Your Match: Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

The Sagittarius man is a fiery sign where the Cancer woman is a calm watery lady. Water puts out fire. These two are very rarely even attracted to each other but there are those rare occasions where two people are just drawn to one another without really even knowing why.

They may find each other very appealing on the surface and are attracted to feeling that they’re so very different and that’s almost like a breath of fresh air. However, this tends to wear off and the real show begins. What are Sagittarius man and Cancer woman’s relationship like? Keep reading for more details.


This is a case of two people who rarely get intertwined but in the case that they do, they are likely attracted physically to each other. Sagittarius man is quite appealing with the eyes for sure.

The Cancer woman is also exceedingly alluring. This is what initially may get each other’s attention. When they start to talk, they may find some common interests. However, the connection is typically short lived.

They can find a way to make it work but neither are typically invested enough to want to fight for it. Cancer woman will lack the patience required to get to really understand the Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius man and Cancer woman soul mate connection is extremely rare and not very likely. The two have so many issues between them that it’s hard for them to want to find common ground in which they can build a permanent love.

Cancer woman will likely find love elsewhere with someone else before she’s even left her Sagittarius man. He’ll find out and will let her go. Sagittarius man himself may call it quits or leave quietly.

These two are not a match made in heaven. They have capability but they just seem to be uninterested in doing all the ground work it takes to make this a strong and lasting union. Sagittarius man and Cancer woman marriage is very rare.

Cancer Woman, Who She Is

Cancer zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is very giving, empathetic, loving, and inspirational. She’s the type of woman that will help people in need without much thought to it. She understands humanity and does what she can to contribute her time.

The Cancer woman is always looking for her soul mate and won’t stop until she does. This can sometimes mean going through a string of relationships that didn’t work very well and she was hurt.

She wears her heart on her sleeve. Sometimes she can be very flirty and misunderstood at times. Men may think she’s trying to form a bond with them but really she’s just being nice.

She doesn’t get that sometimes being nice to folks can be taken the wrong way and finds herself getting into embarrassing predicaments. She’s looking for “the one” who will make her feel as though a family bond can be formed.

Ultimately Cancer woman is the empress in the world. She’s a caretaker and a loving person who wants to share her love by building her own family. When she meets Sagittarius man, she finds him physically appealing.

She loves how smart he is and how optimistic he is. His love for humanity matches hers. However, she finds out that they are far too different in very important ways and it makes her hear become conflicted or closed off to him.

Sagittarius Man, Who He Is

The Sagittarius man is a free spirit who loves to find adventure wherever he can find it. Even when it comes to love, he wants romance and excitement. He also enjoys having time to himself from time to time.

He’s a successful man at whatever he puts his mind to and can often be working I jobs that require some travel or risk. He’s a risk taker and sometimes cannot see the forest through the trees.

This man focuses on the present and isn’t too worried about the future. He tries to think of the future as being something undetermined and full of hope. He realizes that fate is something you build for yourself.

While he has the capability of committing to the right woman, he doesn’t want to feel chained down. He wants to have a love where he doesn’t feel confined. He wants to be understood and appreciated for who he is.

When the Sagittarius man meets the Cancer woman, he finds her to be very kind and loving. She’s beautiful and very sexually attractive. He wants to get closer to her to find out what she’s like.

He finds her intellectually appealing but as he gets to know her more, he realizes that they really aren’t on the same page for life goals. They have different values and want do live life quite differently.

What Works Between Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman

When these two connect, the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman relationship is one of great difficulty. They are so different that they find it hard to compromise or even to want to compromise.

What they do have in common is their intellect and ability to communicate with each other on a basic level. Emotional conversations aren’t really their forte but talking about other interesting topics is all too easy.

They are both brainy and can have some very interesting conversations which is one of the things they enjoy about each other. This forms a very neat friendship between them whether they end up together or not.

When they share their life’s passions with each other, it’s very exciting for both of them. This makes them quite successful in planning their life goals as individuals. However, as a couple, this doesn’t quite work very well.

For this relationship to be more than friendship, they’re going to have to find a way to make their life goals mesh more and integrate what they do otherwise they’re not going to understand one another and the relationship will die down.

All the intellectual conversations in the universe cannot hold together a love relationship. There has to be more to it or it won’t survive. They can communicate well but they also have to share emotions which aren’t easy.

What Sagittarius Man Thinks of Cancer Woman, Especially in Bed

The Sagittarius man finds the Cancer woman to be very lovely in soul and in body. He appreciates her loving and empathetic approach to life as he can relate. However, he also finds her to be very needy and clingy.

Sagittarius man will spend lots of time with a woman he loves in the beginning. When things get comfortable, he starts to peel off by trying to find his own personal freedom a bit again.

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her, it means that he still loves having time to himself and sometimes this does include other friends or travel. Cancer woman will want to stay home far more often than her Sagittarius man.

He finds her to be more of a homebody than he is and this doesn’t sit well with him. She’s social but not as much as he wants to be. They’re both great at dreaming and sharing ideas but their values don’t match.

He thinks she’s impatient and impractical with the type of life he really wants. Sexually speaking, he finds her to be a bit out of his norm. He likes spice and adventure. He also likes to keep it light and fun.

Cancer woman wants to emotionally and spiritually connect in the bedroom while Sagittarius man wants to just live it up. This makes sex a bit drab. Don’t get me wrong, they will both find fulfillment but not deep earth shattering fulfillment.

He thinks that she should be more adventurous in the bedroom and less worried about the emotional/spiritual connect. In the bedroom he’s rather emotionally detached.

Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman Problems

Cancer Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

The Sagittarius man with Cancer woman has more problems than what they have in common sadly. They have a lot working against them since they are so different. It’s not like the couples that complement each other either.

Some couples can be different but in some ways make each other more balanced. These two are not like that. Their value systems typically do not match up very well. They have two very different ideas of marriage, children, and family.

Cancer woman will likely be in a hurry to get married, have kids, and have a family life while Sagittarius man lives on the fly. He may not always want to hurry up though he’s a risk taker.

Some Sagittarius men may not even want to have children as they want to live a life of adventure and realize that having children would stop him from being able to do so. He’d rather enjoy his partner as long as possible.

Sex isn’t what it could be between these two. Cancer woman takes it more seriously than the Sagittarius man and there they find conflict. They’ll have orgasms but they won’t be the passionate soul encompassing type of love.

The biggest problem these two will encounter is lack of trust. Cancer woman won’t trust her Sagittarius guy who keeps running off to do his own thing when he feels like it.

Sagittarius man won’t trust Cancer woman when she’s constantly being “too nice” to other men or flirting. This builds a foundation for not being able to trust each other and when you don’t have trust, you have nothing.

Emotionally these two aren’t likely to “get” each other very well either. They think a bit differently and feel differently. This makes it hard for them to plug into each other and have a bond forming lasting love.

Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman Breakup

Sadly most Sagittarius man and Cancer woman relationships will end in breakup. They won’t want to put in the time or effort it takes to make this union work. When breakup comes, it’s difficult for both parties to actually do it.

Cancer woman is so sensitive she doesn’t want to hurt her Sagittarius guy even if she knows it’s not working out. Sometimes she’ll move on via meeting someone new who she thinks will be a better match.

Sagittarius man may actually do the very same thing or he’ll just exit quietly. Neither wants to face each other and tell each other the truth. However, the Sagittarius man may finally put his foot down after awhile of skirting around.

He’ll tell her the truth and he’ll just leave. She may not take it well if she’s particularly attached to him but if he cannot find a way forward, he has to exit and find a new path ahead.

These two can end in friendship because they still are able to have fascinating conversations. They can even do well in business together. Love on the other hand, this just isn’t likely.

Would these two get back together? They can but it’s not very likely they would. It’s too much work and too much effort to put in.

Final Score

This is one of those couples that just don’t have the steam it takes to keep the home fires burning together. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 2.5. They score very low because they are just to unique to each other.

They have very different ideas of what life, love, and family should be and unless they can find a way to remedy their differences then it’s not a very positive match. There is possibility and there is hope but they both have to want it.

It’s more likely one or both will fizzle out and decide to move on with someone else who seems better suited to what they’re looking for. They can end it amicably and they can still be friends afterward.

Sagittarius man and Cancer woman make far better friends and business partners than they do lovers. They can try and they can succeed but it won’t be an easy road ahead for these two.

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