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Sagittarius Man Cheating – Here are Some Gentle & Hardcore Measures

Do you suspect that your sultry Sagittarius man is cheating on you? Is he acting weird or doing things that make you suspect that he’s doing something he shouldn’t be? You may want to keep reading to find out what to do when you find your Sagittarius man cheating.

Personal Maintenance Increases

If you suddenly start to notice an increase in your Sagittarius grooming more than he normally does then something may be going on. Check for signs such as him “manscaping” more.

There is no real reason for him to start doing that out of the blue unless he’s trying to change things up with you and wants to see if turns you on. If he does it and doesn’t mention it though, something may be up.

When he comes home from work or comes to your place after whatever he’s been doing and goes directly for the shower, you may want to keep an eye on him. Unless you can visibly see he’s sweaty then it may be something else.

Men don’t typically run for the shower when they get home or at your place unless they’re super sweaty from the weather or a workout. Otherwise they will wait until an appropriate time or ask you to shower with them.

Perhaps he decided to try a new hairdo or does a facial hair change. Sometimes Sagittarius men just like a change up because it makes them feel fresh and new. However, if he’s doing it and doesn’t tell you why, there may be a problem.

Do Sagittarius Man Cheat

Ideas and Thought Process Change

Sagittarius men are normally pretty set on what they believe or think. However if they meet someone who inspires them they are able to open up and accept new ideas.

If he hasn’t joined classes or isn’t learning anything new but is suddenly changing the way he thinks, he may be getting some advice from someone else who he’s intimately close to.

While new friends can spark this up, new romances can as well. He listens to the person he’s close to on a deep level. If he’s having an affair, the woman will definitely inspire the way he thinks.

Keep an eye out for his thought process changing directions. If he suddenly likes things he used to hate out of the blue, this may be along the same lines. It can be ideas, food, drinks, or anything else.

His opinions about important things may change as well. If he’s a certain spiritual type but suddenly adopts another way out of nowhere then he may be getting those ideas through someone he feels he trusts.

Again, friends can inspire him but someone he’s involved with inspires him more and would be the one who could get him to change his long held belief system.

Sagittarius Man Glued To His Phone


He’s Glued to His Phone

This works not only for Sagittarius men but all men in general… women too. Anyone who suddenly pays lots of attention to their phone, not letting anyone see what they’re doing, or keeping their phone encoded could be up to something.

When he seems to spend a great deal of time chatting or looking at his phone like he’s waiting on someone to text him, there may definitely be something going on unless he tells you what he’s waiting on.

He could be waiting on an answer from someone about something important. If it’s not though and he’s cheating, he will be tight lipped or tell you that it’s a friend.

He can’t seem to leave his phone sitting anywhere unattended and even takes it into the bathroom with him. He may put a pass code on it and never let you know what it is because he doesn’t want you intruding on his privacy.

A Sagittarius with nothing to hide will leave their cell phone sitting out in front of you with no worry. Even if he has a pass code on it, he’ll probably tell you if you ask him.

To test that you can ask him if you can look something up real quick with his phone because yours is dead or you left it in the car. If he willingly opens it for you or gives you the pass code then he has nothing to hide.

He’ll often use his phone for social media as well. If he’s talking to another woman on social media, he will be glued to his phone. He wants to constantly check if his comment was seen or if she messaged him via messenger.

Sagittarius Man Blows Off Plans

Blows Off Plans

Sagittarius man may very well have something going on outside of your relationship if he starts to make a habit out of cancelling any plans you may have made together.

He keeps finding excuses why he can’t make it or that he has to do something else he forgot about. Keep track of how many times he does this because if it’s a lot then he may very well be cheating.

Sagittarius man who has lost interest will start blowing his partner off and will come up with reasons not to be around. He will turn into a ghost to his partner basically.

If your guy keeps blowing you off in numerous ways or even just one… watch out! He may have something happening on the side that you don’t know about and is yet another red flag!

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Appears to be filled with Anxiety or Stress

Sagittarius man who is cheating will often feel somewhat guilty which will make him start to stress out. Remember that Sagittarius man is typically very truthful.

It doesn’t sit well with him when he’s lying or hiding something. It doesn’t mean he’ll quit doing it but it will at the very least make him unsettled which will start manifesting visual signs for you.

When you can see he’s uncomfortable and cannot keep eye contact with you, something is definitely going on. Pay very close attention to his body language and how he talks to you.

It’s important you know when he’s acting differently if he’s making changes for himself or if he’s doing something he shouldn’t be.

Have you caught your Sagittarius man cheating? What signs did he show you? Let me know!

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