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Is the Sagittarius Man Sexually Vigorous or Powerless? Good to Know facts!

You’re thinking of having sex with a Sagittarius man but are curious what type of lover he might be. Perhaps you’re wondering if he will fit with your secret desires. Whatever the case may be, you probably want to keep reading to find out if the Sagittarius man sexually is exciting or falls short.

Sagittarius Man Open To Almost Anything

This man doesn’t have any set rules for engagement when it comes to sex. He’s a free spirit and so sex is something that he doesn’t take too seriously. He thinks it’s for amusement and works well for when he’s feeling down.

He’s physical and loves to have it often. He isn’t picky as far as what type of sex to have nor is he particularly picky about the person he has sex with either. I mean yes he has a certain taste but isn’t totally closed off.

He’s so passionate about the act of enjoying himself with sex that he will tend to last awhile and when he doesn’t, he doesn’t at all mind going for round 2 or 3 perhaps even 4. This is a lot of fun for him.

Since he is a bit of an adventurer; the kinkier the sex the better. He can have regular missionary position sex just fine too. He’s not pressed for a particular way of doing things which makes him a treasure in bed.

Trying new things with him will never be a problem. He is open to new ideas, positions, play, or even adding other people to the mix. He’s really a party animal when it comes to sex.

I’m not saying he has to have tons of it to be happy. I just mean that he really enjoys it when he does have it and he’d prefer to have it as often as possible but is not required.

Some say that he’s quick and doesn’t care about his partner in the bedroom. This isn’t true at all. He does what he thinks is working but if the woman wants or needs something, she needs to speak up.

Sagittarius would be the first to tell you that they cannot read minds. If there is something you like or want to try, let him know and he’ll do it. I’ve also heard he likes to finish first and that is also not true.

He doesn’t intend on being the one who finishes first but if the woman doesn’t tell him what she needs to get off or she proceeds at faking an orgasm, how is that his fault? She needs to tell him exactly what she wants. Problem solved.

Sagittarius Knows What He’s Doing In Bed

Despite some people’s beliefs, Sagittarius is very gifted and talented in the bedroom. This only works if the woman he’s with tells him what she likes or what she would like him to do.

Once she does, he’s all about putting passion toward what she wants. He doesn’t want to be selfish at all. He wants to be giving and make sure that the both of them have a great time in between the sheets.

He can be kinky if the moment calls for it and if that’s what his partner would like to try. This may be the one time where he’ll try to be dominated just for the sake of ecstasy with his partner.

If he doesn’t like it, he’ll let her know that he’s just not into that sort of thing. He’s not really a dominant force in bed himself but he’s not quite submissive either. He prefers things to be equal.

Confidence is sexy in a partner for sure so by all means, show him that you want to take the lead from time to time. He’ll welcome it and probably be turned on in the process.

Let him know what you’re into, what your fantasies are, and what types of stuff you’d like to try. He’ll have no trouble giving some of them a try. He may not go for them all but at least he’s willing to try.

This man is far from any routine. He loves for sex to be an adventure just like other facets of his life. He loves variety and doing things a bit differently than the norm. He can do the norm too if it’s needed but he’d rather be wild.

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Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs for Sagittarius Man

If you want to know what he’s truly like, it’s important to keep his turn ons and offs in mind. It may help you knowing what you can or cannot do with him. Keep reading for the facts.

6 Sagittarius Man Turn-Ons

  1. Sexy Massages
  2. Dressing up or Cosplay Costumes
  3. Sex in other places including outdoors
  4. A variety of sex positions thrills him
  5. Use of toys, gels, or creams for enhancement
  6. A confident woman who knows what she wants

6 Sagittarius Man Turn-Offs

  1. Being criticized in bed or told what to do in a bossy way
  2. Same old routine in bed
  3. Woman being far too clingy or needy
  4. Pushing him for commitment when he’s not ready
  5. Partner being boring or drab in bed
  6. Trying to pin him down instead of allowing him to enjoy his freedom within the relationship.

Now that you know what the Sagittarius man’s turn ons and turn offs are, you are able to tell if you fit into the scope of what he’s looking for. I can tell you with total confidence though that this guy is not at all weak. He is not almighty and powerful but he’s no pushover either.

He’s a nice rounded center that will bring much pleasure to the lady that captures his heart or just his interest sexually. No matter what the case may be, he will be his very best and make the experience quite enjoyable for the woman he’s with.

Are you a woman who has experienced the Sagittarius man’s passions? Please share your story!

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