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Is Your Sagittarius Man Sex Machine? How to Tell with Certainty!

Are you looking to a very sexual relationship with a Sagittarius guy whom you’ve formed a bond with? Is he really sexual or is he kind of reserved if not held back a bit? Keep reading to find out if your Sagittarius man is a sex machine or if he’s dull in the bedroom.

Sagittarius Man Libido

It’s important to know that typically, a Sagittarius man has a rather high libido. He may not be off the charts like a Scorpio would be but he’s still pretty high ranking on true sexuality.

Sagittarius man is adventurous in the bedroom and wants to have fun. He’s not looking for a spiritual connection in his lovemaking but he wants to enjoy what he’s doing without thinking about anything else other than what he’s doing.

He’s going to want to do it with his partner as often as possible but only if she really wants to do it. He respects her libido not being as high as his but don’t be surprised if he’s a chronic masturbator.

While his sex drive is pretty up there, he’ll want to have enjoyment by the release of an orgasm at least a handful of times a week. If he cannot do this with a partner, he will do it with a fling or with himself.

If he’s in a partnership with someone, he will hit them up first but if they give him the signal that they’re not interested, he will take matters into his own hands…literally.

This could include using visuals such as dirty magazines or watching porn. He finds it fun to watch others anyway so this will help him get off without having to bother his partner.

Things to Watch Out For

If you aren’t a very sexual person then this could become a sticky situation for you because Sagittarius man wants to have sex with his partner. He may compromise if you talk to him about how often you’re willing to give it up.

Of course if you’re having issues that are medical then he may be also willing to work through it. However, if you know something is wrong and do nothing about it, he may get tired of you blowing him off.

If he starts to veer in another direction, you’re going to notice a change in his behavior. When he starts to go out more than he used to or spends time with “friends” then he may be up to no good.

Of course if he starts spending more time in the shower or in the bathroom with the door shut then he may be trying to release his frustration. He may even develop a bit of an addiction to porn but Sagittarius normally doesn’t get addicted to much of anything.

Changes in his behavior due to your lack of desire should alert you to the fact that he’s trying to get what he wants or needs by taking care of it in alternate ways or he could actually be having an affair.

Sagittarius man may even have phone sex or via the internet. He thinks it’s not really cheating because he’s not physically with that person. Watch out for him spending too much time on his computer or phone.

Clearly if he’s acting strange then it’s probably a good idea for you to talk to him. He prefers a woman who has a libido that matches his but he’ll settle for someone who has a little less.

He isn’t likely to settle down with someone who doesn’t want sex. This doesn’t mean he’ll leave if you medically cannot perform after the two of you have already been together.

However, if you seem normal but then later on start cutting him for any reason, he’ll probably either cheat or he’ll leave. Be very careful when you’re getting involved with a Sagittarius man.

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Sex Machine? Sagittarius Man Sex Machine Yes or Not? How to Tell with Certainty!

I actually do not believe he’s a sex machine. He has a high libido but if you’re looking for a machine, you’d be looking more for an Aries, Scorpio, or perhaps Pisces. They’re all amorous and have high libidos.

Sagittarius man is on the higher end but not the highest it goes. He understands that sometimes life takes over and isn’t unrealistic about what he wants. He will come to an agreement with a partner if he needs to.

Otherwise, the Sagittarius man is pretty typical and would definitely prefer to have a partner who is open, fun, and experimental. He’s up for just about anything and will try almost anything at least once.

Naturally everyone has boundaries so he’ll be no different but to him, if it sounds fun and it feels erotic, he’ll probably be on board. That could include three ways or group sex if both partners are into it.

If you aren’t into that sort of thing, he’s not going to push you for it or make you feel guilty because he’d like to try it. He won’t do it if you don’t want to do it or don’t want him to do it.

A Sagittarius man typically only cheats when he feels unloved, unsupported, and that his partner has thrown in the towel on being intimate with him. He leaves when he loses this connection.

He sometimes doesn’t leave until after he’s already met someone else. Not all Sagittarius men are this way though so please don’t assume that your guy will do this. Some will meet someone and find a spark they don’t already have.

Just keep things into perspective and always talk to your Sagittarius man. If you have problems or questions, talk to him. He’ll be open to you and will give you feedback or ideas.

You should always keep communication with your Sagittarius man open. This helps you to discuss what you like, what you don’t like, what you want, what you don’t want and if the two of you have a future together. He IS sexy!

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