Your Match: Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Sagittarius man and Leo woman are both fire signs. This means they strike up sparks between each other quite easily. Keep reading for more information.

The Sagittarius man and Leo woman are both fire signs. This means they strike up sparks between each other quite easily. They are drawn to each other literally like a moth to a flame. He finds her incredibly alluring and irresistible. She finds him sexy and mysterious.

The two will instantly hit it off and they’ll want to get closer very quickly. They may not have a whole lot in common as far as interests but they have enough going that they’ll keep each other excited in a relationship. How great are these two together? Keep reading for more scintillating details!

Chemistry between Sagittarius man and Leo woman

The Sagittarius man with Leo woman soul mate relationship is almost a guarantee. These two are so connected to each other that it’s hard to imagine why they wouldn’t last.

They’re fantastic for each other. They’re physically drawn to each other, they’re connected via intellect, emotion, and sexuality. This is a really good pair. They’re not perfect but any problems they do have, they should be able to work past.

They feel warm fuzzies when they’re together and they’re always thinking about each other when they’re not together. Both are exceedingly romantic so they are absolutely wonderful for each other.

Neither will feel neglected nor want for any attention. Sagittarius man lives to romance his woman and Leo woman will always give her guy praise for being such an adoring man.

Their values in life may be slightly different but not different enough to keep them from finding the common ground they need to make this matchup last for the long haul.

There isn’t much that would keep these two apart. Genuinely speaking, these two are really neat together. They’re sexually satisfied, emotionally connected, and are able to really talk things through.

Leo Woman, Who She Is

Leo zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman

The Leo woman is beautiful, body and soul. She’s intellectual, she knows what she’s doing, she’s talented, well spoken, driven, passionate, and successful in whatever she does.

Leo woman is not above working hard and making life her oyster. She’s also a humanitarian so she’s often found helping support good causes whether it’s for people, pets, or for the planet.

The Leo woman is the center of attention wherever she goes. She demands that her partner give her all the adoration and attention she knows she deserves for being such an outstanding person.

When the Leo woman meets the Sagittarius man, it’s almost love at first sight really for these two. She will instantly connect to him on multiple levels and feel as though she’s known him all her life.

She will adore him for all that he is and will love to plan the future with him. She feels lucky and will for sure want to marry him. He’s exactly what she’s been looking for and she’s ready to settle down with him.

Leo woman knows that Sagittarius man is a hard one to find and so when she finds him, she fully intends on keeping him. He will give her all that she’s ever wanted in love and passion.

Sagittarius Man, Who He Is

The Sagittarius man is a man in the rough. He seems cool and flighty but he’s actually quite committed when he does find the woman he thinks is the one for him. He will settle down and he will toe the line.

He’s intelligent, sexy, adventurous, spontaneous, care-free, optimistic, and an idealist. Really he’s all you could ask for wrapped into one sexy package from a woman’s perspective.

Sagittarius man is on fire and he’s looking for a woman that matches his own fire. He’s a humanitarian and often helps those in need whether it’s humans or animals. He’s a nature guy so he’s always doing things outdoors.

The Sagittarius man wants a woman who understands his nature and is able to give him what he needs without trying to pin him down. He’s looking for a very unique but classy woman.

When Sagittarius man meets the Leo woman, he is totally done for. He sees her and it’s just like magic. He is floored by how gorgeous she is and how her inner personality shines outward for the entire world to see. What you see is what you get.

He loves this honesty. He will think she’s so well put together that she’s his match in every way. She’s also social, spontaneous, adventurous, and extremely passionate in the bedroom. He’s everything she could have asked for.

What Works Between Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman

There isn’t a whole lot that doesn’t match well with the Sagittarius man and Leo woman. They have so much going for them that anything that isn’t that great can be worked past.

They love each other so much, have a wonderful sex life, and emotionally understand each other. This union is one that is very tight knit and hard to part them.

Their values may be slightly different but they aren’t so different that they cannot figure out what they will do with their life together, when to marry, when or if they should have children, etc.

They honestly are fabulous at talking to each other so there isn’t much in the way of misunderstandings. They know how to talk without coming across in the wrong way or feel offended.

They give each other loads of adoration and attention so there isn’t a lack of love between them. This is a beautiful pairing. The sex between them is so hot, passionate, and exciting that neither will want anyone else.

This relationship is filled with understanding, intellectual pursuits, spontaneous trips, and lots of fun. The two really become best friends as well as lovers. They would do very well as business partners too if they wanted to.

What Sagittarius Man Thinks of Leo Woman, Especially in Bed

The Sagittarius man thinks the world of his Leo woman. He thinks she’s brilliant, successful, beautiful on the inside and out, and is everything he could have asked for plus more.

Sexually speaking, this woman turns him on more than most women ever could. When he’s with her, he’s a walking hard on. I know that sounds funny but it’s absolutely true.

The Sagittarius man is so enthralled with the Leo woman that she can do no wrong. He will defend her, protect her, love her, make love to her, and be in her loving light always.

Even if they are apart on business or pleasure, they will still constantly connect via text or phone calls. The two won’t like being apart which is saying a lot for Sagittarius man who likes to have personal freedom.

Leo woman will give him what he asks as long as he still continues giving her what she craves. He has no problem giving her just about anything she wants or needs because he loves her so much.

He will undoubtedly fall in love with the Leo woman very quickly. It will be a whirlwind which has the high possibility of being something much stronger as time goes on.

The Leo woman is the woman he always hoped for and he will do everything he can to cherish her and prove to him why she is the one for him. She will do the same for him which makes for a tremendous match.

Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman Problems

Leo Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

There is very little that gets in the way for these two love birds. The Sagittarius man and Leo woman handle things very well with each other. The one area that may lack luster is the activities they share.

There may be very little they have in common as far as what they like to do. This won’t be too much of an issue however, if they allow each other to go do their own thing and not feel threatened by it.

This would be the only real area where there could be some disagreement. Otherwise, they’re likely to come up with new activities that they can do together and enjoy it.

These two really don’t have a whole lot that threatens their love for each other. As long as they keep talking everything through, being understanding of each other’s needs, and giving each other attention, all should work well.

Naturally no couple is totally perfect. They will surely face some things together that may cause ripples but there really shouldn’t be too much that causes enough angst for them to give up on each other.

I cannot tell you for sure that every Sagittarius man and Leo woman works out because each couple is unique. They also have other things in their charts that may determine other things that are unknown.

Just remember, this is a sun sign only assessment and each person has other aspects of their chart that would make things vary a bit. As long as you realize this, you understand that there is always some variance for each couple.

Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman Breakup

It’s not a common thing for a Sagittarius man and Leo woman relationship to come to a screeching halt. However, they may be some circumstances that could lead to one dismissing the other.

Cheating could break these two up as could excessive flirting. If one of them feels they are missing out on something, they may look outside the relationship to find it and thus causing a huge rift.

Normally they are able to talk about their problems thus avoiding such scenarios but still, it’s not impossible. If they do break up then they won’t stay apart too long, unless too much damage was done.

If they totally break, they may try to remain friends because it would be incredibly hard for either or both to totally cut each other loose. The friendship could revert back to them getting together again though.

These two are like magnets and it really would have to be something very serious to break them apart. It’s not a very likely scenario but not impossible. If Sagittarius man has a cheating nature, then he may be very tempted even if he loves his Leo lady.

Leo lady may decide someone else is giving her more attention than her Sagittarius love thus ends up falling prey to being in another man’s arms or bed. This is very damaging because these two are typically so closely knit.

There may also be the issue of not having enough activities in common so one of them decides to explore and find new “friends” who like to do what they do and then end up catching feelings for one of these new friends.

Above all else, Sagittarius man and Leo woman are lovers and romantics. They love being in love and if their being in love with each other fades, they may seek that thrill somewhere else.

Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman Sexually – Drive Him Crazy in Bed!

Sagittarius man and Leo woman

The Leo woman and Sagittarius man is a very hot match up. Whether they are in a relationship for love or if they’re having a torrid affair, they’re sure to please each other in the very best of ways.

The Leo woman aims to please her Sagittarius man and wants to make sure he’s happy with her as well as fulfilled. She can be a little demanding in the bedroom but the two find a way to make each other have an orgasmic experience.

Sagittarius man is up for adventure and the Leo woman enjoys taking charge. The archer man won’t seem to mind when she takes control and wants to do all sorts of kinky things with him. He’ll embrace it and find it quite sexy.

This is absolutely one of the steamiest mixes in the zodiac. They are both very well versed in what they do, they are open for suggestions, and they don’t mind trying new things. Experimentation is something they’ll enjoy together.

They both have a rather high libido and crave physical contact. They both enjoy sex without the hang up of involving too much emotion or spirituality. They just have fun with what they’re doing which allows them to release control in that way.

While Leo woman will want a bit of control as far as what to do and how to do it, she’s not trying to find a “special” connection like some of the other signs do. She’s out to have fun and enjoy herself.

Sagittarius man is exactly the same way which allows the two of them to dig deep into the depths of their sexual desire or fantasies in order to have the most fulfilling sex life they’ve ever had.

Relationship Explorations

When these two meet up, they can’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off. The thing is, they also cannot wait to sit, talk, and have really deep conversations that are meaningful and enlightening.

The Sagittarius man and Leo woman really fit each other quite well in a multitude of ways. Sex is just the pinnacle of what they share. They also have a high level of trust with one another and seem to never get bored with talking.

When these two decide to have more than just a tryst, they can actually make it as a couple! They have to want love and commitment of course but if that IS what they choose, they will be quite successful in this endeavor.

They “get” each other emotionally and connect in a way that many are unable to. Speaking without words is sometimes very easy for these two. Their values may not be quite lined up but they’re not so far off the mark that they cannot make it work.

They absolutely can and will find middle ground with which to work with when it comes to what they both want in their future. Where they may not work well together is when it comes to shared activities.

It’s very possible they have very different interests. If they fall in love though, they’ll be able to compromise here as well. Each can sacrifice a little of their time to do what their partner enjoys.

These two also don’t mind spending time independently to go do what they like. Neither is fearful to take off and go do something fun with friends because as I mentioned, they have trust!

Passions and Emotions

While these two mainly work with passion when they’re having their sexual interludes, they can also connect on a deep emotional level should they decide to try out actually committing to each other.

These two don’t have to have a full blown relationship if they forego and decide to keep it sexual. If it works for them then they will find success in this route. However, they absolutely CAN have a lucrative relationship as well.

To maintain, they have to keep communication open, keep sharing with each other how they feel, and be sure to be open sexually as well. Life values will be a compromise but nothing they cannot handle.

True love is very possible to happen for these two and in fact, the Sagittarius man and Leo woman soul mate relationship is absolutely possible. Also possible is the Sagittarius man and Leo woman marriage.

The two would make tremendous parents who could raise well rounded children. They’d be successful, loving, passionate about life, and adventurous. What more could parents ask for?

Getting back to the sex talk, the Sagittarius man and Leo woman sexuality is high and very satisfying. This is a hefty mix that has great potential to be what others aspire to have.

This is the match that most people are quite envious of. Who wouldn’t want to be with someone who fulfills their every need or fantasy? These two have it and they do absolutely just that with each other.

What You Can Do Leo Woman

As a Leo woman, use your dominance. Sagittarius man will not be afraid of it. He will probably be turned on. He won’t mind you tying him up and doing various naughty things with him.

It’s good to tell him what you’d like to try in advance so he can get his mind frame in the right place but other than that, he’s probably open to whatever it is you want to do. Spontaneity at times is good as well.

Sagittarius men love their thighs caressed, licked, and kissed. If you want to go for the goal and give him the best orgasm of his life, start there during your foreplay then ride him like a cowboy. You will both be in ecstasy.

Final Score

This Sagittarius man with Leo woman pairing is one that is highly regarded and desirable. On that note, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a very strong 8. Whatever problems they have, they can absolutely work through them.

Unless there is a loss of feeling excitement of being in love, these two should do quite well together. Both require excitement and lots of adoration and as long as they are doing this with each other, they should be able to overcome anything.

Even if one partner is unfaithful for some reason, they can work past this and heal what went wrong. It’s rare for them to break up. It’s also rare for infidelity but it IS still a possibility.

Trust is something easily built between these two therefore they’re not threatened when their partner wants to go spend time apart or with friends. Each has activities they really like and their partner may not be into it.

Neither wants to ever smother their partner by not allowing them to do what they enjoy in their lives. They give each other time and space needed and also spend plenty of time together in love.

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