this – it’s just a minor setback in the development of your romance. He’s not going anywhere, so hang in there!

This One Hits Differently…

This Full Moon in Pisces is not good news for most of the signs… but lucky Sagittarius has this one in the bag! This Full Moon brings a positive culmination of his emotional needs and an open expression of his feelings around love.

Jupiter trines Mercury in Libra, and this makes for excellent online communication and hot chat via social networks. He’s going to have his head full of you, in a romantic sense, and his desire for sexual attention will be peaking during this transit. 

Jupiter will also make a powerful aspect with the Moon and this will shine a very bright light on love karma for Sagittarius. He’ll experience an expansion of positive emotions and growing of romantic feelings. What’s more, his family will accept his romantic interest (aka you!). 

This Full Moon might bring some insomnia, but that too is good news because Sagittarius will know with whom and how exactly to spend those sleepless nights. There’s a lot to look forward to this Full Moon with your Sagittarius man.

Hold His Hand Until The Light Comes

The transits around the 25th of the month will bring forth some buried and subconscious fears from your Sagittarius man. Jupiter squares off the Moon and this creates additional problems at work for him. 

There will be a lot of duress due to some verbal conflict with his boss and possibly that female colleague who’s had her eye on him for some time now. This is nothing to fear, but he might find himself in a foul mood for the time being. 

Venus squaring off Jupiter will bring forth verbal drama, emotional fears, insecurities, and afflicted self-image. This is further fortified by Pluto’s shade that it’s casting from his 12th house of fears, illusions, and dreams. 

The best thing to do when these transits strike, is to give him space and time to deal with what he prefers to hide. He might need some alone time, or he might want to be reassured and cradled by your presence. Either way, his heart will find its way to you.

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No Other Way, Except Onward

September holds a challenging aspect for most signs, but not for Sagittarius, for it will bring more good than bad. At the end of the month, Sagittarius will experience resolving of emotional drama and time well spent with his friends. He’ll be able to let off some steam and receive productive advice from his loved ones. 

Sagittarius will also see the resolution of his emotional fears and romantic drama. He’ll release the fear of loss of control and his fear of losing freedom, so he’ll do a lot of shedding and unpacking of suppressed feelings. Good for him… and most definitely good for you!

There might be deceit in the game coming from a friend, but Sagittarius will brush it off and keep the good mood and vibes going. He’s not a Negative Nancy, and he’ll be able to put a broad smile on everyone’s face. 

In the end, Sagittarius will surrender to his deeper emotions, he’ll discover that it’s not so scary being in a dedicated relationship. Finally, he’ll make fine growth and he’ll stop running away from the seriousness of emotional bonding. Good for him! September is looking good on him.

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “Sagittarius Man Horoscope For September 2021

  1. We have been together 21 years married 10. Going through a lot of ups and downs in the last 5 years

    1. Hi Galya!

      Wow 21 years is quite an accomplishment. Have you tried refreshing your relationship? It’s normal for ups and downs but if either or both of you are unhappy then you need to do something differently to pull it back together. Try find new exciting things to do or talk about. Travel together somewhere unusual than what you’d normally do. Suggest new hobbies, find activities that sound fun, and spice it up with exploration! There is always a way to fix it it’s just a matter of it you’re willing to do it. I wish you all the best!

  2. Lost my Sagittarius man beginning of August after he asked for a second chance. Claimed to still be in love with his ex in June. No contact for a month. Reconnected after a month and then he vanished after a terrible date. Guessing he went back with the ex.
    I don’t know what else to do. No contact from him since. He’s ignored my messages at the beginning.

    1. Hi Erin!

      Well if he’s doing this yoyo thing with you and is proving that you’re not the one for him, I’d say let him go. It’s either going to be his ex or some other woman he thinks is better at the time. That means he hasn’t found who he really feels is the one. I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through this but trying to hold onto someone who is never sure you’re the one isn’t healthy for you. It’s toxic. You need to choose whether you want to keep waiting or if you want to move on and find someone who will give you their all because that’s what you deserve!

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